Thermosense Thermometer Review

Every other country is affected by a horrible pandemic called COVID19. It has taken many lives possibly the effects will just be the same until a vaccine is found to cure this deadly virus. Unfortunately, it has also erupted as a global crisis since many businesses have to shut to stop the further outspread of the virus.

But should we just sit back and wait for the governments to come forward and help us? Obviously, no. If everyone has a dedication towards their nation, we can stop the virus spread. The only feasible measure to fight this virus is to maintain distance and be aware about our health condition. We should be constantly aware of the symptoms related to the virus. Some of these symptoms are high fever, cough, cold, and difficulty in breathing.

Since the virus is spreading through human droplets, it is not recommended to use a traditional thermometer. Instead, everyone should use a high-tech thermometer that can sense the high fever from an appropriate distance. Thermosense Thermometer is the perfect example of such a device. It eliminates any chance of spreading the virus as there’s no need to put it in the mouth.

Thermosense Thermometer

What is Thermosense Thermometer?

The Thermosense Thermometer is a perfect alternative to the mercury thermometer. It can measure body temperature from a safe distance. Which is important to maintain in the current pandemic situation. It has an inbuilt infrared sensor that can sense the body temperature without any hassle.

The use of this thermometer makes sure that no virus transmission takes place from one person to another. To ensure ease of use, the company has created this thermometer in the form of a handgun. It can be handheld while measuring the temperature from the patient’s forehead.

The number 1 advantage of this thermometer is its user-friendliness. It works on multiple modes and has a convenient display to show the exact temperature of the patient. Thus, there is no requirement to make direct contact with the patient. It also doesn’t need more time to show the body temperature and displays the results within 1 second. Don’t you think this is what required to find out if anyone needs to be tested for deadly coronavirus at the earliest?

Features of Thermosense Thermometer

The Thermosense Thermometer is packed with many advanced technological features. To know more about its features, continue to read below:

  1. It works on contactless technology. On the contrary to the traditional thermometer, it can be used without physically touching the patient’s body. Simply place the thermometer near the forehead of the person, and it conveniently shows the temperature on the LCD.
  2. The LCD is situated at the back of the infrared sensor where the doctor or anyone who is measuring the temperature can see the readings. It is bright enough to show the readings in daylight as well as night.
  3. It has three LED modes to display the body temperature. For example, if the screen turns red and LED blinks, it means the temperature is high. Such a person should immediately see a doctor and should not make any delay. Another LED is yellow and it lights up the screen whenever a person has a mild fever. Even if the fever is mild, it is recommended that we should go to a doctor. This thermometer also has one more LED, that blinks a green light. If you see the screen turning green due to the LED on the thermometer, it means you don’t need to see a doctor and you’re free from the fever.
  4. The Thermosense Thermometer can show the temperature within 1 second. Yes! It can show the body temperature in as less than 1 second. This feature is beneficial in an occurrence of emergencies like the pandemic that is going on around the world right now.
  5. It can also save the readings for up to 50 patients. So if you are a doctor and have to constantly switch between the patients to see their temperature, this thermometer can come handy.
  6. The infrared thermometer also has a converter. It can easily convert readings from Fahrenheit to Celsius and vice versa.
  7. The thermometer is also equipped with an alarm. If the patient has a high temperature, the alarm beeps to embark on immediate attention.

Thermosense Thermometer

How Does It Work?

Operating this thermometer is quite easy. It works on heat sensing technology and it can be used without touching the patient. Whenever you want to use this thermometer, simply target the handgun on the forehead of the person whose temperature you want to check. Then you need to push the button and hold it for a second or two.

The LCD will light up according to the temperature. If the temperature is high, it will glow up red along with the temperature reading. If the temperature is mild, the display will turn yellow. And if the person has a normal body temperature, the LCD will stay green.

If you need to check the temperature with the utmost accuracy, just wait for a few seconds before checking another person’s temperature. As stated earlier, the thermometer can store up to 50 readings which helps in tracking the temperature of a particular patient.

Benefits Of Owning This Thermometer

This infrared thermometer has many benefits for medical professionals. It prevents them from any risk of getting caught with the virus. The infrared thermometer works as a no-touch thermometer in such a situation. Some of its benefits are:

  1. Multipurpose – The Thermosense Thermometer is not just limited to doctors. It can also be used for household purposes. It is best if you have kids at home because it can be used easily on them.
  2. Contactless – This thermometer is an essential device to be used for detecting temperature at public places, homes, and hospitals. It can be used without making direct contact with the subject. Even from a distance, it can measure the temperature accurately.
  3. Quick Reading – Being a revolutionary thermometer, it can show the actual body temperature within a second. On the other hand, a traditional thermometer takes longer to show the temperature. It is crucial to analyze what’s going on in someone’s body as quickly as possible.
  4. Error-Free Digital Measurement – With an LCD digital display screen and automatic measurement, it is impossible to get any error in the reading while using this thermometer.
  5. Portable – The size of the thermometer is handy and it can be carried anywhere. Its body is lightweight which makes it easier to be used by anyone.
  6. No-Risk Of Getting Infected – It can be used from a distance to measure the temperature and that makes it the best choice. There is no risk of getting attacked by the coronavirus while using this thermometer.
  7. Storage Capacity – It allows the user to store 50 patient’s temperature. It can be helpful to medical professionals to keep track of the patients.
  8. 30-Day Return – The Thermosense Thermometer is being offered at a 30-day replacement guarantee.
  9. 50% Discount – We all love discounts but with a global recession going on, it can be difficult for us to pay hefty amounts to get this necessary gadget. So, the company is offering it a flat 50% discount rate.
  10. Helpful For Kids – If you have kids you must agree on how difficult it is to measure their temperature. But with Thermosense Thermometer, it has become easy. Just point the thermometer towards their forehead and check the body temperature without any hassle.

Pricing & Refund Policy

If you need to get your hands on Thermosense Thermometer, place the order on their official website. If you want to buy the thermometer immediately, you can also get a 50% discount on your purchase. The company is offering this infrared thermometer in various packages for example:

Starter Pack – This package includes one unit and you have to pay $99 after a 50% discount.

Advanced Pack – You can get a 67% discount on this package as it includes 2 units at $199.99.

Family and Friends Pack – If you want to gift Thermosense Thermometer to your friends and family then this pack is the perfect choice for you as it gives you an overall discount of 70%. It includes a set of 5 units and you get 2 thermometers absolutely free on the purchase of 3. The price of this pack is $299.99.

If you find any issues with the device, the Thermosense Thermometer can also be returned within the stipulated period. It comes under the 30-days return policy. The company allows for a replacement against your return request within this period only.

If you want to return the thermometer, contact the customer service team and ask for the return address. You have to ship the package on your behalf and pay for the shipment charges. The company doesn’t provide a refund on shipping and handling charges. After your shipment reaches the return address, you will be issued a full refund or replacement. It is that easy!


Customer Reviews

By Tim O.

I run a private laboratory in Colorado. Since everyone knows about what’s going on everywhere because of the global pandemic, I’ll cut my review short. I was really afraid of what could happen next because I am a health professional and it was my duty to act positively in this situation. I backed up my lab with every modern medical facility but still, I had to test the temperature with traditional thermometers. I heard a lot about infrared ones but I could not get any of those locally. I searched online and Thermosense Thermometer got my attention. I immediately placed my order for a pack of 5. I am happy with my purchase!

By Lewis M.

I live in a small town in Mexico and run an IT business. I have to regularly visit my office even in this dangerous thing going on. I was afraid what if I get caught by this virus? I could not take a risk of my health since I have two kids and a wife to take care of. I ordered one Thermosense Thermometer for my office and one for my home. We regularly measure our body temperature with this contactless thermometer. I am glad that I made this decision…

By John P.

The good oldie thermometer was good until this virus came into our lives. It is extremely dangerous to risk our lives by measuring temperature by putting a thermometer in our mouths. The Thermosense Thermometer is a necessity besides masks and gloves. I recommend everyone to buy this until someone successfully invents a vaccine to cure this pandemic.

By Shenoy S.

I feel I wasted my 100 bucks on this. It was working fine in the first week but after I started using it further, it seems to show wrong readings. Maybe I need to get its batteries replaced or I need a new one. Whatever the case is! I feel cheated.

By Natasha M.

I have a 2-year-old baby and just like any other mom, I am possessive about my baby’s health. I know the COVID-19 has taken many lives thus, I take some extra measures for my baby. He cannot explain how he feels so I keep checking on his health from time to time. The Thermosense Thermometer has given me a sense of relief because I can keep an extra eye on everyone’s health at home. I rely on this and I think everyone should get this one soon!


Everyone knows the importance of the lives of their loved ones or heck we have to come together to save our nations. This virus is eating up lives like a blackhole. We have to stay united and keep monitoring our health.

Do you need a reliable thermometer that is also being used by healthcare professionals worldwide? Then you should get Thermosense Thermometer. It is a perfect replacement for the normal thermometer. It can be used easily at a safe distance from the patient or anyone you think has virus-like symptoms.

The bright LCD shows the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. And to your convenience, the screen lights up in three different modes; red, yellow, and green. With red being high, yellow mild temperature and green show the normal temperature.

It costs only a few bucks but it can save someone’s life. As it is really important to become aware of the symptoms of the virus. If you don’t like the digital thermometer, you can also get a refund within 30 days. To get your infrared thermometer, visit the official website now.

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