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We all are stuck by bacteria and viruses. These days the world is facing a terrible situation due to Coronavirus. Many developed countries have lost their people and are facing financial crises as the increase in the number of infected patients is very high. The government is announcing to stay at home and stay sanitized to stay safe from this virus. Along with the Coronavirus, the need of the time is to stay safe from the other bacterial and viral infections too.

The more we stay fit the less we would have to visit hospitals. Reduced outside visiting means less risk of Corona infection. People are using new tricks and tips to stay sanitized and safe at home. Using sanitizer spray, liquids, and handwash is a great idea to secure yourself. Our hand touches unlimited surfaces that’s why we are under a high risk of infection development.

Using sanitizer sprays, cleaning liquids and more can be a great option to clean your home. But have you ever thought about cleaning your electronic devices and gadgets? They also need proper cleaning as our hands touch mobile phones, laptops, cameras, computers, music systems, key chains, TV remote, AC remote, car remote, and more. Using liquid cleaning material is not safe for such items.

In such conditions, we have an amazing product which can be used by us for these types of items. CleaniX is a great cleaning option in this term. CleaniX was introduced to me some time back. I was an allergic person and was getting sick so often. I discussed it with my doctor and he told me to stay away from the unhygienic habits and atmosphere. During searching on the internet for ways to maintain better hygiene in my office and home, I saw the advertisement for CleaniX.

It has a UV light that kills all bacteria, viruses, and germs in the room. We can use this product to sanitize our electronic devices too. I bought this amazing product without wasting my time on thinking twice. The reason why I decided in a hurry was my requirement for the product and its suitable features.

I am very happy after using it as now I feel an improvement in my health. The frequency of falling ill has reduced to a great extent. I am efficiently working in my office with regularity and my expenditure on hospital bills is also reduced. Everyone must have this amazing germ kill product. Let us explore this amazing cleaner to understand it better.


What Is CleaniX?

CleaniX is a light-emitting device that works so efficiently. This is a rare type of product that uses UV light to kill harmful objects such as viruses, bacteria, and more. There is no claim by the company that the device can kill Coronavirus. This device can be used as a safety measure to stay protected just like with other sanitizers.

The device is very lightweight and durable. Users can use it anywhere and anytime as it is portable and easy to use. Its powerful UV rays are capable of damaging the toxins to eliminate it permanently from the atmosphere.

Specifications of CleaniX

This single cleaning device contains multiple specifications to make its users safe and healthy. This device is effective on the most avoided items which are capable of raising the biggest health disaster. Below are some of the many specifications of this ultimate UV light device:

  1. Lightweight and portable device.
  2. It eliminates the chances of getting ill due to multiple bacterial infections.
  3. It kills and destroys various types of germs, bacteria, and viruses so effectively.
  4. Protects humans and our pets from germ exposure.
  5. Capable to serve for all types of surfaces.
  6. The device does not contain too many options so it becomes easier to use by any age group and any person.
  7. Its compact design is easy to carry and easy to use. This is why users call it the most user-friendly cleaning device.
  8. This cleaning device does not contain any chemical effects or any other types of side effects. So the users don’t have to worry about any type of issues and harms during or after use.
  9. You will not feel any irritation due to a bunch of wires as this sterilization device doesn’t have any. You can charge it using a USB port and unplug it to sanitize your devices.

CleaniX Review

How Does CleaniX Work?

Ultraviolet rays are known as the best source of cleaning various surfaces and household objects. These objects are cleaned by ultraviolet rays without any harmful effects, which is the best part. We have seen the issues with soap and other harsh cleaning sources such as skin rashes, scratches on the surfaces, color-changing, quality mismatch, and more.

This Device contains ultraviolet lights which are proven for the disinfecting and sanitizing even the sex toys without leaving any bad effect. It is also found that the CleaniX capacity of killing and destroying viruses and bacteria is very high than other sources.

According to a study it is also recorded that the UV lights can kill 99.99 percent of bacteria and viruses. This is the reason why CleaniX has this system. Not only CleaniX, but maximum hospitals all over the world also use this light to maintain a healthy and hygienic era.

Advantages of CleaniX

Many germs and bacteria are only visible in the microscopic view. We don’t realize but we are surrounded by countless bacteria, viruses, and the rest of the harmful microorganisms which belong to a similar category. The attack of these harmful bacteria slowly steals our immunity and takes over on our bodies completely. CleaniX is capable to save us from this dangerous situation along with the below-mentioned advantages:

  1. Great capacity to destroy 99.99 percent germs spread on any type of surface.
  2. No harm to the surface, devices, or skin during or after use.
  3. Extremely lightweight to carry anywhere and use anywhere to clean whatever you want.
  4. Smooth and easy functioning to switch on the light is enough to make it work. So the users don’t have to go through a lengthy procedure to get their sanitizing results.
  5. The CleaniX contains immediate cleaning effects. You can sanitize all your valuables very quickly. This is also a time-saving instrument as we have to spend several hours to clean and sanitize our entire devices and surfaces. Just a single contact of this UV light on the surface and it is sufficient to sanitize it.
  6. This is an automatic UV light that gets automatically turned off when it is not in use.
  7. It is quite convenient to use CleaniX. Instead of spraying sanitizer or other liquid soap, you can sanitize any gadget. There is no harmful chemical involved while cleaning through this device.
  8. Other sanitizers and cleaning agents require frequent stocking. CleaniX, on the other hand, is just a one-time purchase. It costs way too less than chemical cleaners.

Where To Get CleaniX?

Three packages are available for this device. The price of a single CleaniX package is $69.99. Buyers will get this price as a 50 percent discount is running on this package. The second package contains three sets of the device. Buyers have to pay only for two UV sanitizers and they get one device free. The payable amount for this package is only $139.99.

The last package contains 5 devices in which two are free of cost and buyers only have to pay for three CleaniX only. The payable amount for this package is $199.99. The product is effective and the company doesn’t claim any moneyback guarantee.

For the convenience of its users, the company provides a 30 days return policy against the damaged receiving. If you receive this device in a non-working or damaged condition then you can return it to get a replacement refund by following easy steps.

CleaniX review

Does It Cause Any Side Effects?

The UV rays are being used for more than 100 years to clean multiple surfaces. Every healthcare building has installed UV cleaners to sterilize multiple machines. This is proof that is enough to show the effects of UV rays.

However, you should not compare the UV cleaner with the UV rays of the sun. The CleaniX doesn’t harm your skin the way sun rays do. It gets switched off when you are not using it. And if somehow the rays get emitted on your skin, there is no harm.

Customer Reviews

By Peter J.

When I heard about the global pandemic Coronavirus, I was freaked out. I am currently working from home and cleaning has become my second job. I regularly clean everything in my home. But I was worried about how to clean my laptop, keyboard, and mobile. But CleaniX has assured me that digital devices or anything that should not be exposed to liquid cleaners can also be cleaned. I am going to use it forever!

By Alex B.

I never write reviews but I had to write one for CleaniX. I am allergic to dust and it was a high time that I needed something to everything around me. Sanitizers and other cleaning products work too but CleaniX has impressed me. I can easily sanitize my keys, phone, laptop, or anything that comes up my way. I highly recommend this to everyone!

By Joe K.

It is really difficult to clean gadgets and other important items such as a document. But CleaniX has resolved this issue of mine. You just have to switch one this UV cleaner and it’s good to go. It kills harmful bacteria and viruses without any liquid cleaner or sanitizer. Hats off to this invention!

By Linda S.

I was not sure whether I should place the order for CleaniX or not. But the Coronavirus outbreak has made me instantly buy it. I received the package within 5 days and immediately started using it. I would suggest one thing to everyone, whether it is claimed that UV rays are not harmful to your skin, but you should be careful while using it. Other than that, it easily kills bacteria from various devices such as TV remote, mobile, mouse, keyboard, laptop, and other hard to clean things in my home.


When the entire world is facing many troubles due to the Coronavirus named pandemic, you should start focusing on how to stay more hygienic. The UV cleaners are revolution on their own. You can clean anything without touching its surface.

The CleaniX is one such device. It has an ergonomic design and convenient buttons. You can simply press the button to get it started and charge it through USB when the battery runs out. It is as simple as that! It saves you from investing in costly sanitizers and cleaning solutions. It is not meant to be used on the hands but rather or various gadgets such as mobile phones, TV, laptop, and more.

To save you a few more bucks, the company is offering a flat 50% off on the purchase. Even if the coronavirus pandemic goes away, you should always focus on an in-depth approach towards hygiene. And CleaniX can help you with this initiative. It has UV rods installed in the front panel, from where you can emit the UV rays on anything.

What is the most genuine gesture than sharing this UV device with your loved ones? You can buy a pack of more than CleaniX and gift others to your friends and family. So that they can clean their belongings and save their life from harmful bacteria and viruses.

There is no claim that this device can kill Coronavirus, but you can kill many other dangerous microorganisms. After all, a healthy human is less prone to getting sick due to the Coronavirus.

Are you ready to clean the UV way? Get your hands on CleaniX, a revolutionary UV device that kills 99.9% of the bacteria and viruses. To place your order, visit the official website of CleaniX today!

CleaniX price

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