InfinitiKloud Review

In this digital age, we have our lives stored on our computers. From photos, videos to documents, you have all of it stored in there. In the past, people use to take photos and have them printed. But, now, people take as many photos and videos they want and just store it digitally in their desktops or PCs. There is no need for them to print them out. Also, those who love to listen to music will have a lot of music files on their computer, but it can cause the computer to run out of space. Digital storage makes our lives much easier and convenient. But, as with any gadget, your desktop is not immune to crashing, and when that happens, our lives can be turned upside down. Your computer can crash, or can be corrupted by viruses. It can be frustrating not to have access to years of data and to lose it all. If you do not want to be in that situation ever, you need a good device to backup all your data so that you can have access to if the need arises. Many people even use a backup to clear out space in their PCs and laptops.

Most people use standard USB devices or pen drives to store their data. But, most of these have low capacity, and one has to invest in multiple devices to be able to store all the data they have. Cloud storage is another option that people consider today and is much safer than USB drives or pen drives. But, these can be costly, especially once you have crossed the free storage capacity. Not everyone would want to spend as much on purchasing cloud storage. Storing your data on your computer or your smartphone can be risky. It is the reason why InfinitKloud is one of the best options there is in the market. InfinitiKloud is a USB backup stick that keeps all your data stored in cloud storage and keep it safe from any viruses. If you are still unsure if InfinitiKloud is the right one for you, here is a complete review to help you out.

InfinitiKloud Review

About InfinitKloud

If you have been using the traditional USBs to store your data, the chances are that you might be running out of space to keep them. In addition, these USBs can easily get corrupted if there are any viruses or bugs in any of the files. Also, when you use these standard USBs with a laptop or computer with viruses, these viruses will get transferred to the USB as well. It means you stand to lose all your private data forever. Another way to store your data is in the cloud storage system.

There are many cloud storage system in the market, but they come with their own challenges. Most of these cloud storage systems come with their own risks. If one of the accounts of these storage systems is hacked, other accounts, too, are at risk of being hacked and exposed. In addition, these systems also provide just a limited amount of storage for free where you can store your data. After that, they may charge you a certain amount of money that you need to pay either on a monthly or on a yearly basis.

InfinitiKloud is a mix of both USB and cloud systems. It is the perfect mix of both and helps overcome the cons that both these systems have. InfinitiKloud allows you to store your data – images, videos, documents, and other important files, and only you have access to them. None of the data stored in these can be hacked by anyone and offers complete security.


  • Size – 8cm x 8cm x 5cm
  • Weight – 110 grams
  • Storage – Up to 128GB
  • Read and Write Speed – Up to 100MB/s
  • Free USB-C Adapter

infinitikloud review

How Does it Work?

InfinitiKloud uses a USB backup stick that you need to connect to your laptop or computer. It is a plug and play device, and you do not have to install any software to start using it. The device comes with built-in software making it a breeze to use. When you connect the InfinitiKloud to your computer or laptop, it will automatically find the files on your computer. After that, you need to select the data that you want to transfer to the storage device. The process is quite easy, and you do not have to be a tech-savvy person to understand how it works. Unlike cloud-storage, where all files are automatically transferred to the cloud storage, here you can pick the ones that you want to transfer, allowing you to not take up space from files you actually don’t need in the first place. It also allows you to check the statistics of the data so that you can easily discard the ones you don’t need any longer. It is perfect for professional and personal use.

Here are the steps to follow to transfer data to InfinitiKloud –

  • You need to plug the InfinitiKloud in the USB port of your PC or laptop.
  • Look for the InfinitiKloud program in your document navigator and open it.
  • Click on the Start option to run the program. You will be able to check (or uncheck) any files that you want to update to the cloud.
  • Once you are done uploading the data to the device, unplug it.

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Benefits of InfinitKloud

As we have already mentioned, there are many advantages of using InfinitiKloud over pen drives and other cloud storages. But, here are some additional benefits that you will enjoy by using InfinitiKloud –

  • Compatible with Different Computers – The InfinitiKloud is compatible with many different devices that you can find in the market – laptops, desktops, notebooks, and more. The only thing that is needed is the USB port. For computers without a USB port, you can use a USB port adapter easily as InfinitiKloud is compatible with these adapters.
  • No Need of Cables or Software – Other pen drives or cloud storage systems will need you to download software to be able to use it. Other than that, some might even need some cables for you to be able to use it. But, InfinitiKloud does not require you to use any of these. All you have to do is just attach it to your USB port and you are done.
  • High Transfer Speed – InfinitiKloud has high transfer speed allowing you to transfer a large number of files in the minimum amount of time. The average transfer speed of InfinitiKloud is 4.8 gigabytes every second. Other memory cards or USB cards have a speed of only 312 MB per second. So, InfinitiKloud is the best in case you do not have much time to wait for all the files to be transferred for storage.
  • Uses Less Power – Other storage devices consume huge power, and it can be a problem in case you are out and about. But, InfinitiKloud uses minimum power and won’t force you to speed things up because your laptop battery might be running dry.
  • Memory Space – InfinitiKloud offers many options when it comes to a storage that will suit different needs. You can choose from 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB in memory, so you do not have to spend more than you need to.
  • Portability and Ease of Use – InfinitiKloud is quite small, portable, and convenient. You can keep it in your pocket, attach it to a keychain, and anywhere you want. It measures just 2 inches but is still very powerful. You will not worry about dragging heavy USB in your pocket wherever you go.


What are the Different Devices It Is Compatible With?

There is a wide range of devices being used out there in addition to the different operating systems. Thus, you will need to pick different kinds of storage devices that will be compatible with all those devices. InfinitiKloud allows you to use the same storage solution with different devices and helps you save money.

InfinitiKloud is quite versatile and is compatible with most standard computers and laptops out there. Whether you own a Windows PC, Chrome book, or a Mac, InfinitiKloud is compatible with all devices. Some of the devices that you can use with InfinitiKloud with are Notebooks, Mac Mini, iMac, HP, Lenovo, Dell, Samsung, Acer, MS, Surface, Asus, and others. You will also receive a USB-C adapter for added convenience. It allows you to transfer your photos, videos, or documents from your Android phone directly to the cloud without having to transfer them to your computer first.

Price and Money Back Guarantee

It is best to purchase InfinitiKloud from its official website to ensure that you are purchasing the original product and not a cheap copy that other brands also sell. In addition, you will also get huge discounts on your purchases when you buy from their official page. You can choose from three different storage options – 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB according to your needs. The price for the different variants of InfinitiKloud are mentioned below –

32 GB InfinitiKloud 64 GB InfinitiKloud 128 GB InfinitiKloud
3 Items $78.73 3 Items $112.48 3 Items $157.48
1 Item $34.99 1 Item $49.99 1 Item $69.99
2 Items $69.98 2 Items $99.98 2 Items $139.98

The company also offers an easy return policy if you are not happy with the product. You can return the product within 30 days of purchase, but it needs to be in its original packaging and should be unused.


  • Easy to use
  • Automatically finds files for transfer
  • Select and unselect files you want to backup
  • Fast transfer of data
  • Different storage options to choose from
  • Pre-installed software for use
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • 100% safe and secure
  • Uses USB 3.0 technology


  • Comes with a sliding cover that protects the USB but can be a bit clumsy to use

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Who can Use InfinitiKloud?

InfinitiKloud is for everyone, no matter who you are and what you do. Be it a student, a professor, executive, or just anyone who needs to back up their photos, videos, music, or documents. Everyone needs to back up their data so that they do not lose it at any time. Everyone can benefit from InfinitiKloud, and the price is just right to come within anyone’s budget. So, if you have been looking for a way to store all your data, InfinitiKloud is the best one out there.

infinitikloud reviews

Customer Reviews

There have been positive reviews about InfinitiKloud in the market. Many people are switching to InfinitiKloud from other pen drives and cloud storage. Here are some customer reviews about InfinitiKloud that will help you decide if it is the right one for you –

“For a long time, I was paying for extra cloud storage before I started using InfinitKloud. It is not only inexpensive but has enough storage space for all my work documents. InfinitKloud is a one-time investment which is great for professionals.” – Rose R.

“I have been using hard disks to save my personal photos and videos. I came to know about InfinitKloud and decided to give it a chance. I bought two devices of 128 GB, and I have been worry-free since then. I no longer have to worry about any malware infecting by data.” – Ryan Serhant

The Final Verdict

When you purchase any storage device, the first thing you look for is the assurance that all of your stored data are safe. InfinitKloud offers precisely that, and it is the reason why people love it. Also, the device is compatible with many different operating systems, which are an added advantage. You can choose from three different storage requirements according to your needs so that you can manage all your data properly. If you have not used InfinitiKloud before, it can be a great addition to your desk to store all your essential data. You will no longer have to worry about losing your data since you will have them secured and safe on the InfinitiKloud cloud storage system.

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