WIFI UltraBoost Review


The world we are living in is not like the era our ancestors lived in: today speed matters, the rate of walking to the speed of flying in the air. Technology has altered while bringing advancement in living standards, other things, and especially electronics. In such a fast-moving world, those who do not change and upgrade themselves will stay behind.

Who would want to stay backward? More than half of the world’s population is having gadgets in their hands. A single person possesses more than two devices on average. The reality is more than that. Since the internet is serving remarkably sound and has become a dire need of all the gadget users, therefore, the speed matters a lot. It becomes incredibly annoying when the speed slowdowns. Moreover, the buffering just makes it irritating to work, watch, or play.

It helps in removing dead spots of your internet connection. It doubles the signals and their range too. Your watching, searching, and playing all is going to be fun and exciting—no breaking of scenes, no disconnections during watching and playing, respectively.

Installing the Wifi Ultra Boost will let you watch your favorite and new movies on Netflix, you can download different videos, and play as many online games as you can just imagine. The boost will give to your internet connection is considerable. Network failures are not for you anymore!

Internet providers are willing to charge more without providing better services. They try to charge you for your router, your modem, and even the inches long cable. Isn’t it too much? After all this, you merely receive frustration. And in case you want to increase your bandwidth, they will honestly ask for more money without any hesitation. All of this shows greedy internet providers with the worst services.

wifi ultraboost

What Is Wifi Ultraboost?

Buying a Wifi UltraBoost will increase the wireless coverage of your internet outside of your premises. It is a small device that has composed itself in a way that it does aid in enhancing the speed.

The best part is the no-change setup. It means you do not need to change anything but add this product to your home and resolve all of your long loading time issues. You do not need to get your bandwidths increased even. The Wifi UltraBoost helps in speeding up the connection to 300Mbps.

The Distinctive Characteristics Of Wifi Ultraboost

This device has been proving itself by providing a noticeable boost to Wifi services. The five characteristics making it stand out are given below:

  • Universal: Wifi UltraBoost is compatible with all the gadgets like cell phones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, it feasibly connects with all types of internet providers.
  • Speed: Wifi UltraBoost has fast link rates in comparison to many other boosting devices. The homes or small offices which have many devices necessarily need it because it has all to serve your purpose.
  • Set up: The usage is extremely easy and efficient. Simply plug-in and play. All you will do is to pug this mini device. No need to clean up extra spacing on your shelf.
  • Self Contained: This device does not depend on any antennas for receiving optical signals or the broadcasts; however, it is a plug-in type of device, and it starts operating without any installation.
  • Range: It can receive signals and provide signals from long distances. Which means it is not necessary to fix it right next to your router at home.


It is undoubtedly a compact and powerful device. It enhances your Wifi speed, and a plus to that is the increment of range. It all happens by grabbing the signals from the router you already have. It amplifies it to take the signals to the maximum area around the house. The long loading times are no more a worry for you. For all this to work correctly there are specific indicators for your ease. Following things make it work for you properly:

  • Power LED – It shows if the adapter is turned on and in working conditions. It will be the first light to appear after plugging in and turning on the switch.
  • Wifi LED – It shows the weakness and strength of signals that the adapter will spread al around the spacing.
  • WPS LED – Wifi protected support lights show if the connection is secure between the devices and router. WPS LED encrypts a password for maintaining safety.
  • LAN LED – It shows if the LAN is connected and makes sure that it is in working condition, i.e., it can provide internet to the Local Area Network.
  • WPS button –  The functions of a WPS button are to set up for initiating the smooth usage of Wifi. Wifi UltraBoost supports this one-touch wireless security encryption.
  • LAN – For connecting your LAN, you need to use this point. It will provide the services to all the devices connected to LAN earlier. A very functional port, though.
  • Reset – The reset button is a very minute button on the devices’ right side. It is generally red and helps in re-tuning the device.
  • GFI outlet – A Ground-fault interrupter can detect any abnormal flow of current to the ground. It saves the circuit from hazardous conditions.
  • Modes – He question arising here is how many modes it has. Fortunately, it has two modes. One of them is to provide powerful wireless performance and coverage. The other mode is to create the new wifi access point.

WIFI Ultraboost review

How Does It Work?

The working is quite simple and easy. It plugs in and starts working to stop your dead spots. Since modern houses are designing these days differently, it affects Wifi to reach many places in the house. In that case, Wifi UltraBoost is such a useful device that it grabs signals from your current router and enhances the current speed. It does not require any up gradation in the speed of your old Wifi.

The Process To Make It Work For You In A Minute

You need easy 3 steps to follow for resolving your connectivity problems by using this mini device. The steps are:

  • Find an accurate AC outlet to fix your device and plug your adaptor in it ( place it where the signals are mostly weak)
  • Then make sure to connect it with your already in use router.
  • Done! Enjoy your same internet with better connectivity strength.

How Does It Work Internally?

Wifi UltraBoost is a two cutting-edge Wifi router. It has a potent amplifier in a single tiny box which receives the signals from the existing Wifi. Then it doubles the range at higher frequencies than the router working before. After processing, it spreads faster and stronger signals all-around your house. It is this simple!

In addition to this course of action, it also facilitates eliminating the dead spots while enhancing the frequency. When it connects with the existing network, it acts as a signal repeater by doubling your network’s range as well. Before the usage of this device, Wifi signals stay within the four walls, but after connecting, the signals spread quickly to the out of range areas of the house while allowing you to watch movies, stream HD videos, and play the heavy online games. There will be no failure of connectivity! Keep enjoying it!


Sometimes when the people around the house are more or staying on different floors, they also face connectivity or loading issues. In all such scenarios, you can easily take advantage of Wifi UltraBoost.

Some Major Characteristics Of The Device Wifi Ultraboost Provide:

  • Compact device
  • Portable
  • Provides High-speed internet
  • No frustrations
  • No monthly fee
  • No cables or other devices’ fee
  • No need to upgrade bandwidth
  • Doubles the Wifi speed and range

Is It Worth Buying?

A product with super quality having reasonable pricing is a must-buy product, plus the discount offers are amazing and attractive to avail. Grab your deal today and get rid of your annoying internet’s black spots. Your Wifi UltraBoost will immediately increase the Wifi speed and also the coverage area. Don’t you think it worth the use and cost? This device will best serve the following people:

  • Home offices – The people setting their office at homes will surely need it, in case they do not want to pay more for getting the increased Mbps from their internet providers. It is a single time investment. Hence, very helpful.
  • Gamers – For teenagers and online game lovers, it is advantageous. Because many of the games are heavy in downloading the next level or may process slow. The gamers who are serious aficionado can reveal how a weird connection disturbs the game. The wireless connections are always better with the best connectivity.
  • Movie watchers – Those who are extremely addicted to watching movies and serials of various dramas do not want to miss a scene or bear buffering during their film. It makes you feel annoying, and the continuity is also affected. Since videos are a relaxing time so it should not turn into an irritating time. Enjoy your movies after using Wifi UltraBoost.
  • Students – The students are in dire need of the internet because of their research tasks. Today no one is cramming. Students are encouraged to research their topics to earn more and make presentations. This practice is common from schools to higher standards. They have timely assignments and projects, buffering wasted that time and students are in dire need of speedy internet.
  • Housewives – Many of the housewives watch different shows to pass their time and utilize it by watching some useful shows regarding home décor, children, and cooking. It improves their mindset and helps in getting busy with something practical.

Price And Refund Policy

The Wifi connection appearing dead is regular in many houses and offices. It sometimes takes forever to download the current required page of the website. Youtube in such circumstances seems impossible to use because when a single web page does not open, the wait to watch the video is too long to bear. It even changes the mood of watching or working.

The packages are as follows:

These deals are making it easier for buyers. Those having large homes or having major connectivity issues in different parts of the house can buy more and pace one in each corner. These deals are valid for some days. Avail them ASAP. If the packaging has any issues or damage, you have to inform the company within two months time period for getting a positive response. Otherwise, the company may not help you in any regard.

Wifi UltraBoost

Side Effects

Some people may argue to the radiations and ionizations the router and wifi booster transfer to each other. But it is noticed that these two devices do not contain harmful signals. But consider that no long loading times are ahead of using it will be more appealing.

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Customer Reviews

Andrew: When I purchased this signal booster a time ago. I tried using it but oh my luck! It did not work at all. I tried switching it other ways, but though I am being fooled. Anyways kept it for a few days and later plugged this booster into the wall, to my imagination; my internet was even working in my garage. All of my gadgets Ipad, iPhone, Direct Tv, and the laptop is connected and working well together. It drastically increased the speed of the Wifi provided by the already existing router.

Mark: I was facing a lot of problems related to my internet. It was becoming tough to connect on my phone and laptop at the same time to email my documents from my phone, which I wanted to open on my computer for changes. I bought the Wifi ultra boost. After so many attempts to configure the wifi booster, I thought it is not in an operational state. I felt disappointed to see that my issues have not yet resolved. But later, I studied the manual very keenly and followed all the instructions mentioned in it. Thanks to it because now I can connect all of my devices and other devices at home simultaneously with excellent signals.

Ava: I am a student and live in a hostel. The signals I would receive in my room were extremely weak and would disconnect at any time. It gave me a lot of trouble in completing my tasks and presentations. Same was the condition of my roommate. We then decided to buy wifi ultra boost. It worked like wonders. After plugging it into our room, we configured it with the router. We both are enjoying a fantastic range of signals, even being far from our room.



When the internet connects and reconnects, again and again, you will end up watching the video in breaks. It is extremely frustrating, and no pleasure is received. Smartphones these days contain a lot of entertainment. If it does not connect to something that works with speed, it is almost useless to have a smartphone for attending general calls. That is it! No way, we want to stay connected to many people out of our mobile’s network reach. We use social media to talk to them and many other ways to watch different videos uploaded from different parts of the word. To remove all of your stress, frustration, and speed issues, you need to get yourself a Wifi UltraBoost. It will end the problems of your weak connections. Your dead zones will be recovered by it, and uploading a picture for minutes will become a task. Every person will be able to enjoy equal Mbps for their particular requirements.

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