Cancer-Related Thyroidectomy Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk

Diabetes and cancer are life-threatening diseases. However, compared to cancer, diabetes is not much deadly, but its impact on various organs trouble the body carries out various functions, which makes life worst for an individual. Thyroidectomy has a direct link with cancer, and experts have observed a direct link of the same to the risk of diabetes also. The study has not only surprised the experts and medical fraternity but also shocked them as many cancer patients suffer from diabetes also, and such link can prove risky for patients who suffer from any of such diseases.

The issue

Many people worldwide have to suffer from cancer-related to the thyroid, and during the treatment of the same, they are carried out from various therapies. They are also provided with different medications that affect the person’s glucose level, leading to a high risk of diabetes type 2. In a study, it is seen that the patients with thyroid cancer have to go for Thyroidectomy, which triggers type-2 diabetes among patients irrespective of age or gender.

During and after Thyroidectomy, which is a process to control the thyroid cancer spreading cells, the blood glucose level surges, which increases diabetes. This is considered as diabetes type 2 as it keeps on fluctuating. People who do not have diabetes before and if they suffer from cancer of the thyroid, have to undergo this treatment, and hence the chances are higher that they become the victim of type 2 diabetes forever.

The study

A study conducted by experts in thyroid cancer also carried out various therapies for the patient. As per the study, around 38000 samples were studied where it is observed that people who have got thyroid cancer and undergone Thyroidectomy had got higher exposure to diabetes type 2 as the treatment such as higher dose of levothyroxine which triggers the glucose level in the blood leading to higher blood sugar level. The data of the patients were collected for almost seven years. The team of experts studied the data and found such surprising facts where it is seen that the treatment of this cancer also leads to diabetes type 2 to a healthy person as a side effect.

However, the study does not throw light on the use of any other treatment or medicine that can save the patient from thyroid cancer and also prevent diabetes type 2. Among the patients who already suffer from this diabetes, there are high chances that they get a huge surge in the glucose level, and to balance the same, one has to start some more medicines. As of now, the study has covered the main part of the analysis related to the treatment of people who suffer from thyroid cancer and not the side effects of the treatment options. However, this information has made the medical fraternity buzz again, and many researchers now favor having some more research for such patients who suffer from both diseases as both of them are fatal, and loss of control on nay front may lead to casualty.

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Is there any better option for patients?

The experts in this field try to find better options for the patients who suffer from thyroid cancer; however, to date, they have not got any viable option that can replace the treatment of Thyroidectomy and also avoid the use of levothyroxine. Some experts have claimed research in this direction, but the same is under trial yet, and data validation is also pending.

Hence at present, there is no more viable option for the patients of this disease. Hence the experts suggest having control on blood sugar levels with the help of additional medicines as well as changes in lifestyle. They also ask the patients to keep away from stress and anxiety, which can also lead to an increase in the blood sugar level. However, for those who are now insulin resistant due to a long-term counter with diabetes type 2, it can be a big challenge to live an ordinary life as they have to face health issues from both sides. More research in this direction is still on by various experts.

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