ThePhotoStick Mobile Review

Smartphones have become the necessary gadgets for everyday use. We carry them along where we go as they have also replaced several other gadgets like alarm clocks, FM radios, traditional cameras, etc. If we ignore the software fan-war between Android and iOS, we are at least united by the hardware, i.e. smartphone. A decade back, smartphones were still slowly emerging in the market, and people found them a bit complicated to operate. But now, even kids can handle smartphones with a lot of ease. Now, many of us cannot even imagine a day without our smartphones as there’s as a good chance that our daily routine life will spoil in their absence. Smartphones have also become an essential device for storing important files, photos, and videos. Due to limited storage space, we often face a problem when storage space fills up completely. To overcome such data storage problems, you should use reliable storage devices such as the PhotoStick Mobile.

ThePhotoStick Mobile

What exactly is ThePhotoStick Mobile?

PhotoStick Mobile is a device that helps you to store all your personal or professional photos and videos. It won’t be wrong to consider it as a USB drive for smartphones. With this device, you can back all of your photos on your smartphone with ease. However, as this device is small in size, you might lose it if you aren’t careful about it. The PhotoStick Mobile is available in 2 versions – one for Android and other for iOS. You should choose the version as per the operating system of your smartphone. The PhotoStick Mobile will prove to help back up your photos when your smartphone doesn’t have enough memory to store them. It can store up to 60,000 pictures along with videos. Such storage space is indeed more than enough as even a photography enthusiast will hardly click these many photos in a year. With PhotoStick Mobile, you can keep your smartphone’s maximum storage reserved for your relevant documents or other files after transferring your videos and photos. This device will not only back up your photos and video but also organize your memories!

How does ThePhotoStick Mobile work?

After purchasing the PhotoStick Mobile device, download the ThePhotoStick Mobile App on your smartphone. When you connect the device to your smartphone, the ‘Backup Now’ dialog box will appear on the screen, and you need to click on the same. The device will further scan all your folders on the smartphone and then back up only photos and videos. It will skip duplicate copies too. When the device backs up all your photos and videos, you can delete the copies on your smartphone to free up more storage space. There are separate versions of PhotoStick Mobile for Android and iOS. Order the version of the device which will be compatible with your smartphone.

ThePhotoStick Mobile Review

Benefits of using ThePhotoStick Mobile

The PhotoStick Mobile device provides a good number of benefits to its users. No device is perfect, and neither is the PhotoStick Mobile, but it offers incredible value. We assure you that this device will prove to be a quality product for you. As the PhotoStick Mobile device is an available product, anyone can use it without the need of having any computer knowledge. It has a simple design but an impressive technology. This device will definitely turn out to be an incredible personal storage device.


Storage devices such as external hard disks have storage space of up to 1 TB (terabyte), and some have even more. 1 TB of storage space is more than sufficient for storing hundreds of thousands of pictures. With such a storage device, you won’t easily run out of storage space. The PhotoStick Mobile device doesn’t have such an enormous storage space. Still, the storage space it offers is quite adequate for you to store thousands of pictures along with videos. Unlike the external hard disk, the PhotoStick Mobile device is pocket-friendly, and you can carry it anywhere you like to. It offers a storage space of 32 GB (gigabytes), and if you think that it won’t be enough for you, then you can opt for the 64 GB version.

The following are the benefits of using PhotoStick Mobile device:

  1. It searches all the files on your smartphones and organized photos and videos for you
  2. It automatically identifies and skips duplicates while backing up your photos and videos
  3. It takes only a few minutes to backup thousands of photos and videos
  4. You can access this device’s information on your PC
  5. With this device, there is no need for passwords or online cloud storage
  6. You don’t have to worry about which specific folders are necessary
  7. It will help you to keep your smartphone’s storage space free for other important files
  8. You don’t have to pay any additional charges beyond a one-time purchase.

How much does PhotoStick Mobile cost?

The retail price of PhotoStick Mobile is $99.99, but it is available for just $64.99 on its official website. You should keep in mind that this price is only for the 32GB models of both Android and iOS. The cost of 64GB models is $98.99, while the price of 128GB models is $128.99.

photostick mobile

Does PhotoStick Mobile offer any money-back guarantee?

The manufacturing company of PhotoStick Mobile offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee which allows you to return your order within 30 days from the delivery date. To begin the refund process, you need to email them at [email protected] about returning the product. You also need to attach the receipt with your email. Ensure that the product gets returned in the original packaging. If the company approves your refund, you will receive a refund through the payment method you ordered the product. The refund will not include shipping costs.



Is the PhotoStick Mobile compatible with iOS?

– The PhotoStick Mobile has separate versions for Android and iOS. You can choose any version as per the operating system of your smartphone.

Can I store music in PhotoStick Mobile?

– No. You can only store your photos and videos in PhotoStick Mobile.

Is PhotoStick Mobile available only with a storage of 32GB as shown on its official website?

– No, PhotoStick Mobile is also available with 64GB and 128GB storage capacities. After choosing either the Android or iOS version, select the quantity of the device. Then, you can select the storage capacity of your PhotoStick Mobile device.

Can I use PhotoStick Mobile for more than one smartphone?

– Yes, you can use the PhotoStick Mobile device for multiple smartphones.


Customer Reviews

By Amanda E.

I own an iPad, and the only thing which I dislike about it is the limited storage capacity. I usually use my iPad for graphic design. Still, I also tend to click a lot of pictures with my friends whenever we travel or have a fun time at my university campus. Along with capturing photos, I record a lot of videos to capture the memories in the ‘motion’ form. Due to all this stuff, my iPad’s storage space fills up too quickly. Transferring the images and videos to PC requires more time than we usually think. So, buying an external storage device was the only option I thought about. PhotoStick Mobile is an ideal solution for solving data storage problems. I don’t even think about limiting my clicks with my phone’s cam, thanks to this device!

By Neil S.

Even if this device doesn’t have a vast storage capacity like an SSD, it’s still beneficial for smartphone users due to its smaller size.

By Will T.

Before buying PhotoStick Mobile, I used to store all my data in my PC’s drive so that my smartphone doesn’t have any crunch of storage space. Connecting the mobile to PC, select the files you want to shift and pasting them into the PC’s folders was an irritating task as it consumed at least 15 minutes. But it takes just a few seconds to transfer all my images and videos from my smartphone into PhotoStick Mobile. The only negative thing about this device is that it cannot store any files except image and video files.

By Kyla V.

I’m one of those people who are incredibly obsessed about clicking pictures frequently. I have hundreds of new photos each month on my phone. The storage capacity of my phone was a problem for me before. After I purchased PhotoStick Mobile, I just transfer all my images into it so that I get more storage space for my new pictures.

The final verdict

A majority of smartphone users require the right backup solution. Cloud storage requires either a monthly or yearly subscription so that it won’t be a good option for everyone. ThePhotoStick Mobile device only needs a one-time investment. You can store your images and videos of your smartphone in this device easily. It also skips duplicate files while storing your data. Although PhotoStick Mobile can only store photos and videos, it is an excellent storage device for smartphone users as images and videos occupy most of the storage space in smartphones. If you require a good backup solution for your pictures and videos, then you can definitely go for PhotoStick Mobile.

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