Could Tea Help You Lose Weight?


Tea is an aromatic beverage enjoyed by most of us around the world. It is of different flavors and types which has its benefits. The flavor of the tea which is got by infusing its flavor to the water is just mesmerizing. It is enjoyable, which has benefits associated with health. It is even good … Read more

8 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Overweight has now become a common concern in all age groups, and a lot of people have already chosen their weight loss regime. Studies suggest that 40-60% of people give up between these regimes because of the unfulfillment of desired results. Few of them have over expectations, and few of them fail at following the … Read more

5 Tips For A Successful Keto Diet

Custom Keto Diet By Rachel Roberts

Anyone who is looking to lose weight usually takes the dieting route to get there. It is said that what we eat (or do not) contributes to 70% of weight loss whereas exercise contributes only 30% to it. With a plethora of weight-loss diets, the dieter is spoiled for choice. One such popular weight loss … Read more

Leptitox Review


Who doesn’t wish a slim fit body? We think everyone likes, but not all will achieve this feat even after dieting, workouts and exercise. Weight gain is the most popular and dangerous problem growing in the world right now. The excess weight of your body is harmful to you in many ways. First of all, … Read more

Vital Nutrition Keto Control Review

Vital Nutrition Keto Control

Being overweight is not just about weight. It also leads to several physical problems; gives rise to diseases, and even affects our mental status. A vast majority of people start to gain weight during their late 20s and 30s, and it does not seem to go away easily. If you have tried losing weight, you … Read more