The Effects of Stress on Your Body And Mind

Do you get angry on an everyday basis? Do you shout at everyday traffic that you face on your way to work? If yes, this means that you are overstressed. No matter what is the stressful situation, you are harming your body as well as your mind when you are getting stressed. All of us get stressed about different things and circumstances in life. But, if you are getting too emotional and you lose your mind even at little things in life, this means that you are not in your best health physically as well as mentally.


Following are the adverse impact of stress on your body and mind:

Impact on the digestive system

You may not know, but stress can impact your digestive system adversely. When you are too stressed, your liver will produce extra sugar in your blood to give you an energy boost. But 9 out of 10 times, your body will not be able to handle the surge in blood sugar level. Thus, you may have the chances of getting Type-2 diabetes in this case. In addition to this, different enzymes in your digestive system may not work properly, and you may face symptoms like acid reflux, heartburn, and poor appetite.

Impact of stress on the muscular system

Most people don’t know, but stress can also impact your muscular system. When you are stressed, different muscles in your body get tense. If you stay stressed for a long duration, the muscle may not get relaxed. The tight muscles that get tensed for too long may cause neck pain, shoulder pain, and different types of headaches. In the worst condition, you may face the hazards of migraines. Thus, the next time you feel pain in different parts of your body, try to introspect if you are stressed or not.

Impact of stress on the reproductive system

You read it right; stress can also impact your reproductive health. If you are a man and you stay stressed most part of your day, the testosterone levels in your body may drop, and it can hamper sperm formation. Getting stressed for too long can also hamper your sexual health, and you may not be able to perform better in bed. Women who get stressed for too long may have changes in their menstrual cycle. It can also lead to irregular and painful periods.

Impact of stress on the cardiovascular system

Stress can also impact your cardiovascular health negatively. When you are stressed, the heart pumps blood faster. The stress hormone can deviate the flow of blood towards muscle instead of making it flow towards your heart. Thus, you may face problems like hypertension and high blood pressure. Chronic stress can also lead to poor functioning of the heart, and you may also face problems like heart attack and strokes. Thus, an increase in stress in the worst situation can also lead to death. The next time you get stressed about little things in life, try to think about your heart health.

Impact of stress on mental health

One of the worst impacts of stress is on your mental health. People who get stressed have higher chances of facing issues like depression and anxiety. These days even kids get stressed about their academics and other things in life, and thus, they have higher chances of getting depressed. Most suicide cases these days are linked to stress and depression caused due to stress.

Skin and hair issues

If you are worried about intense hair fall or acne on your face, stop worrying. Because getting stressed and worried can increase hair fall and acne. People who stay stressed for too long may also face problems like psoriasis, eczema, and in the worst case, permanent hair loss.

Stress is part of everyone’s life. But, getting too worried about everything in life can hamper your physical as well as mental health in the long run. Even if you get stressed, try to learn how to manage the stress. You can also get help from a professional psychiatrist and counselors to get rid of stressful situations in life.

The biggest gift you have in life is your physical and mental health, and don’t ruin it by getting stressed about every little thing. Learn how to handle stress because health is wealth.

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