Are Dietary Supplements Safe For Bodybuilding?


Dietary supplements are taken to lose weight or bodybuilding. Food is necessary for all the individuals in day to day life, but people involved in bodybuilding or the people who want to lose weight for n number of reasons are supposed to take dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements are often advised by gym trainer because of the active ingredients which are there in dietary supplements like caffeine or whey protein. Dietary supplements are available to pharmacists, or other shopkeepers in huge amounts and many peoples use them daily, especially young people solely for the reason of bodybuilding.

There are positive as well as negative effects associated with dietary supplements. Not only they help to lose weight rapidly or built masculine body quickly, but they also affect the sleep pattern of an individual. Some of the adverse effects are also associated with dietary supplements. Some of the dietary supplements also contain a harmful drug that can even let you caught under a doping test and finish your career as a bodybuilder.

Dietary Supplements

The following points mentioned below contains a detailed analysis of whether dietary supplements are safe for bodybuilding or not in terms of the health of an individual and the dietary supplements which they are consuming:

The Dietary Supplements

Most of the time, bodybuilders turn towards dietary elements to increase their muscle size. From biceps to abs, bodybuilder want’s stomach sticks inside and biceps and triceps huge. And the zeal of this greater muscle size, makes them consume the dietary supplement. Most of the time, the dietary supplements are suggested to them by their gym trainer to see the difference quickly. Also, dietary supplements are majorly used by people to lose weight quickly.

The ingredients of dietary supplements are unique ingredients that lead to weight loss and the formation of muscle quickly. They act as a catalyst in the weight loss and muscle building and hence used by many people to get quick results with comparatively lesser training one such product that is readily available in the market is Testogen which is the most preferred bodybuilding assistance for many bodybuilders.

Dietary Supplements Accessibility

Dietary supplements are sold at many of the pharmacy shops, departmental shops, online websites, and health food stores in a large amount. And, so are dietary supplements that are suggested to people in a large amount. So, not only dietary elements are sold and purchased in a large amount but also consumed too for various purposes which includes bodybuilding, weight reduction, and various other advantages as well.

Dietary Supplements Right Ingredients

Dietary supplements though consumed and sold in huge amounts, but have positive as well as negative effects too. Many bodybuilders and athletes consume dietary supplement due to its ingredients which includes caffeine for the better performance and reduction of weight in enormous amount, whey protein, to improve the overall potential of body and Creatine supplements too.

These ingredients are usually contained in the dietary supplements and help in bodybuilding and to increase the muscle size. The content of these supplements may vary from product to product. But these three dietary supplements will always be the content of the dietary supplements which are specially designed for bodybuilding and athletes.

Dietary Supplements Safety Concerns

But most of these dietary supplements have no safety concerns associated with them. The company manufacturing them does not account for the risk associated with the dietary supplement. But the side effect of these dietary supplements could be hearted whelming.

All of the dietary supplements are associated with some problematic potential. There is no information about the harm associated with the content of the products. Still, the studies done over dietary supplements suggest no or very little use of the dietary supplement. That is one can use a dietary supplement, but the amount should be quiet low.

These dietary supplements have very little or no research on the safety of these products; that is, the company manufacturing the dietary supplements doesn’t account for the safety level and concern related to the product. It is always recommended to use dietary supplements for bodybuilding purposes but in quite a low amount.

The Right Workout

Always try to build muscle size with hard physical work only. The muscle builds solely by hard physical work with no, or minimal dietary supplements are supposed to stay for a longer time even it took time to build them, than the muscle built by consuming dietary supplements.

The natural building of muscle takes time but is more reliable and stays for a long time even if not able to go to the gym or practice daily, as compared to the muscles solely build after consuming the dietary supplements.

Dietary Supplements Standards

Dietary supplements should be consumed only by knowing enough details about them. Many dietary supplements contain high-risk substance like steroids, and steroid-like substance, as confirmed in research took place by food and drug administration (FDA). These not only put the dietary substances under a highly risky category but have also suggested consumers consume any product with knowing the perfect details regarding the products beforehand. Some dietary supplements can profoundly affect the health of an individual in various ways, and thus dietary products should be chosen wisely.

Some of the dietary products also contain some harmful products which can even contain various drug and can stand out an individual positive in a doping test. The career of many athletes and bodybuilders came to an end due to the consumption of these dietary supplements which are found to be doping ingredients.

Thus, dietary supplements should be consumed with full care and in a specified amount as mentioned on the label. The excessive consumption of dietary supplements is also harmful in various ways for the body of an individual. Thus care should be taken care of.

Dietary Supplements Performance

Dietary supplements are also associated with some positive results, which include performance improvement in performing the exercise. It is evaluated from a study that drinking energy drinks right before working out increases the performance of work out. The products which contain beta-alanine are considered to increase the competitive nature among athlete and bodybuilders and are thus considered as power enhancer agent.

They were taking dietary supplements right before the work out results in the positive adaptations of the exercise in the body in quite a quick period. It is also shown in a study that acute consumption of dietary supplements resists the formation of glycerol in the body and thus has improved the performance of sedentary men and women both. So dietary supplements could have a lot of definite advantages if used in limited amounts.

Dietary supplements do have positive performance aspects as well, but one must take care of the ingredients of the dietary supplement. So, it is always suggested to read the label on the dietary supplements, understand the do’s and don’ts, and avoid any mishappening to stay away from any kind of adverse effects associated with the dietary supplements.

A study conducted on 500 athletes which include both men and women to get to know about the side effects of dietary supplements. With 250 men and 250 women of different clubs a study was conducted, under which their age, gender, and type of supplements they are consuming, the frequency of product they are using, and reasons for using dietary supplements is asked. The study shows that men are more likely to consume dietary supplements as compared to women. The study develops its result based on the chi-square test.

And as per the test, the p should come out to be less than 0.05 was considered as significant. As per the study, 86% of women while 11% of men come under the significant category of phi-square test. While other participants majorly have Creatine more in their dietary supplements, which also have side effects. 45% of the above people are considered to report health-related issues after consuming dietary supplements.


Thus, one can say that dietary supplements can have negative as well positive adaptions inside the body.

The effects only depend upon

  • The contents of the dietary supplements,
  • The frequency for which the products are being consumed,
  • The amount in which the product is being consumed, and
  • The overall health condition of the individual

So, it is advised to consult a health expert before taking any of these products to avoid health-related issues. Also, prefer natural ways of weight reduction and muscle building more than to consume dietary supplements because the natural way can take time but will not affect your health at all.

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