5 Reasons Why Doctor-Recommended Diabetes Weight Management Programs are Effective

Diabetes affects about 537 million adults worldwide and is one of the leading causes of death and disability. Due to the burden of diabetes, there are many efforts being constantly made to manage this disease. Managing Diabetes Disease management programs are a healthcare approach which implements the integration of different interventions that are suited to … Read more

Can Lower Levels Of Blood Sugar Cause Higher Levels Of Blood Pressure?

Have you ever tried to understand the relationship between high levels of blood pressure and low levels of blood sugar? Most people assume that lower levels of blood sugar and higher levels of blood pressure are completely two different phenomena. However, in reality, they are pretty much connected! My person suffers from lower large sugar. … Read more

How Walking Can Help You Lose Weight

Walking may assist you in burning more calories and mitigating several health hazards. You may also be able to lose weight, depending on the duration and intensity of your walking and your diet. The combination of physical activity and calorie restriction seems to aid weight reduction more than exercise alone. Physical exercise, such as walking, … Read more

Cancer-Related Thyroidectomy Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk

Diabetes skin problems

Diabetes and cancer are life-threatening diseases. However, compared to cancer, diabetes is not much deadly, but its impact on various organs trouble the body carries out various functions, which makes life worst for an individual. Thyroidectomy has a direct link with cancer, and experts have observed a direct link of the same to the risk … Read more

How To Approach Cardio While Building Muscle


In the last couple of years, there has been a great increase in the number of people who have started taking health seriously. And with the onset of the pandemic situation all across the globe, the need to have a healthy body is the ultimate goal for everybody. Some people practice healthy living to just … Read more

Can Dark Chocolate Really Add Years To Your Life?

Dark Chocolate

If you have always loved eating dark chocolate, then this read is definitely going to make your heart feel happy! Or let’s just begin by giving a round of applause to those scientists who have been working hard in proving that Dark Chocolate can help you live longer. Oh yes, you heard that right, there … Read more

6 Top Exercises for People With Diabetes


Diabetes is a health condition in which the body cannot secrete insulin. It is a hormone that helps the body store glucose or sugar as energy, because of which the level of glucose in different parts of the body rises to an abnormal level. This abnormal rise in the glucose level adversely affects the body’s … Read more

Enhancing Your Fitness Routine – What You Should Know


Physical fitness is crucial for body well-being. Regular workouts and physical activities always help in improving body overall health and also promotes muscles and bones strength. Having an active lifestyle can help in keeping our body away from many diseases like diabetes, heart diseases and some types of cancers along with improving internal organ conditions … Read more