8 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

Overweight has now become a common concern in all age groups, and a lot of people have already chosen their weight loss regime. Studies suggest that 40-60% of people give up between these regimes because of the unfulfillment of desired results. Few of them have over expectations, and few of them fail at following the rule properly. Not only this, but there are external factors too that can have an indirect effect on the body, reducing the overall effort of the weight loss.


It is very common to encounter thoughts in the middle of the weight loss regime because there has no subsequent loss despite efforts and diets. It is vital to know why one is not achieving the desired results, go to the root cause, or any collective reason restraining your body from losing weight. It all depends upon the body structure, internal aspects, and external elements your body reacts to and is responsible for speeding up or lowering the weight loss process’s pace.

Studies suggest that weight loss is not just about calorie consumption control or exercising. Rather a collective effort of the food you eat, the calories you burn, the lifestyle you choose, and, most importantly, the sleep pattern you have. Factors that handle important weight loss are diet, genetics, and environment, sleep habits, muscle mass, lifestyle, etc. Apart from it, you might be putting effort at numerous things, but there must be another numerous things restraining your efforts and those could be the barrier to why you are not losing weight.

Below are some common reasons why you are not losing weight:

1) Overlooking portion controls and consuming enough protein: Diet is a strong and vital path in the weight loss journey, but if you consume more calories through the diet or even binge eating between the meals, then definitely the diet goes in vain. The food consumed must stay in a balanced proportion and should be consumed as per the body requirement. Specifying the portion you eat and eating in limits can play a major role.

Protein is the most important nutrient to lose weight as it helps in leaning the muscles and preventing slow metabolism. Including proteins in the diet can even help to control overeating, cravings, and snacking. Protein-rich foods make your muscles lean, impact the appetite positively, and prevent metabolic slowdown, which helps prevent weight regain.

2) You must not starve yourself in the name of Diet: Our body cannot work without food. Food is its fuel, and not getting enough energy can cause various issues. Dieting is one thing, but fasting the whole day continuously for days can seriously cause health issues. Starving makes the body more prone to hunger, and when you eat, there are chances you overeat or eat unhealthily. It’s important to eat clean, less, healthily and not starve the body because you want to eat less   

3) You have unhealthy sleep habits: During sleep time, the body carries out various functions, and digestion is one of them. It’s recommended to sleep between 10 pm- 6 am and take a full 6-8 hours of sleep to recharge the body. If you are eating and sleeping immediately, then the food does not digest, and the leap goes on further, resulting in the fat building. Apart from this, sleeping late means waking up late, too, and further disturbing the whole schedule, can ruin the routine and affect the body mechanism also.

4) You are still choosing Sugar or not eating rightfully and mindfully: Sugar is one of the most fattening items. Sugar is on one side and all your efforts on others. Sugar consumption in any form can fade out all your weight loss efforts. Extreme sugar in the body has its consequences, which can complicate the weight loss process. So it’s recommended to avoid items that have sugar.

People follow diets but choose the wrong food in their diets. Also, they do not track what they are eating. Sometimes people even overeat healthy foods, and its effect is no less than eating unhealthy food and monitoring what you eat its important to track what you eat. Eating with focus, concentrating on each bite, and chewing the food thoroughly are important aspects of making your diet rightful and mindful.

5) You neglect the medical condition or any medications: Many people have medical conditions like asthma, blood pressure, PCOD, Thyroid, and those conditions do intervene in the body mechanisms. Despite your efforts, the hormones in the body due to the medical condition restrain the weight loss. Sometimes, the medicines you consume for the medical condition you possess can also restrict the effect of your efforts on weight loss.

6) You are underestimating or overestimating exercise, not consistent or over expecting: It is said that Diet and Exercise go hand in hand, and not only one of them can give results. Over relying on any one of them will never take you to your desired results; rather, the proper combination can speed up the weight loss. Weight lifting, cardio, aggressive exercising everything has a specified limit, and more or less does not make a difference if not accompanied by a diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Often, people on a weight loss regime want results instantly. But it’s important to understand that weight loss is not a day, weeks, or months result. If it took year/s to build the fats, weight gain, then a month or a year is not enough to get rid of that excess fat and weight. Consistency is the key, and even when you don’t see a result in a specified period, one should not give up in the middle, thinking no results came out. Rather it’s important to understand that weight loss is a product of consistent effort and choosing a lifestyle, not for a shorter duration. Still, a longer period only then weight loss can be achieved.

7) You are not considering toxic habits: Alcohol and smoking are not good for lifestyle. Occasionally it’s alright, but anything that crosses certain limits can turn into poison for anybody’s body. It can ruin all your weekday’s effort on a weekend where you consume more alcohol than specified and then overeat due to cravings or hunger. Once this becomes a pattern, the body starts building fats and can give rise to obesity.

8) You are not keeping yourself hydrated: One of the essential parts of weight loss is consuming an adequate water volume throughout the day to keep the body remain hydrated. Water is a zero-calorie drink, and drinking water before meals can reduce calorie intake during meals. Consuming water during the day also helps in burning calories and reduces bloating. If you are considering a high protein diet, then water is essential, and failing to hydration can cause other issues. 


A weight loss regime needs combined efforts, and you cannot rely just on diet and exercising. You might eat right, exercise, and then do things that can completely ruin the steps you took. Hence, you must watch your every activity that can significantly impact your weight loss journey.

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