Knockout Stubborn Weight With Safe Weight Loss Workouts For Newbies

If you want to get rid of the excess fat and pounds surrounding your body, you need to look for a way to lose weight. For beginners, losing weight safely may seem a challenging task. But, the process is not as challenging as it seems. You don’t need to go to a sweaty and 2-hours gym to benefit from physical activity.

Easy workout plans will help you begin your weight loss journey so that you can sustain it for a long duration. If you are a newbie in physical activities and exercises, nothing can be as good as the simple workout plan that we have mentioned in this article.

The best part about this workout plan is that you can try them at your home or outdoors as per your mood and convenience.

This workout plan will work best for people who have never tried physical exercise. The workout regime is specially designed to help beginners build confidence and create a life-long habit of physical activities. Follow these workout tips, and you will see fat around your body melting like an ice cream.

Losing Weight Vs Losing Fat

Is it possible to lose weight with easy workouts?

If you are a newbie in exercise, the low-intensity workout session will help you burn more calories. However, as long as you keep your diet in control, you will witness maximum benefits from these physical activities.

If losing stubborn weight is your goal, combining these physical activities and a balanced diet will do wonders.

An easy workout that you can do at home

You don’t need heavy equipment and gym gear to start working out. All you need to do is set out short-term goals. For example, plan for three workouts during the first week and add on more as you complete them.

The type of physical activity or the exercise you are choosing is less critical. At the beginning stage, you need to focus on consistency. Follow these simple, easy at-home workouts to get maximum benefits:

Bodyweight training

You don’t need to look for special gym equipment because you want to burn calories and build stronger muscles. All it takes is 10-15 minutes to do a simple bodyweight exercise. The best part about bodyweight exercises is that you don’t need any additional equipment. Try to do five incline-pushups, five chair squats, and five walking lunges to get your heart pumping. Repeat the same exercises two to three times to get the desired result.

Chair workout

If you are not comfortable sitting or standing for a long duration, a chair workout is a perfect option for you. Grab a good chair and complete the movement for 10-15 minutes to get the best results.


No other workout or physical activity is as fun and easy as dancing. All you need to do is put on some music and groove for 20-40 minutes. You don’t need a specialist choreographer for this. All you need to do is listen to the beats and move your body.

Check online

In the current scenario, visiting a gym may not be too safe. But, you can get the feel of a gym in your home. Put on some YouTube exercise videos and get going. Most of these videos are free. Thus, you can enjoy maximum benefits without any payment.

Exercises For Weight Loss


Shadow boxing can be an essential way to get the best results if you feel that dancing is not your cup of tea. No equipment is needed to do shadow boxing, and the workout will also help you decrease your stress level.

Stair climb

Most of us now use lifts and elevators to reach home. But, what if I get the best exercise without spending additional time. All you need to do is walk up and down on your stairs, and you will witness quick changes in your weight.

Simple outdoor workout

If you get bored of the indoor workout, we have also got some of the best outdoor workout plans for you:

Pool running

If your knee joints don’t allow you to run on the track, you can also try aqua jogging or pool running for maximum benefits. Once you get into the pool of water, you can try to walk without letting your feet touch the button part of the pool. This is a simple outdoor workout that will offer you multiple benefits in addition to weight loss.


If you want peace and tranquillity to have your “me time” along with losing weight, biking is the perfect way to achieve it.


If your knees and legs permit, running is one of the most accessible physical activities that will help you quickly lose weight.

When you begin an exercise or a workout, your goal should be to get going and have consistency. Gradually you will see significant benefits. Let us know which one of these workouts you loved the most.


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