Teds Woodworking Review

I am sure that all the woodworkers will agree with me that they had to face some difficulty in completing something unique or in their dream project. Lack of complete knowledge or technical facility becomes a hindrance in our way.

This happens in the early start of almost every woodworker. I also faced the same situation in my early days from studying woodworking to starting a career as a woodworker. I have learned a lot from those struggling days. The most important thing that I have learned is if there is not a specified way then you will only invest your years and money but will not get the desired knowledge. Once you find yourself capable of building whatever is in your mind as a woodworker then you don’t have to continue with your learning process.

Well, I am thankful that I got Ted’s Woodworking project guide on time. I saved my years and money from wasting on many attractive but useless project plans for woodworkers. The most irritating thing about other projects I noticed was the incomplete information. I was sick of starting the project according to the project guides but due to some missing steps I always failed to complete my project with professional finishing. But now with the help of a Ted’s Woodworking project guide, I am a confident professional. I design highly attractive wooden projects and earn well.

Teds Woodworking

What Is Teds Woodworking?

Many of my friends who studied along with me ask about the secret of my perfection in my profession of woodworking. I proudly suggest to them that my secret is Ted’s Woodworking guide. You will get 16000 project plans for woodworkers. These plans are available stepwise to make the task easily understandable.

Ted’s Woodworking program belongs to Mr. Ted McGrath. He is a certified woodworker and trainer. Ted McGrath is the author of this learning program. He is also engaged in guiding numerous woodworking students. Ted’s Woodworking introduces the simplest way to practice. You can also learn and design with the help of this guiding plan even if you don’t have a proper workshop setup.

It guides you on different aspects such as what material you will require so that you can collect it before starting the project. Next, it guides you decently from measurement, cutting, schematics, angles, and many more. These points make sure that you finish the task without making mistakes. Lots of critical designs are described in the simplest ways to raise the understanding level. Making complicated designs in a simple way enhances the confidence level of the learners to independently design something new and something rare. 

Contents of This Program

Ted’s Woodworking program is a widely informative learning program. After studying about the inconvenient point and difficulty levels of the student of woodworking, this unique program has been created.

  1. Diagrams: This easy woodworking plan contains detailed information on making 16ooo woodworking projects. The diagrams are available to guide its users without any kind of confusion. These diagrams present a clearer image of an unimaginable project in your mind so that you can easily take further required actions.
  2. Methods and Techniques: The users of Ted’s Woodworking are pleased to have a 200-page guide. Nothing is hidden and unexplained. Detailed information on techniques and methods improves your working style. Here you will be taught how to finish the task with less wastage of money, material, time and other important but usable things. The various techniques and methods are described as per the type of project.
  3. 100 Woodworking Tips: The amazing plan also contains 100 woodworking tips to guide their users in the trickiest way. These tips are based on deep study and experience of successfully creating more than one lakh seventy-four thousand projects. Users can have the idea of this huge number of creations that they are going to achieve. The book is categorized into different categories of woodworking projects. Once covering it you will find that you have covered almost all sections of the woodworking sector.
  4. 150 Woodworking Videos: To make the users more friendly to this program, 150 woodworking videos are there. These videos are very clear and the best part is users can download these videos. The download option makes it easier to review, forward, or backward as per your convenience. Repeat watches can also improve your skills in a particular project type. A live woodwork presentation makes it easier to learn the project better. The motive behind these woodworking videos is to make the entire learning program interesting and achievable.
  5. Drawing and CAD Plan Viewer: Before measuring and cutting it becomes important to set a draft image of your project. During drafting a projected image, numerous doubts about the project become clear. This way you save yourself from making mistakes during measuring and cutting. For a better drawing of your project, Ted’s Woodworking includes Drawing and CAD plan viewer in its content list. So, the users can practice mistakes free project testing with complete guidance. This program has deeply satisfied me and I don’t think there is any other plan with such clearer and easier teaching methods.
  6. Career Starting Guide as A Woodworker: This is not just a teaching program on woodworking. This is the reason why I am widely impressed with this program. Here I also learned the tips on starting a woodworking business. Many students complete their woodworking course but only a few of them start their career as a woodworker. After a few months or a year, they stop their business too. Two reasons were behind this, one was poor knowledge and less practical experience. The second reason was less awareness of business starting tips. As I have earlier explained that this project contains detailed information stepwise and contains deep suggestions by using various methods so your learning will be perfect. Here is a solution for the second reason as well. This program provides basics and other tips on starting your career as a woodworker. From learning woodworking to setting up a business, you will be guided through this amazingly good woodworking program.
  7. Free Monthly Plans: What I have personally assumed about Ted’s Woodworking is this plan is not less than a treasure. You also receive an opportunity to post and receive free updates on new projects for the lifetime along with this program. This is how you get motivated to create something new and make it popular. If you have your workshop or teaching center for woodworking then this opportunity is going to give fruitful results to you. The latest updates will make you and your students stay up to date with the trend and advanced skills. This way you can encourage your students to show their talent to become popular before starting their career.

ted wood working plans

Teds Woodworking working plan


Ted’s Woodworking program is a program that can easily find out the hidden woodworker artist inside us. They protect us from the estimation. A proper well-planned detail of this plan provides a clear platform where users don’t have to take any estimated value or guess for the cut sheet. Guesses and estimated ideas create trouble for us.

The next thing about Ted’s Woodworking program includes accuracy. You will learn to work with accurate values, measurements, and numbers. Practicing with accuracy will make you a perfectionist in this workstream. Here you will also learn about the tricks on getting accurate measurements, subtracting and distributing values of measurement. A proper calculation plays a great role in finishing any project. This step of this unique learning program will polish your woodworking skills.

The pictures and videos of this program exactly match the project script. So, learning and working both becomes easy and quick. This is seen that the maximum woodworking programs include downloaded images from other sources that exactly don’t go along with the detailing of the project. Working with this program is not just easy it makes us a perfectionist in whatever we build.

Benefits of The Program

  • No Confusion: One of the best parts of this program is specific plans for each project. Woodworking learning programs introduce unspecified plans which result in doubtfulness, poor estimation, improper finishing, assembling issues, and more. This means the learner was only following a program with missing steps that made his or her entire learning waste of time and money. Ted’s Woodworking program is a way to learn without any confusion as to the pictures, dimensions, schematics, and videos all together clear the doubts of learners.
  • Visual Learning: When you have a visual woodworking learning program, I don’t think you need to be worried about your future in this stream. The easiest way of learning is by watching the entire work done in front of you. This is the reason that Ted’s Woodworking program has achieved huge success under a very short period. The collection of superb videos will teach you the techniques and tricks which are part of Mr. Ted McGrath’s 25 years of struggle. He has learned a lot in that interval and served several conveniences to make our path smoother, easier and faster.
  • Stepwise Instructions: Pre starting instructions work as safety precautions. Have you ever thought about what would happen if there was no one to guide you since your childhood? Do you believe to be as efficient as you are today? No, it is easier to say but harder in practical life. Our parents were always there to guide us on our every step. After that teachers guided us a lot. Once I used this program, I found this a great guiding source for woodworkers like me. Not even a single step is missed in any of the projects. The perfection of the program is catering to numerous perfectionists annually. Anyone can create a new creation by following the stepwise instruction of Ted’s Woodworking program.
  • Cutting List and Material List: The task becomes like a game when you have a complete detail with you. Once you have started something in woodworking you never want to lose your interest due to any shortage of required items or any missing step in the detailing. By taking this point into the mind Ted McGrath presents a detailed list to explain cutting and material. Thus, you’ll work with a consistent mind and interest once you have started. This is a single program that contains this extra cutting and material list separately for each project in the program. So, prepare things in exact amounts first from start to finish without any interruption.
  • Detailed Schematics: To strictly remove the guesswork, the Ted woodworking program presents sharp and colorful schematics. These schematics help complete hard challenges with ease.
  • Different Angle View: Different angle view help you in assuming that exactly how your project will look from different angles. This intricate angle details will also help you in giving proper finish to the corners and joints.
  • Suitability: Ted is a professional now and he started from a struggling learning age. So, he has shared his guidance for both, professionals and beginners. So, don’t wait and avail of the opportunity to improve your skills in woodworking.

Pricing, Moneyback guarantee & Refunding Policy

The price of this precious guiding program is $297 but to celebrate the new launch, Ted is offering this program at a very interesting discount. Interesting people may order today by simply paying $67 only.

This is so shocking but Ted is also offering a 60 days moneyback guarantee. If users find any missing or incomplete guidance then they can claim for the 100 percent return by following an easy return procedure.


By Jack K.

I have been running a woodworking workshop for the last 8 years. I was a failed woodworker and there was nothing to do at my workshop. For the last two years, I have increased the size of my workshop as I have numerous clients and a lot to do. All credit for this success goes to Ted’s Woodworking guide. Kudos!

By Zeus S.

I am a learner and it’s been two months of using Ted’s program. I have created three projects. I appreciate the video section and schematics in the program. 


Ted’s Woodworking program is a risk-free guiding program which is available at the most affordable price. The program is prepared by taking all important points in mind, so the users will not face any difficulty or lack of information during woodworking. The 60 days guarantee also assures its reliability so there is no harm in buying and trying this amazing career-making program.

tedswood working review

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