Could Tea Help You Lose Weight?

Tea is an aromatic beverage enjoyed by most of us around the world. It is of different flavors and types which has its benefits. The flavor of the tea which is got by infusing its flavor to the water is just mesmerizing. It is enjoyable, which has benefits associated with health. It is even good for protecting damaged cells and also reduces the risks that are related to the heart. Some recent studies have even revealed that tea is good at the reduction of belly fat and overweight due to its many properties, and many types of tea are good at achieving this goal little faster than others. Many best teas will help you in this process, and also there are many ways of using them so that you will be able to achieve weight loss earlier.


Is tea helpful in the reduction of overweight?

By looking over the research and studies, we can say that tea is indeed useful in reducing belly fat and will protect your body from getting the risks of obesity. It is also said that everyone around us drinks tea for a certain reason, which includes all its advantages and benefits. As we all know tea is rich in flavonoids and certain flavonoids present in it are the true reason behind its work in the loss of fat. Tea contains a high concentration of catechins, it also is a great metabolism booster that will help you with weight loss. Also, it is effective in drinking your tea unsweetened even if it is of a distinct flavor, because it will help you in being hydrated and which will reduce fat from your body. Even if you are not interested in losing weight, it is great if you drink tea; it is a substance which is not not only good at the reduction of belly fat but also is good at providing you with a healthy body by giving many health benefits.

The best teas that help in the process of weight loss

There are thousands of type of teas, so the best ones which help in the reduction of overweight are:

1. Black tea

It is the type of tea that has undergone oxidation at a higher rate than other types of tea. Many studies have revealed that black tea seems to be effective for weight controlling and is good news indeed. It has an exorbitant amount of flavones that have antioxidant properties, and this tea also has many types and kinds available. It is found that it is relatively associated with BMI and waist circumference.

2. Green tea

It is the type of tea that is famous for its exceptional benefits all over the world. It is one of the most famous teas that has health benefits and is associated with weight loss and reduction of body fat. It has been revealed in a study that was held that drinking green tea for weeks, many among them could experience weight loss. So, this one is the most amazing type of tea if you are looking forward to losing weight.

3. Oolong tea

It is a type of tea that is oxidized partially and has a fragrant and unique flavor which is loved by many. The studies based on oolong tea have found out that it is good at burning fat by increasing the speed of metabolism and which indeed results in weight loss. Also, it has been found out that drinking this tea will increase the expenditure of energy which will help in the burning of calories.

4. Puerh tea

It is a type of Chinese black tea that is fermented and is rich in aroma and is the best when consumed after meals for a better experience. It is good at lowering the sugar content in the blood and will help you with the process of weight loss. One research that has been done also tells that it has properties like anti-obesity, which will help you with the suppression of body weight gain.

5. Herbal tea

This tea is rich in many health benefits and is good for consumption as it involves the infusion of herbs, spices, and some flavors into the water while the tea is prepared. It is available in different types and the commonly known among them involve ginger tea, hibiscus tea, rooibos tea, etc. The ingredients can be varied in herbal teas, but most of them are found to have properties that are helpful. Research has shown that drinking herbal tea can help in increasing fat loss in our bodies.

6. White tea

It is a type of tea that is processed minimally and has a distinct flavor than other types of tea. It is harvested from the plant when it is tender and which induces a variety of flavor and slight sweetness to it. Consuming this tea seems to have a good effect on our oral cavity and has also other beneficial properties. It is also found to be good for weight and fat loss, and some studies even showed its ability to kill cancer cells. This tea extract will help you in breaking down fat and will prevent the formation of new fats in your body.

Ways for using tea for reducing overweight

For more effective use, the way we use it also must be noted. So here are some ways you can follow:

You can drink tea when your body signals immediate snacking, which is not the actual hunger of your body. So, drinking tea at that time will not form any kind of unhealthy fat but also helps in refreshing your mind and body along with the reduction of fat.

Drinking tea is the best for boosting the metabolism of our body. And as we all know, boosting metabolism will help in the speed and pace of burning unhealthy fat from our body.

You can drink tea at that time when you feel like drinking high-calorie drinks. They will contain elements that may cause overweight, so it is good for replacing those beverages with a healthy cup of tea, which is rich in antioxidants and compounds that are helping in weight loss.

Drinking tea helps you in reducing stress and sugar levels in the blood along with supporting metabolism, which is good at maintaining and controlling your body weight. Some types of tea even block the formation of new fat cells in your body, which in turn reduce the appetite.

Some reasons for being overweight may be because of hormonal imbalances, drinking tea is also found to be a solution for maintaining the balance in hormones.

Other advantages of drinking tea

Drinking tea is excellent for getting sleep, which means it will improve your sleep with no stress.

The risk of getting affected by many health issues like cancer, heart problems, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and many others.

Helps in boosting your body’s metabolism, which is the major reason behind the burning of fat which loses weight.

Is it healthier to drink tea every day?

It is good to consume tea daily, but not over 4 cups per day. It is a healthy drink which you can use as a replacement for many carb drinks and sugary drinks. The risk of many health issues like diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, etc can be decreased by confirming drinking this beverage often. It is even good at improving the health of your teeth. And the most important thing is not every tea is healthier for you to consume. So, try drinking healthier ones than just drinking any teas. Consuming tea is a really healthier option, which is followed by many adults for living a risk-free life without fearing much about problems that they may face.


Tea is found to be most of our favorite beverages besides coffee. Drinking tea may bring you a lot of benefits which are related to health that can make you live a more precautionary life as it is good at preventing the risk of many issues that you may face in today’s world. There are many types and kinds of teas available and note everyone is healthier. So, you must be careful about choosing the better tea which can be used as a replacement for the other drinks than water that you may drink in between meals. Also, be careful about the quantity that you drink, drink as per told, and do not over drink. Even if it is one of the healthiest drinks which provides a lot of advantages including weight loss, it can create many problems if you overuse it no matter what. So, drink it carefully for leading a healthier life.

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