Neck Relax Review

Are you suffering from neck pain and no medication seems to help? Are you paying a lot of money on neck massages and physiotherapy every month? Are you unable to indulge in your favorite sports or spend time with your kids because of the pain in the neck and back? If you have said yes to any of the above, you must know how neck and back pain can make your life miserable.

Neck pain is more common than one would think. One interesting fact about neck and back pain is that it can happen to people of all age groups. There are several disorders or diseases that can cause neck pain. Some of the common ones are neck injury, degenerative disc diseases, neck strain, osteoarthritis, herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and others. Even some virus infections in the throat can cause neck pains. Apart from these conditions, our lifestyle can also lead to problems in the muscles of the neck. Different activities at the workplace, body weight, repetitive movements, injuries, poor diet, and even certain exercises can cause neck pain. No matter what the reasons might be, neck pain can affect our lives negatively and prevent us from carrying our daily duties with ease.

One way to get rid of the pain is through massage. But regular massage does not come cheap, and not everyone has enough time to go for it regularly. Since neck pain is very common, there are plenty of products in the market that boasts of providing relief from the pain. But, not all products in the market are good enough. It is the reason why when we heard about Neck Relax and its positive reviews, we decided to check it out ourselves. Here is the detailed review of Neck Relax, and then we leave it up to you to determine if you should buy it.

Neck Relax reviews

What is Neck Relax?

Not everyone can spend a lot of time and money on spas getting massages for our aching necks and backs. It is the reason why Neck Relax is the device you need. It is an advanced device that is made to massage your neck and back without the need of any person to do it. The device took years of research and the expertise of some of the top medical professionals and chiropractors. The device uses infrared, electrical stimulation, and ultrasound technology that penetrate through the skin and relaxes your muscles so that you can get relief. You can decide the intensity of the massage as well as the amount of time you need the massage. Those who use the device regularly have said that the device has helped them not just with the pain, but have helped them adjust their neck posture. Since the massager comes with multiple levels of massages, you can adjust them according to your needs. It is also the reason why the device is so powerful and useful compared to other devices with just a few settings.

What are the Things You Get with Your Neck Relax Device?

With your Neck Relax Pack, there are three different things that you will receive to make it easy for you to use the device. The items you will get are the neck massaging device, 2 gel massage cushion pads, and also a connection cable.

How Does it Work?

Neck Relax is a portable massager that you can use anywhere as it is easy to use. You’ll find detailed instructions on how to use it through its Instruction Manual. Here is a how you can use Neck Relax –

  • The first thing you need to do is if you have long hair, tie your hair in a bun so that there are no hairs around your neck.
  • Use a wet cloth to clean your neck gently. Do not completely dry the neck area; allow it to remain damp.
  • Check if you have inserted two AAA batteries into the device. Switch the device ON.
  • Then, select the mode depending on the type of massage that you require.
  • You can then select the degree or intensity of the massage you need.
  • Place the device around your neck and enjoy the relaxing massage.
  • You can use the device for 10-20 minutes, multiple times a day, depending on the severity of the pain you are experiencing.
  • If you want to use the device in your upper back, you need to wipe the area using a wet cloth. Place the gel pads you get with the device on your skin and then start using the device.

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What are the Important Features of the Neck Relax Device?

If you want to know if Neck Relax will help you, then you need to know the different features of the device. Here are some of the top features that you will enjoy by purchasing this device –

  • Multiple Modes– The device comes with 6 programs that you can adjust depending on your needs. The different mode settings allow your muscles not to get used to just one of the massage settings and provide a more strong healing process.
  • More Pressure– You can choose from 16 levels of intensity depending on the level of your pain and the area where you want to use it. If you do not want to get a massage, but just want to relax while you are watching TV or cooking, it has a setting for it too.
  • Ergonomically Designed– The device is designed to provide you with a comfortable and flexible fit around your neck. Thus, you can wear it for much longer without any problem.
  • Pulse MassagerSetting – The device contains an electronic pulse massager setting that allows the device to penetrate deep into your skin to give you a massage that feels like a deep tissue massage.
  • Portable– The device uses batteries to operate, and all you have to do is recharge it every day. Once it’s done, you can conveniently use it any time you want and get about with your work wearing it.
  • Easy to Set Up – The device is easy to set up and can be comfortably handled by everyone without the need to be tech-savvy.
  • Can be Used Anywhere – Since the device uses batteries, you can use it anywhere you like. Whether it is at home, during your commute, or in the office, the device is portable and can be used anywhere.

What are the Benefits of Using Neck Relax?

Neck Relax offers a number of health benefits to its users. Here is the list of some of the therapeutic benefits you will enjoy –

  • The device relaxes your muscles and the ligaments around the spinal cord due to its massaging capability.
  • The device helps expand the intervertebral space so that your spinal cord ca decompress and relax within a few minutes of use.
  • The massaging technique increases the blood flow into your neck, shoulder, and back area to provide instant relief from pain and decrease stiffness.
  • The device is great to get instant relief from tension in the neck and shoulder area due to various reasons.
  • Neck Relax also helps reduce inflammation by increasing the blood flow in the area.
  • Constant pain due to displaced disc or suppressed nerve can also be alleviated by using the device.

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Who Can Benefit from Using Neck Relax?

Neck Relax is for everyone who is suffering from neck, shoulder, and back pain regularly. It is a great device for those who spend hours sitting on a chair in their offices or those who work from home sitting in the same posture for hours at an end. Today, we spend so much of our time on technology that it has started to affect our posture too. We spend hours on your devices, causing pain in the neck and the shoulders. It often triggers pain and fatigue in the back, and sometimes the pain becomes unbearable. Neck Relax is an effective and a legit device that provides not just short-term relief, but also helps with the aches in the long term.

Since we live a busy life, we often ignore the small pains hoping that it would get better on its own. But, with time, the pain gets unbearable and may lead to other problems. So, anyone who spends a lot of time on their devices, do intense workouts, take long flights frequently, or are in situations where they put a lot of strain on their necks and back will significantly benefit from Neck Relax. Ultimately, the device is excellent for everyone who would like to let go off the tension from their neck, shoulder, and back area.

Neck Relax should only be used by adults. Pregnant women and those breastfeeding must consult with their doctors before using the device.

Where Can You Order Neck Relax for Yourself?

You can order the original Neck Relax from their official website. The price of the device is highly affordable, and you can enjoy free shipping on your order.

You can choose from different packages available on their website –

  • Buy 1
  • Buy 2 and Get 1 Free
  • Buy 3 and Get 2 Free

The last two packages are great for families where there is more than one person suffering from neck pain. The company is currently running a 50% discount on its product, so make sure you take advantage of it before the offer is discontinued. The company also offers a 14 day trial period during which you can test the product. In case you are not satisfied, you can return the product to the manufacturer, no questions asked.

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  • East to use
  • Offers a comfortable fit
  • Multiple settings and intensity to choose from
  • Design is modern and looks stylish
  • Offers Instant relief from pain
  • Uses very low energy


  • There are other fake copies of the original Neck Relax products, so be careful when buying one.
  • Stocks are less, so make sure you purchase when they are available.

What Do the Customers have to Say about Neck Relax?

A large number of people have experienced a difference in their health and well being with regular use of Neck Relax. Here are some honest customer reviews about Neck Relax –

“For years, I suffered from constant neck pain that would never seem to get better. Since I am a painter, I would strain my neck quite often, and it has kept me away from work on many occasions. My doctor advised me to use Neck Relax, and since then, it has become a part of my toolbox. I keep it by my side, and if I feel neck soreness, I immediately use it to relax and prevent it from getting worse. I can’t imagine leaving my house without it.” – Robert P.

“I suffered from neck and back pain for the past few years. I have relied on medications and regular massages for a long time. I started using Neck Relax a couple of months back and cannot imagine how much money I have wasted on massages. Great thanks to the manufacturer of Neck Relax.” – Rinni D.

Final Verdict

For a lot of people, neck and shoulder pain are nothing more than a nuisance. But, they can be quite discomforting and prevent you from living a fulfilling life and indulging in activities that you love. Also, when you ignore the neck, shoulder, and back pain for a long time, it can cause soreness in the muscle, and then you need to opt for more severe treatment. Neck Relax helps provide your neck and back the much-needed relief. Since the product is safe to use, it can be used by people of all ages to increase blood circulation and eliminate pain in the area. If you have used other similar devices, you will be surprised at the difference that this device offers. Compared to the expensive massages that you might have been paying at the spas, this device comes at a great bargain price.


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