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People all around the world are incredibly active in bringing new and innovative items, gadgets, and applications. They are busy in search of creativity in expressing themselves. Many people have made it their profession to document their lives, lifestyle, and adventures. Vlogs, in this regard, are very helpful for those who are adventurous and have something out of the box to show. You may not be able to stand out of the crowd for making your videos or Vlogs; therefore, you surely need a DroneX Pro.

The innovative Drones are one of the achievements recent technologies have made. This device is nowhere to conquer your lives and give you a chance to show it to your loved ones. It is so feasible that everyone can easily use it for benefits themselves. The simplicity it consists of is realized when you have your own DroneX Pro.

You do not need to maintain and carry bulky devices, camera stands, and holders to capture beautiful and creative shots. DroneX Pro, with its thoughtful and ultra-compact design, helps in using it your way. It will fit in your pocket like your cell phones. Along with this size and portability, it is also able to provide many other valuable features. Your capturing experience will drastically enhance with high-quality functionality.

It will be fantastic to explore that this latest invention will take your selfies to an entirely new level. By having your own DroneX Pro, you can capture selfies in many ways, and by using many inspiring methods.

dronex pro

What Is A DroneX Pro?

It is actually a particular featured device having many innovative, unique characteristics. DroneX Pro is an invention by two German engineers who figured out those original Drones are way too heavy for the general public to use casually. Moreover, being expensive, those were not compact and would again cause a lot of effort and difficulty while traveling.

They also realized that people are paying more because of the brand’s names rather than the technology used in those drones. In order to make it reasonable for people, they planned to design something which does have quality but should be lighter in weight. Later, they decided to make it cost-effective while maintaining the characteristics of other top models or brands. Was that possible? Of course, yes! And here you go! We have an excellent version of Drones.

These Drones consists of Live Camera Videos, a 120° Wide- Angle 720P HD Camera for Xtreme WiFi FPV Quadcopter is present. The camera is foldable. Drone RTF has many other features inclosing one key Take off or land, the Altitude hold, 3D Flip, APP control, and two batters also. Having all of these features, any beginner or novice without any doubt can fly the drone. After using DroneX Pro, people are becoming a fan of its versatile coverage, and the captures images and videos are amazingly impressive.

What Makes It Unique?

  • A unique and carefully designed drone
  • Easy flying
  • Video shooting is convenient from the air
  • Weight is lighter than many other
  • Portable ( can be kept in a pocket)
  • Its long-lasting battery life
  • HD video with 120 FPS and 12MP camera
  • Presence of Collision Avoidance System
  • Availability of discounts
  • Android and iOS Mobile app to operate
  • Beautiful videos and picture portraits.

Generally, in the United States, the drones are allowed to go max 400 feet( may go higher if permitted from FAA). In the European Union, the fights are able to fly 500 feet above the ground. However, regardless of the continent, a max of 11,000 feet is the highest point a quadcopter can fly, which is already too high for it to operate.

Moreover, if you wonder about the power a drone needs, the answer to this question is the Drones possess lithium-ion battery, which has positive energy (i.e., energy per mass). This energy is almost 5 x 105 Joules per kilogram. Therefore, to go well with a battery with 3.2 x 104 Joules of power, it may contain a mass of around 60 grams.

drone x pro review


This easy to set up and use Drone is very helpful for videos and pictures lovers. To know what your DroneX Pro consist here is the description:

  • Headless Mode – While using your DroneX pro for your purposes, you will not need to adjust its position. It auto sets its position before flying.
  • Altitude Hold Mode – Altitude hold mode is a function that can provide a stable flight. Which means the camera will not be in any movement while capturing. The camera will not lose its focus.
  • Collision Avoidance System – This system has the ability to pre detect the obstacles. The best part of your fight is the automatic shift of direction after detection. It highly prevents collisions with birds or any other minor / major object.
  • Application – The applications are available for both Android and iOS mobiles, and it means switching of phones is not hard.
  • Camera – The HD camera has a 120° wide angle. It captures HD videos. It contains 120 FPS and 12 MP. Therefore, you can enjoy a wide range of HD videos and photos too. Your broaden vision will have a broad scene because of its wide-angle lens.
  • Speed – It is impressively having 3- level flight speed. DroneX pro has the ability to switch to different levels, which makes it more exciting along with flying it.
  • Stable Flying – It has 6-axis Gyro with 4-Channels, which proves that the flight will be extremely stable. A plus point is the most natural rotation at 360°. It can fly and shoot up in the air for 20 minutes continuously.
  • Keys – Only a single key is required to take it off and one key to return. These keys are the most convenient form of landing and taking off for such a pleasant flight.
  • Body – The body is light in weight, very durable in resistance. The strength it has is high, and the engineering plastic used is resistant. Thus, it forms a suitable body of the Drone.
  • Arms – The arms are handily foldable and are small in size. Such arms make it trouble-free to carry and fly in a crowd.
  • Battery – The lifetime of the battery is comparatively significant. You can charge it once and take a long trip while it follows you in the air.
  • WiFi – It also consists of the WiFi connectivity for transferring your data timely.
  • LED Light – The LED light is helpful to know where your DroneX Pro is. Moreover, you can not lose it if moving in the dark.
  • Remote – The remote control has 2.4GHz for anti-interference. It also allows you to control the directions and the spot when the photo is easy to capture.
  • Flight track – The function of flight tracking is useful for planning the trajectory before hands. In addition to this, high atmospheric pressure will let you accurately lock the height. By doing this, you can actually make your shooting uncomplicated.

The Package of DroneX Pro

When it comes to unpacking the box of your DroneX Pro, the items you will find along with it are:

  • Four extra propeller Blades – These are the backup blades if your drone crashes somewhere
  • Storage bag – This bad will secure all the accessory of drone and itself from any dust or damage and prevent the malfunctioning of your drone
  • Screwdriver – The only reason behind designing it is to fix and install some of the initials including propeller blades
  • USB Cable – To connect devices for transferring data
  • Batteries – You might need spare batteries for securing your trip to be continuously captured
  • A Manual – Beginners mostly need instructions, a detailed manual is present to facilitate you while fixing and installing. You may face minor issues with your new drone, but nothing to worry on this spot. A guide is with you in the English Language.

How Does It Work?

It is astonishing how effortlessly anyone can learn to use it and manage to control this Drone. Four steps to start the DroneX Pro are given below:

  1. First of all, install the app on your phone (Android or iOs)
  2. Insert and fix the charged battery in your drone.
  3. Launch the drone in the mobile app by scanning the QR code given in the manual.
  4. Here you go! You are ready to fly your DroneX Pro.

Flying this drone is as simple as riding a bike. Features and functions are extremely easy and natural. Even the kids can learn in unbelievably 10 minutes. To operate a drone in the air, you only need to control it by its built-in camera. The photos can also be captured from the positions and angle your mobile would not allow. The smooth and intuitive controls will make sure that your top-notch experience goes well. And you can manage to take incredible in-fight shots from unusual angles.

SPECIAL OFFER: DroneX Pro is available at the price of 99 $


There are several benefits of buying the DroneX Pro. It is not merely a product; it is a lifestyle you would love to show to your loved ones. You can make many remarkable videos at any spot and at any time. People are buying it like crazy due to their functioning and discounted pricing.

It is a specialized and professional featuring drone. It is not an ordinary drone; such a design seems specific for meeting the requirements everyone desires to have. It is a lightweight device, and in addition to that, it is compact too.

DroneX Pro’s intuitive controls and outstanding stability, while flying, is noticeable in the very first attempt. The wide lens covers a large picture. The scenery is fully captured and appears more attractive. The result of the camera is just fantastic, with high-quality images. You can also live-stream your all the adventures to your loved ones very comfortably. It will be engaging!

Price And Refund Policy

Thinking to buy a drone! Just go for it right now. It is the best time I must say because you can now avail of the discount offers. You might be wondering it expensive but believe you in me. It is not costly at all. Taking pictures with such a stable and HD camera, you cannot deny the wonderful experience it will give you.

The company has managed to come up with all the best features in a very professional manner by maintaining a fair pricing scheme. The prices are not high or over the worth. Keenly desirous people will not want to lose this opportunity for great discounts. The company is offering it at the prices ten times lower than its competitors. Being a beginner, you might need a little practice, but it will not take a long time to master like a pilot. Observe the suitable package for yourself and start your journey of adventures!

The packages are as follows:

  • Buy 3 DroneX Pro, Get 2 Free for $297 ($59 each)
  • Buy 2 DroneX Pro, Get 1 Free for $197 ($66 each)
  • Buy 1 DroneX Pro for $99
  • Buy 2 DroneX Pro for $159 ($80 each)
  • Buy 4 DroneX Pro for $249 ($62 each)

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Side Effects

There are no side effects. It will only facilitate you in making desired videos and photos. It might not stay in the air for a longer time, but you can manage its air timing while making a video. However, photos will not be an issue.

SPECIAL OFFER: DroneX Pro is available at the price of 99 $

Customer Reviews

Dane: I have always been excited to take out of the box selfies from different places and in various poses. And no one was able to understand what I wanted. My pictures would never come out the way I guided the people to capture. Then I decided to buy DroneX pro. Seriously it entirely changed my life because now I stay happy and capture all of my precious moments. It is just amazing.

Esme: I am a vlogger for the last two years. People do like and appreciate my videos. I mostly capture the views of the sea because those scenes appeal to me the most; therefore, I started vlogging about various beaches. My camera would do it well, but one of my friends suggested me to buy DroneX pro for capturing in different ways. I read thoroughly about it. Finally, I found it suitable for me. The first time I tried it, I thought it is not going to work for me. But later, after reading and following the manual I received along with the packaging, I was not only able to use it but also made a great success in my passion field. It is truly a game-changer for vloggers I must say!

Oliver: Hey, guys! Being a depressed person, I would not take a lot of pictures. Or you can say I would not visit such places that would make me capture myself. I observed a young girl playing and using it, I noticed her, and it made me know more about these drones. Shortly, I did grand research regarding these drones. Thought to buy one for myself, if it worked for me, I could start my career in any of the ways as I lost my job a few months ago. To my wonder, it was a magical machine. It made me master in a few attempts, and within some months, I became a cameraman at weddings. People would call me through my social media platforms, and I would capture their happy ceremonies. I am now the owner of drones and my business too. Highly recommended!


The characteristics mentioned above must have shown you how you can transform your frequent selfies into modified ones. When there are a lot of people around the globe using this inspired device, why not you? Don’t you want to enhance the level of your images and videos? If you are an adventurous champ, you surely are going to have one. This is actually for you. Do not overthink just grab the perfect deal to avail of the super quality HD images. Impress your relatives and loved ones by your photography. In case you are a Vlogger, you are in dire need to have it for bringing innovations in your old methods of making vlogs.

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