Mobile Klean Review

In today’s world, where the luxuries offered to mankind have increased to such a great extent, they have become an indispensable part of our lives. However, along with the comfort that some of these luxuries offer, they also bring in the risk of illness due to germs.

There’s no doubt that sanitizers, wipes and intensive cleaning help to kill germs. But, they surely aren’t universal in use and may still infect products, thereby hampering their purpose. This surely calls for the need for something more compact and universal.

Be it the increased usage of smartphones, tablets or frequent traveling, all of them increase the chances of coming in contact with germs frequently. This frequency brings in the need of – ‘Mobile Klean’, the universal germ killer.

If you are one of those people who are very hygiene conscious, then ‘Mobile Klean’ is all you need to put an end to all your worries. The best part about this device is that it is ‘very easy to carry’. Whether you are traveling, or at work, carrying this will not prove to be a burden.

Not only easy to carry, but it is also very user friendly too. Who would have ever thought that just keeping a light weighted device over the product would ensure complete disinfection! Yes, you heard it right! Place ‘Mobile Klean’ about six inches above the surface which you want to sanitize, and the work is done.

With the assurance that it will clean all the infections, this device surely helps the users to have sighs of relief.

Mobile Klean

Why should you opt for ‘Mobile Klean’?

One thought that comes across everybody’s mind is about the ‘utmost surety’ of disinfection that this germicide offers. This is because ‘Mobile Klean’ uses UV light to kill the germs. Also, since no chemicals are used in this entire process of sanitization, it doesn’t cause any harm to the human body or any other living being.

From the tiniest thing in your household to the bulkiest thing, this one can work on all! So this one surely adds to the ease of every member of the household with no added extra cost. Just a set of batteries and you are ready to disinfectant every probable place in your house.

This best serves its purpose when somebody in your house or workplace is already ill. Using it in such a scenario ensures that the disease doesn’t get transmitted to any other member of the family. Sanitizing door handles, telephones and kitchen stuff can help in this case.

The use of ‘Mobile Klean’ isn’t just limited to households. The big hotels and business organizations can equally benefit from this unique product. So, now you no longer need to be tensed about the hygiene condition of your employees, visitors or staff, because any way you can take care of your cleanliness through this one of its kind product- ‘Mobile Klean’.

How does it work?

Mobile Klean is easy to carry a disinfectant device that uses ultraviolet radiations to sanitize things. It produces violet UV rays when switched on and produces small particles that do the job. This device does not use any liquid so it removes the efforts involved in scrubbing, wiping and drying. It doesn’t create any kind of mess or chaos and can be used anywhere without any tension. The user is only required to swipe the surface in front of the rays to sanitize it and kill the germs and viruses. This works on electronic devices like mobiles as well. This can kill up to 99.99% of microorganisms and proves to be one of the easiest devices to operate.

Experts say that, on average, a mobile carries 18 times more bacteria than the restroom floor. So now, you know, what you can do with Mobile Klean.

It is an electronic device that works on battery so the user can immediately exchange batteries instead of charging making the device even more accessible.

Mobile Klean Reviews

Benefits of using Mobile Klean

There are several advantages of using Mobile Klean. Some are:

  • Portable– it is very easy to carry around the device. It can be just folded and taken anywhere anytime. This device is so small that when it is folded it can be kept in pockets and backpacks as well. So, this becomes a very good companion for all travel enthusiasts.
  • Hassle-free– it can be used by anyone and everyone without any difficulty. No formal training or demonstration is required. Moreover, it doesn’t create any kind of a mess as it does not involve any kind of a solution.
  • Runs on battery– it doesn’t require regular charging or electric connection to operate. Batteries can be exchanged when required and bring down the overhead expenses to almost negligible.
  • Disinfects surfaces– the most important purpose of this device is to disinfect surfaces. It sanitizes and makes them germ-free so that the user is free from the risk of getting infected. It prevents the user from any kind of infection from the surface or device that has been sanitized by it.
  • A proper substitute for regular sanitization– most of the time, this can take the place of regular sanitization making the task almost effortless. It kills up to 99.99% of microorganisms.


  1. Mobile Klean cannot be used for disinfecting the skin as exposure to UV rays can cause harm. This means that it cannot be used as a substitute for hand rubs or sanitizers. Also, it should not be used in place of soap.
  2. The product does not specifically kill the microorganisms but prevents their growth. The UV technology targets the multiplying and reproduction of the cellular structures.

Mobile Klean Review

Who is Mobile Klean meant for?

Mobile Klean is mainly meant for all travel enthusiasts but at the same time, this is something that can be used by anyone because it provides sanitization which is a basic necessity these days. Whether at work or for leisure, home or office, sanitization is always appreciated. It is harmless to all age groups barring very small children and can be used at all places starting from mobiles to desks to toilet seats to anything that is touched by many and has the chance of being infected. It prevents your body’s exposure to harmful germs. It can be used by students in schools, by working professionals in offices and by homemakers at homes. This can prove to be more effective for senior citizens who are more vulnerable to getting infected. So, this device can be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Now we are facing a grave danger, in terms of COVID-19, a virus that can be combated by staying clean. Mobile Klean helps us stay safe and secure.


The device comes in four different packages. The price varies according to the package that you opt to buy. They are:

  1. A pack of 1 Mobile Klean comes for $69.99
  2. A pack of 2 Mobile Kleans costs for $139.98
  3. A pack of 3 Mobile Kleans costs $157.48
  4. And a pack of 4 costs for $192.47

Mobile Klean has a money-back guarantee of 30 days. If you are dissatisfied with the results or if the product proves to be ineffective for you, you can return it within 30days of your purchase and request a refund or a replacement.

Mobile Klean uv


  1. Are electronic devices and other surfaces dirty?

All of us touch various things during the day- handrails, money, gym equipment, and doorknobs for example. When we use them, we pass on the germs to these non-living things from where it passes on to other humans and causes harm to them.

  1. Is Mobile Klean safe?

Yes, the device is completely safe to use and has passed certifications from various national scientific institutes. It has a special feature that allows the power to be turned on only when it faces downwards so that the virus doesn’t affect us.

  1. Can I use Mobile Klean on my skin?

No, we cannot use this on our skin. It is only to be used on electronic devices and non-living things like chairs, seats, etc.

  1. Can I use Mobile Klean on one thing for more than once in a day?

Yes, we can use this as many times as we want. But, we should be using it in unnecessary situations. The device is completely safe to use and so one can be assured of its harmlessness

  1. How do I take care of my Mobile Klean?

It is very simple and easy to take care of our Mobile Klean devices. We just need to wipe it with a dry cloth after turning it off. We should not water or any other liquid solution. It can just be cleaned with a dry cotton cloth.

Customer Reviews

The product has gained positive reviews from over a hundred satisfied users who state that the device has been great and versatile.

Matilda says that she sits in a busy reception area where her phone is borrowed many times and it’s nice that she can sanitize her phone when she gets it back.

John is very happy with the fact that he can sanitize the toilet seats at airports, flights, and hotels before using them while traveling. He describes it as a very comforting feeling.

Ryan uses this device on the most basic things as well like comb, nail clippers, and remote controls, etc.

Jennifer is quite pleased with the product, as it can be carried everywhere and anywhere.

These statements conclude that Mobile Klean is a very useful device and can help you prevent deadly viruses from harming you.

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