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With the newest technologies and advancements in science coming up every day, life has undoubtedly become far less complicated and managing things are way easier. But no good thing ever comes without a price, and the price we have to pay for this ease and convenience is limitless pollution, worsening of the quality of our environment, and as the most direct effect, our health.

Nowadays, one of the biggest crises the world and we, its inhabitants are facing is the problem of air pollution. The air quality in most of the major cities around the world has been declared hazardous and this is directly responsible for causing a great many numbers of diseases of the lungs and the respiratory system in general. Diseases caused by polluted air can even cause deadly diseases like cancer and result in early death.

Aside from air pollution, various airborne pathogens are also responsible for making people fall critically ill. The most recent case is the outbreak of Coronavirus, which has caused over 25000 infections and over 500 deaths all over the world. It has been declared as a global emergency by the World Health Organization (WHO) as it is deadly and can rapidly spread through the most common and viable media for human beings, that is, air.

To protect us from these life-threatening occurrences, OxyBreath Pro has come up with the most effective solution by manufacturing a mask that claims to filter out almost all the harmful particles to let you breathe in clean, unpolluted air and protect yourself from the disastrous effects they can have on your health.

OxyBreath Pro

What is OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro is a breathing mask manufactured to deal with the problem of pollution and it works by filtering out almost all of the harmful particulates in the air including suspended particulates and pathogens like bacteria and viruses alike. The mask provides complete coverage to your nose and mouth and comes with an adjustable valve that has dual protection abilities that ensure the clean air doesn’t leak through any gaps and escape. Wearing this mask lets you breathe in a cleaner and healthier air even amid heavy air pollution.

How does the OxyBreath Pro mask work?

The problem with most masks that are currently available in the market for purchase is that they cannot filter out the finer particles. Oftentimes, these particles cause the most damage to the human lungs and an inability to filter them out can mean that you are still capable of being harmed by the pollutants despite wearing a mask. OxyBreath Pro overcomes this problem by claiming to use nanotechnology for filtering out any particle over the size of PM 2.5 and PMO 0.3.

The term PM signifies the size rating of particulate matters that have a dimension of 2.5 micrometers. The size is equivalent to about 3 % of the size of human hair. Particles of this size are so small that they cannot even be seen without the aid of an electron microscope. Most of the pollutant particles are above 2.5 micrometers, so you can see how they will be effectively filtered out with the help of the filters used in this mask.

Additionally, OxyBreath Pro also has a layer of activated charcoal that blocks the entry of minute pathogens like bacteria and viruses, letting you breathe in air that is not just free of pollutants, but also of disease-causing microorganisms.

OxyBreath Pro in Singapore

Distinguishing features of the OxyBreath Pro mask

A list of all the unique features that make OxyBreath Pro stand out is given below:

  • High Filtration: the filter used in this mask can effectively sieve out all particulates below the size of 2.5 micrometers. Using this rule out the chances of all kinds of pollutant matters, smoke, allergens, pollens, and pathogens entering your lungs.
  • Charcoal Layer Protection: activated charcoal prevents minute microorganisms from entering your lungs and also stops you from inhaling impurities and contaminants.
  • Dual micro-filter technology: this advanced technology prevents the entry of all suspended particulates and pathogen spores into your lungs by keeping them out.
  • Stretchable mask: OxyBreath Pro mask fits all face sizes and shapes as it comes with an easily stretchable ear string. You don’t have to worry about buying the wrong size while purchasing the product as one size comfortably fits all faces.
  • Comfortable to wear: the disadvantage with most masks is that the material can feel scratchy and uncomfortable to use for the consumers. OxyBreath Pro uses light, comfortable materials like polyurethane for its manufacture so that no discomfort is faced while using it.
  • It is washable: you can use the OxyBreath Pro mask as many times as you like as it is washable and reusable. Unlike other masks, you don’t have to throw this one away after a certain number of uses.
  • Eye-catching design: the mask isn’t cumbersome to look at and instead has a trendy, cutting-edge design that makes it attractive to look at while being effective at the same time.

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Can OxyBreath Pro protect me from Coronavirus?

OxyBreath Pro first launched on the 29th of January, 2020 and hinted at the fact that it can protect the users from the “new virus” that has been affecting thousands all over the world. Whether it alluded to the Coronavirus is unclear and is still under speculation. Although the 2.5 PM filtration size easily offers protection from most bacteria, viruses, and microorganism spores and can be considered as doubly effective because of its activated charcoal cloth layer.

However, you shouldn’t rely solely on the mask to protect you from the virus and follow the recommended set of guidelines laid down by the doctors. That includes maintaining a strict hygiene routine and getting yourself checked out the instant you start showing any symptoms along with using the mask.

OxyBreath Pro Works

Who should use OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro is mostly needed by people who are required to remain outdoors for a long time. If you are someone who travels regularly on a mode of public transport, have an outdoor job, or a student, you need this mask to protect you from the harmful pollutants.

Aside from that, infants and toddlers, senior citizens, immuno-compromised individuals, and people already suffering from respiratory disorders are also in need of this mask the most.

OxyBreath Pro Mask Pricing & Money-Back Guarantee

OxyBreath Pro is rather expensive when bought singly as one mask costs $49. However, discounts are available when purchased in bulk. A pack of two masks brings down the price to $35 for each mask while buying a pack of five further reduces the price to $27 per mask.

The special promotion period offers a 50 % discount to customers on the purchase of the masks.

OxyBreath Pro offers free shipping so you don’t have to pay any additional charges as the shipping fee.

You can, however, pay an additional amount of $9 to avail of a warranty of 3 years on the masks if you prefer so.

OxyBreath Pro offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all customers who are dissatisfied with the product and wish to return it within 30 days from the date of purchase.

OxyBreath Pro

Customer Reviews and Opinions

Since its launch, OxyBreath Pro has received positive reviews from satisfied customers all over the world. The effectiveness of the mask in filtering out pollutants and pathogens has been accepted and appreciated by all the customers who purchased the product.

Jason Marz says he has been using the mask ever since he purchased it and claims that the product makes him feel safe while traveling long distances and that it has also improved his health. He recommends the product to all and says he has ordered the same for his wife and children as well.

Another satisfied customer, Noble Freeman is a traffic cop and says all the other masks he and his colleagues had used proved to be useless but OxyBreath Pro is different and is much more efficient at saving them from inhaling the toxic fumes all day.

Where can I buy OxyBreath Pro?

OxyBreath Pro is available for purchase online. The official site offers a limited stock with free shipping and also a promotional period where a 50 % discount is offered on the purchase of the masks.

Final Verdict

We have to acknowledge that the threat of air-pollution and infection from airborne pathogens is an ever-increasing one. Traveling without masks poses a serious risk for your health and it is a necessity that cannot be ignored anymore.

OxyBreath Pro claims of having a 2.5 PM filter that can effectively sieve out even the minutest of pollutant matters as well as bacteria and viruses. This unique feature along with the many other benefits it offers definitely makes it an attractive offer. If you are looking to protect your health without compromising your day-to-day activities, giving the OxyBreath Pro mask a try seems worth the price.

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