Why have Telemedicine Products like BlueChew Exploded During Quarantine?

With the growing need for physical distancing in response to COVID-19, telemedicine products and services have exploded in the market. While in the past, such services were a nice-to-have; today, they are a must-have for patients and even healthcare professionals. A small number of people have used telemedicine before the Covid-19 pandemic, but its usage has increased considerably in the past year. The digital healthcare system is experiencing significant momentum, and its upward trajectory will play an important role in delivering care in the future.

Erectile Dysfunction

With more and more people staying home and delaying going to the hospitals for any reason whatsoever, telemedicine has come as a ray of hope for people. For example, people in quarantine are experiencing stress and anxiety, leading to low libido and sexual dysfunction. But, with the doctors treating only emergency and critical patients, men are turning to telemedicine to help them overcome their issues. BlueChew is a popular ED medication subscription provider that has been around a few years, but it is during the pandemic that its demand has grown enormously. The company feels that the demand for their products will only rise; even after the pandemic is over, people will still use their services because of the many benefits it offers to them compared to the face-to-face consultation with the doctor.

Here are some of the top reasons why telemedicine products such as BlueChew are here to stay for long even once the COVID-19 crisis is long gone –

Growing Demand for Virtual Care Options

Telemedicine services can offer enormous benefits to patients. When implemented properly, telemedicine can offer high-quality healthcare without the need to travel, paying for parking, sitting in the waiting room, and mingling with other sick patients. The demand for online care for many diseases such as erectile dysfunction is on the rise.  More men are looking for consultation online as they are most cost effective and offer more frequent check-ins. More and more men are being exposed to the benefits of virtual health, and its demand is expected to stay long once the pandemic is over.

Technology Usage to Run a Successful Practice

Technology is also making it easier for companies such as BlueChew to reach more number of patients with ease. Since such health services require just a smartphone or a computer and internet connection, it is convenient for companies to run a telepractice rather than set up a clinic. These companies are also the healthcare data collected from the patient to provide better healthcare outcomes. Thus, telemedicine is becoming much more viable for healthcare providers, as the number of people using such services will only grow.

Improved Reimbursements to Healthcare Professionals

Before COVID-19, most healthcare professionals were not paid for Telehealth at the same level as in-house visits. This left a very small amount of professionals to adopt telemedicine. But, in the current scenario, more and more people are opting for telemedicine care, and it has forced healthcare professionals to offer telemedicine services. Companies such as BlueChew has been employing healthcare professionals for a long time now but have recently increased their partnership to add more professionals into their team with the growing demand for their services.

Increased Reach That Was Not Possible Before

A number of health problems are far better solved through telemedicine rather than face to face appointments with the doctors. It was difficult for people with erectile dysfunction to reach out to their doctors and seek help. Many men are embarrassed to be seen at the clinic, while others were embarrassed to speak openly about the problem they are facing. But, telemedicine has provided them with the option to seek help online. Telemedicine has helped men come out in the open and seek help rather than suffering from it. Thus, telemedicine has helped bridge the gap that existed in the traditional model of healthcare.

It is clear that telemedicine will become a part of the new normal. Health care facilities will be forced to use technology to cater to the needs of their patients. The telemedicine industry is fast-growing, and the demand for it will likely increase in the future. Many companies that are yet to switch to telemedicine will be required to make the decision as the choice of the people is shifting, or they will be left behind.

Why is the Shift to Telehealth and Telemedicine Important?

There was a time when telemedicine was looked down upon, and it was only considered during emergencies. Since there has been a major change in the way we live during the pandemic, it has led to an enormous dependency on technology, including telemedicine and telehealth. With the hospitals and clinics already facing a tough time, telemedicine can help solve a number of problems for them. Telemedicine and telehealth both of them offer a number of benefits, and the reason why these are more necessary than ever are –

  • These services are cost effective.
  • There is no need to visit the pharmacy to get their refills as the medicines arrive at the doorstep every month.
  • It helps prevent an unnecessary doctor or clinic visits that can lower wait time and allow more patients to spend time with the doctor.
  • It allows medical access to people even in remote places, which was not possible before.
  • It offers quality care to the patients through a series of questions.
  • Patients are more open to talking when they do not have to meet their doctors.
  • It helps the patients to seek help for certain diseases discreetly and without anyone knowing.

The telemedicine services such as BlueChew that allow men to receive medications on the go make life easier and simple for them. They have more control over their well-being and greatly affects their physical and mental well-being. The first-time usage levels and the satisfaction that the consumers are feeling are evidence that telemedicine will become a big part of our lives in the near future. With the increase in the adaption of new technology and the government’s approval, services such as BlueChew are set to explode in the market and make their presence felt.

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