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There is a crisis, and while there have been more crises before, nothing has been as wrong as this. Before Coronavirus struck the world – it was pollution and at alarming levels. But with this pandemic, people have forgotten air-pollution for now. The only concern now is self-protection from Coronavirus and to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared Coronavirus to be a pandemic and call it a global medical emergency. The cases of infection are increasing day by day. There seems to be no stopping the virus. People are only now waking up to realize the Coronavirus means serious business, and going about your everyday business is no longer safe unless you take precautions.

Basic Precautions Against Coronavirus

While most infected people recover with a mild illness that has flu-like symptoms, there are a few who experience a severity in symptoms. As per WHO reports, older people and children are more likely to be infected because of low immunity. This does not mean that those in-between are safe from infection. They, too, need to take precautions. The WHO has advised the public to take the necessary precautions. These are given below:

Frequent Washing of Hands – Clean and wash your hands properly using an alcohol-based soap or hand rub. Using plain soap with water or an alcohol-based hand wash will kill any virus in your hands.

Social Distancing – Do you know that “social distancing” is one of the top trending hashtags on Instagram? And with a good reason too! It is the call of the time. The WHO recommends maintaining a social distance of at least 3 feet. It is a precaution. The reason for this is to prevent you from breathing in any liquid droplets that may be sprayed in the air when the other person sneezes or coughs. It is quite possible that the droplets may contain the dreaded Covid-19 virus if the person is infected.

Seek Medical Attention If You Have Cough, Fever, and Respiratory Problem – If you are unwell, then please stay at home till you get a clean chit. If you have a cough, fever, and respiratory problems, then seek medical attention and follow the orders of your doctor. Remember that all the medical authorities have up-to-date information on the medical situation and about the virus. Talk to them and do as you are told. This is not just to protect you but also to prevent the virus from spreading in the community.

Do Not Touch Your Nose, Eyes, and Mouth – Your hands carry a lot of bacteria because they touch a lot of surfaces. It is possible that they may be contaminated, and if they are, you don’t want the virus to be transferred to your mouth, nose, or eyes and enter your body.

Maintain Respiratory Hygiene – Ensure that you maintain respiratory hygiene. When you are sneezing or coughing, cover your nose and mouth and sneeze or cough into your bent elbow or tissue. Discard the tissue immediately. When you use a tissue or your bent elbow, you are preventing the virus from being sprayed into the air.

Use a Mask if You Have To Go Out – Whether you are going out or sneezing or coughing, you should wear a good-quality mask. Combine a face mask with a handwashing routine for effectiveness.

Safe Mask

About SafeMask

One of the requirements for the prevention of the spread of Coronavirus or protecting yourself against pollution is using a good quality mask. Such masks give you protection from air-pollution or airborne pathogens. They are selling like hotcakes, and you need to get one before they are all sold out.

At the same time, you also need to get a good quality mask that meets the WHO standards and will provide protection. The SafeMask is a unique mask that offers unparalleled protection. Although a lot of similar face masks are available, there is no guarantee of their effectiveness. It is also not known if they meet the WHO standards.

The SafeMask covers the nose and mouth completely, thereby preventing viruses and airborne contaminants from entering your respiratory tract. It adapts to your face comfortably, enabling you to wear it for extended periods.

Besides, the SafeMask is also reusable. You can wash it and wear it again. Its durability makes it a good investment for reusing.

How Is The SafeMask To Be Used

The WHO has some clear instructions on how to use face masks – this includes how you should put it on, take it off and dispose of it if it is a single-use mask.

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand wash before you put on the mask.
  • When you wear the mask, your face should be entirely covered, and there should be absolutely no gaps between your face and the mask.
  • Do NOT touch the mask after you put it on. If you do, then rewash your hands, either with soap and water or with the alcohol-based hand wash.
  • Replace your mask if it becomes damp with a dry mask.
  • When you remove the mask, only touch the cords behind the face and not the front. Rewash your hands, either with soap and water or with the alcohol-based hand wash.

When Should You Use the SafeMask

If you are at home, inside the house and not going out, then you do not need to wear the SafeMask. You need to wear it in the following conditions:

When you are taking care of someone suspected to be infected with 2019-nCoV;

If you are sneezing or coughing;

Remember, that simply wearing the SafeMask will not protect you. You also need to combine it with washing your hands frequently with soap and water or with the alcohol-based hand wash.

Also, remember to remove the SafeMask if it gets damp and wear a dry mask. Use it after you wash and dry the mask.

Design of the SafeMask

The SafeMask is different from the other face masks available. It has a facepiece to cover the entire face. It also has inhalation and exhalation valves connected to the facepiece with stretchable bands. Here is more about the design of the SafeMask:

  • This is an advanced mask with a filter.
  • The ergonomic design makes it efficient and comfortable at the same time.
  • The SafeMask is stretchable and fits the face completely without any gap between the face and the mask. This is as per the WHO standards.
  • It is lightweight and can be carried around.
  • It is reusable, and hence, you can wash it after using it and dry it before use.

SafeMask review

SafeMask: The Working

The Face Piece of the SafeMask is designed to cover the entire face without any gaps in-between. The inhalation valve is attached to the purifying elements. When you inhale through the mask, the air first passes through the inhalation valve and then through the purifying elements. The purification of the air occurs in this area before it reaches your mouth and nose.

Similarly, when you exhale, the air from your nose and mouth passes through the exhalation valve, which opens to let the carbon-di-oxide out.

The inhalation and exhalation valves open and close only on a need-to basis, which keeps the mask dry, and there is no accumulation of moisture. Therefore, you can wear the SafeMask for long periods safely.

Advantages of SafeMask

  • A lot of similar masks are created for the sole purpose of protecting you from the pollution, forgetting that the air you breathe has many more contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. But SafeMask protects you from allergies, viruses, pollution, and other elements present in the air you breathe.
  • The Safemask not only prevents pollutants from entering the respiratory tract, but it also stops the entrance of poisonous gases, bacteria, viruses, and other particles from entering.
  • The SafeMask is comfortable to use as it fits the face perfectly.
  • This mask is also reusable and durable. You can wash and reuse it multiple times without having to spend an exorbitant amount on purchasing a new mask every day.
  • SafeMask has been manufactured using Nanotechnology, which filters the air breathed in.
  • Since the SafeMask is lightweight, you can easily carry it around with you.

Disadvantages of SafeMask

There are no disadvantages to this product. It only protects you from the harmful airborne pollutants, bacteria, and viruses.

Purchase & Cost Of the SafeMask

The SafeMask is available only online on the official website. Please buy the product only from the authorized website to ensure that you get genuine products. Otherwise, the point of wearing a face mask is defeated.

The SafeMask is available at a 50% discount right now. You can order it online, and it will be delivered to your home. Take advantage of the exclusive 50% discount.

The price of the SafeMask after discount is $55, and the manufacturer is offering free shipping.

Also, the product is also available in various packages in case you wish to buy more than one SafeMask. These packages are listed below:

Units Discount Price Per Unit (USD) Total Cost (USD)
1 x SafeMask 50% 55 55
2  x SafeMask 50% 37.50 75
3 x SafeMask 50% 29.67 89
5 x SafeMask 50% 21.80 109
10 x SafeMask 50% 16.50 165
20 X SafeMask 50% 13.45 269

You could also add a warranty to your order for a reasonable amount. The details are given below:

Warranty Duration (Year/s) Price (USD)
1 5.95
2 9.95

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Owing to the nature of the product, there is no money-back guarantee or refund policy. You cannot return this mask if you do not like it since it is a matter of hygiene. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you need to get in touch with the company, which will “help you manage” by way of applying the warranty applicable to the product.

While there is no refund, the company does offer a cancellation policy in case you change your mind. But, you have to cancel your order within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Please read the Terms and Conditions of the company in detail on their website.


What does Nanotechnology filter mean?

Nanotechnology filter is the use of a filtration method that makes use of a membrane having nanopores, ranging from 1-10 nanometers. This membrane filters even the minutest particles in the air and does not let them pass through to your respiratory tract.

Is it possible to change the delivery address?

You have 12 hours from the time of placing your order to change the delivery address. Your address cannot be changed beyond that as the order processes then.

How can the order be tracked?

The company sends a tracking number to your registered email and mobile number after the order is processed. It will take about 3-4 days for the tracking to be active.


  • Protection from airborne contaminants like viruses and bacteria and pollution
  • Nanotechnology design to filter the minutest particles in the air
  • Lightweight – easy to wear, light to carry
  • Washable and reusable material


  • While online purchase would usually be a con, right now, with the threat of CoViD-19, online purchase is a boon since you don’t have to venture out of your home to purchase this mask.

Customer Testimonials

Sara~ I used to suffer from a lot of allergies, especially when the season changed and the pollen was in the air. This caused a lot of respiratory problems and I used to be on anti-allergy medications for a long time. It reached a phase when I would panic if I ran out of medications. But ever since I started using SafeMask, I have been better and my dependency on medications has decreased.

Avishkha~ I had been worried about the news of Coronavirus and all the coughing and sneezing going around. The stores did not have any masks and I came to know about SafeMask and its availability through a good co-worker. The best part is that it is reusable. My entire family wears SafeMask now when there is a need to leave home.

The Final Verdict

Things have changed, and people have finally started taking Coronavirus and its effect on people seriously. There is a heavy demand for face masks, and there are still some scamsters who are taking advantage of people’s fear and selling substandard masks that do not meet the WHO standards.

The SafeMask is now the need of the hour. Its nanofiltration technology ensures that you get a high-quality mask that works to protect you.

In addition to using the SafeMask, please follow the WHO guidelines for using the mask and maintaining hygiene. The SafeMask will protect you as long as you follow the usage directions. Stay Safe!

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