10 Effective Morning Exercises For Weight Loss

Have you been sucking your tummy in to magically vanish that belly fat? Have you been wanting to fit into that little black dress hanging in your closet for quite some time now? The only answer to all those hopes is just one word and you probably know it already—the word is exercise! As the saying goes—“There isn’t anything like starting today.” We all already know that exercising is by far the best way to burn your fat, build your muscles, and look younger and fitter than your actual age. You will have to take care of your body and it’s only in your hands to make that choice and giddy up with it. We’re not saying it’s an easy path, it’s going to be tough, but it will still be worth all the pain. So, from now on, when you wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and understand that you are your competition and you will have to do it yourself.

Exercises For Weight Loss

Working out in the morning is one of the best practices to nurture both your physical and mental health. The AM workout as it is popularly called on social media is the best way to revive your system that has been tampered with because of the hectic yet sedentary lifestyle that we are accustomed to.

So, Why Workout In The Mornings?

  • It helps to revive the health of our body and helps in maintaining it as well.
  • It also helps to remove toxins from our bodies that have been accumulating because of us being lazy couch potatoes.
  • It recharges and rejuvenates our bodies. This helps our body to prepare itself for a full-fledged productive day.
  • Several studies talk about how working out in the morning helps in burning more calories when compared to working out in the evening.
  • When you exercise and workout in the morning, it will naturally increase the core temperature of your body. This simply translates to the fact that you’ll not just be burning fat during the workout but also all through the day as well.
  • Working out in the morning also helps us in burning fat consistently and stay religiously dedicated to a healthy lifestyle.

List Of Morning Exercises For Weight Loss

  1. Head Out For A Walk Or Run

Walking or running with the help of a treadmill might give you information like distance covered, step count, pace, etc. But there’s nothing like going out in the open and walking to soak in some fresh air of the early morning. You will be breathing natural, good quality air which will keep your lungs, heart, and mind feeling good for the rest of the day. You also form a connect with nature.

  1. Circuit Training

Circuit training is considered to be one of the best exercises that help burn calories. So, the idea behind circuit training is to condition the body as a whole. And it’s like you do a complete circuit and only after that will you be able to take a break or sip water. There are several video tutorials regarding circuit training available in DVDs or even on social media platforms and YouTube. Some of the most common exercises of circuit training are burpees, plank lifts, squat jumps, etc.

  1. Biking

When you do biking, it will not just help in burning those extra calories but will also improve the endurance in you by training those muscles of your legs as well. Running intends to work and fix only your shins and calf muscles, biking works exceptionally well for your thighs as well. Also, when you’re biking you can control your speed as well. Endurance is best built with this exercise.

  1. Yoga

Everybody knows that morning is the best time to do yoga and most preferably at the time just before the sunrise. Yoga is best done when on an empty stomach. Practicing yoga helps to heal and strengthen your body as a whole.

  1. Stretching Exercises

Stretching exercises need to be a part of your everyday routine even when you are on your rest days. Studies talk about how the proteins that you eat the previous night get collected in your joints. And it is a must to stretch those muscles to keep them flexible or else they will get stiff.

  1. Pranayama

Pranayama became popular only recently and it has remained a craze since then. This exercise which is a breathing exercise has the power to make you feel calm and look and feel fitter and younger with every practice session.

  1. Surya Namaskar

Did you know that by performing just one single round of Surya Namaskar you will be burning close to 13.92 calories? Every morning if you practice this just for 30 minutes or complete around 15 rounds of it, you will be burning close to 300 calories approximately. There are many versions available online, choose the one that fits you best.

  1. Zumba

If exercising isn’t your cup of tea and you are someone who loves art like music or dancing, Zumba is the best way for you to go about in the morning. Let your hair down and groove to your favorite music. There are plenty of online tutorials and classes regarding Zumba that you can attend until you get a hang of it.

  1. Kickboxing

Just training for this is going to make you stronger as a person like never before. It not only helps you burn fat but will also teach you so many things about self-defense.

  1. Squats

Getting rid of fat around your thighs and butt is the toughest part. But when you wake up and perform squats correctly, the fat around your thighs and butt too will melt away in no time. Squats will help you get your lower body into shape in no time at all. Jump squats, pistol squats, barbell squats, and many more variations of squats are there. Choose the one according to which area you want to work upon.

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