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There is not a single place on earth where you can be free from electromagnetic radiation (EM), which travels in the form of waves. Even the sun’s rays emit a form of EM radiation. If you have seen one of those superhero films, you will know about force-fields that they use to protect what’s within. Similarly, the ozone layer is a protective cover that filters the harmful EM waves emitted by the sun in the form of ultraviolet rays.

But what about a force-field for your homes or individual devices? You can be exposed to these waves while sitting at home and watching TV. If you are talking on your mobile phones, you are catching radio frequencies, which is again a form of EM radiation. Your Wi-Fi devices that power the internet on your computers and other gadgets also attract EM radiation. Even cooking or heating food in the microwave releases EM waves.

The EM waves released from your daily use gadgets can cause various health issues such as fatigue, unexplainable anxiety, restless sleep, and more. To protect yourself and your everyday devices, you now have a simple solution in the form of SmartDOT. With this product, you can considerably reduce your exposure to EM radiation and stay healthy for a longer time.


About SmartDOT

The smallest gadget that we use today to make our lives easier can emit radiation. For example, baby monitors transmit between the two devices through microwave frequencies or, in other words, a form of EM radiation. As technology advances, more and more people get exposed to EM frequencies. With the discovery of radios, TV, computers, mobile phones, the internet, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, microwaves, and others, you are exposed to more radiation today than fifty years ago.

Even your kids can feel the harmful effects of this radiation when they use tabs, phones, or gaming consoles. Electro-stress is when you feel headaches, fatigue, or other health problems due to prolonged exposure to EM frequencies. You may not be releasing why you suddenly feel weak, or have headaches, or feel anxious or uneasy. Most of the time, these health issues are due to electro-stress.

To keep yourself and your family safe from EM frequencies, Global EMF Solutions have brought to you SmartDOT. This energy dot can nullify the effects of low-frequency radiations emitted by your everyday devices before it reaches you. Every SmartDOT ensures that it blocks EM radiation at the source. So, you can safely use any device without feeling the electro-stress of EM frequencies.

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How Does SmartDOT Work?

You may know that all atoms carry an electric charge, which is also known as an electron. When an atom absorbs energy, the electrons in the atom are discharged from their positions. An electromagnetic wave is formed when these dislocated electrons find their way back to their original place. Such radiation can be very violent, and exposure to extremely high-frequency radiation can damage your DNA.

To block such high-frequency EM waves, metal sheets, or metal foam, or metal screens are used. They are known as electromagnetic shields. Generally, these shields are used in industries or research centers that deal with high exposure to EM radiation. However, in the case of devices such as mobile phones, TV, laptops, and others, the frequency of the EM waves is very low. Hence, you need something small which can block the waves without causing any problem to your body.

SmartDOT is a small sticker that has a magnetic strip in it. If you have a credit card, you might have noticed a magnetic strip on it. The strip on SmartDOT is similar to that. This magnetic band acts as a barrier and neutralizes the effects of EM waves emitted from your daily-use gadgets. In short, it absorbs the radiation so that you are away from any harm of being exposed to it. You can safely use your home appliances and electronic gadgets without worrying about its harmful effects.

How To Use This Product?

SmartDOT comes in a box with detailed instructions on how to use it. This sticker has a strong adhesive. You have to simply peel off the sticker and stick it to any of your gadgets that release EM frequencies. Start by identifying the devices on which you want to place SmartDOT and then stick it on them. You don’t need to think too much about the correct position of the sticker. It will work just the same regardless of where it is placed.

Once you have stuck SmartDOT on a device, you can be assured of a lifetime of protection. You are not required to upgrade or change this sticker over time. In the case of mobile phones, which you tend to change after a few years, you can try to peel the sticker from your old phone and place it on the new one. However, the adhesive is too strong, and you will have to be careful to not damage the magnetic strip.

An easier way to use the SmartDOT for your mobile phone is to place it inside the cover. You don’t need to stick it at all. This way, you can use the same sticker every time you change your phone.

smartdots review

How Safe Is It To Use This Sticker?

The term radiation brings a lot of concern and worry among people and rightly so. Prolonged exposure to EM waves has known to cause cancer in more cases. With SmartDOT, you can be assured of staying safely away from this radiation even if it is low-frequency. If you visit their website, you will also find a link to the research they have conducted, which shows how SmartDOT protects you from radiation.

So, you can safely use these stickers to shield yourself and your loved ones from any harmful EM frequencies, regardless of where you are.

What Are The Benefits of SmartDOT?

  • The primary benefit of SmartDOT is that it will protect you from low-frequency EM waves. These waves are continually emitted from your everyday devices such as TV, mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, laptops, tabs, and many others. SmartDOT absorbs the harmful radiation and neutralizes its effects before it reaches you.
  • Not only you but also your children are not barred from facing EM waves. Every time a child uses a phone or a tab, they are exposed to radiation even though it is low-frequency. But with SmartDOT, you can put a barrier between your children and EM frequencies from the devices they use.
  • Electro-stress is very common when you are continually surrounded by devices discharging EM radiation. The symptoms of electro-stress include headaches, fatigue, stress, unexplained anxiety, lack of sleep, and more. SmartDOT can protect you from EM waves and make sure you don’t suffer any more electro-stress.
  • The most significant benefit of SmartDOT is that one sticker can last you a lifetime. The magnetic strip, unless damaged, can be left on your device forever. It will work with the same efficiency without you having to change it or upgrade it in any form. SmartDOT will protect you indefinitely from any exposure to low-frequency radiation.

Purchase And Price

If you want to avail of some discounted offers on bulk purchases, then you can buy SmartDOT from their official website. Remember that this company is based in the UK, so all products are shipped from there. So, make sure you order in advance as deliveries might be delayed.

  • If you want to try out just one sticker first, then you can buy it for £16.57, which is about $21 when converted.
  • When using more than one device, you can try their buy-2-get-1 free offer, which is priced at £33.15. If you convert it, the amount will be around $42.
  • The company also has a buy-3-get-2 free offer for £49.72, which will cost you approximately $62.

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Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

SmartDOT comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. If you buy this product in bulk, then you can use one sticker and monitor the effects. If you are not satisfied with the product, then you can return the unused and unopened boxes back to the makers. You will get your full refund after deducting shipping and handling, if any.

Global EMF Solutions provides you a friendly customer support team who can help you out with the return and refund procedures. So, make sure you contact them and place a return request before sending the product back.


  1. How do I know if the sticker is working?

There are many radiation detectors available in the market. There is also an app that you can download on your phone. You can measure the radiation emitted by a device before and after using the sticker. This way, you will know for sure if SmartDOT is working on your device or not.

  1. How many stickers do I need to use on one device?

You need to use just one sticker per device. No matter how large or tiny your gadget is, only one SmartDOT can regulate the effects of the EM frequencies and protect you the same.


  • SmartDOT is a scientifically tested sticker that will keep EM waves away from you. You can look through their research, which is posted on their official website.
  • The magnetic strip that is used in SmartDOT is of a gold standard, among other EM shields. So, the product is of exceptionally high-quality. Even the adhesive use is strong that your sticker won’t come off that easily.
  • You don’t fear spending on SmartDOT as comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.
  • This sticker will last forever without needing an upgrade. The effect of the magnetic strip does not wear-off with time, so you don’t even need to change the sticker. Just place it and stay safe.
  • You don’t need to search and find the exact spot from where the device emits EM waves. You can stick SmartDOT anywhere on your gadget and stay protected from radiation.


  • SmartDOT cannot be moved easily from one device to the other. Even if you manage to do it once, it is strongly advised that you don’t keep doing it as the magnetic strip can be damaged.
  • You will only find this product online. Currently, no retail stores are selling them.
  • While buying online, make sure you stay away from duplicates or highly-priced products on other sites. Buying from the official website might be your safest bet.
  • They take about 2-3 weeks to deliver the product, which is a long waiting period for most customers.

Customer Testimonials

I wasn’t sure about this product or the claims they made about our everyday devices producing radiation. Just to try it out, I ordered a radiation detector and was shocked to see the readings. I immediately went online and bought SmartDOT.

The before and after readings had a stark difference. Now, I have a sticker on every device. I feel much safer with SmartDOT and have already recommended it to all my friends. – Kimberly O’ Neal, 34, Warsaw

I bought SmartDOT after a friend recommended it to me. I was always worried about my kids being exposed to radiation from using tabs and gaming consoles. This sticker so far has worked tremendously well. Hopefully, it will continue to do so. – Amy Meyer, 42, Ohio


Some researchers believe that low-frequency radiation does not harm the human body. Yet, others consider that any radiation is harmful in the long run. With all the technological support available today, it is impossible for you to stay away from modern devices. So, many of you might be living through electro-stress without even realizing it.

SmartDOT can help you use these gadgets and devices without having to worry about the radiation they are constantly emitting. This small sticker can protect you against harmful low-frequency EM waves. Your electro-stress will disappear without a word, and you will be able to lead a healthier and safer life. This sticker is an excellent solution to your radiation problems. Order SmartDOT today and give your home and family the protection you want them to have.

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