Penomet Review

Penis enlargement industry has been growing at a steady pace in the past few years. When you do a simple search online, there are tons of products you are inundated with, starting from miracle pills to electrical devices to pumps and much more. Interested men try different ways to enlarge their penis, and while most of these methods are rather useless or come with tons of unwanted side-effects, there are a few products that have been able to make its mark in this sector.

One such product is Penomet Penis Pump, which is then modified and improved version of the Bathmate Pump. Since the time of its introduction, the pump has gone through several ergonomic and technical changes as per the research conducted for better results and user experience. The Penomet Pump is the result of years of improvement in the pump to help users enlarge their penis faster than other alternative methods and maximize the results of their pumping sessions.


What is Penomet?

Penomet is a penis pump that takes advantage of the routine and pumping mechanism to enlarge the penis. There are absolutely no side-effects in the process, and it does not claim to enlarge your penis by several inches overnight. It is a device that entirely bases its results on the advantages of being disciplined and sticking to the routine of pumping sessions every day.

As millions of men across the globe report dissatisfaction from the size of their penis or are looking to enlarge their penis, using natural methods to increase the penis size is a much better option than dodgy penis enlargement pills. The penis enlargement pills are not scientifically proven to offer any value or results to the users. Still, they may hinder the natural well-being by gifting you with unwanted side-effects.

Penomet Penis Pump not only helps in increasing the length of the penis by a few inches over a few months of regular pumping sessions, but it also helps increase the girth size as well. It considerably improves the erection quality and the ability to hold the erection for longer, which drastically impacts the endurance and overall performance. Penomet Penis Pump, thus, helps in the overall improvement of the sexual well-being of the men using it.

What are the Best Features of Penomet?

Penomet has a lot of attractive features that make it the best in the market. The best features of Penomet Penis Pump can be enumerated as follows –

  • It can be used in the shower, bathtub, and also as an air penis pump.
  • It is based on the proprietary Aqua Pressure system that ensures that it delivers results irrespective of how it is used.
  • Penomet Penis Pump is an award-winning product, including the Venus Product for the Best New Product.
  • It has also won the Best New Male Enhancement Device in Germany in the year 2013.
  • Its design is sleek and user-friendly and is made of durable polycarbonate plastic that is safe for use – RoHS Certified.
  • There are different gaiters that come along with Penomet Penis Pump of different colors, which specify levels of pressure force it applies.
  • The gaiters are so designed that it easily fits the penis of any size, creating an equal vacuum that results in a proportionate increase in length and girth size.

penomet review

What are the Results You Can Expect From Penomet?

If you are looking for a miracle by using Penomet Penis Pump with an increase of several inches in just a few days, then you might be disappointed. Penomet Penis Pump is designed to offer not temporary but permanent results, and even though permanent gains may surface after months of regular usage, it would continue to increase endurance and erection quality in the meantime. It works as a confidence booster for people suffering from soft erections or erectile dysfunction.

Are There any Risks Involved in Using Penomet?

There are absolutely no risks involved in using Penomet Penis Pump as it has been developed after years of research and innovation. The Penomet Penis Pump’s predecessor has been in the market for a while, and this device has gone through several changes to be user-friendly and result-oriented.

The design has gone through several crucial changes, including the different gaiters of different colors that classify suction pressure. It might take a few pumping sessions to get used to it, and there might be a little irritation in the penis, but it would soon fade away with regular usage.

Are the Results Permanent?

The Penomet Penis Pump does not give “anaconda” results overnight, but over a period of time, it does give results that stay forever. It needs time and patience to see the results, and while some may get results within the first few weeks itself, the others may see slow and steady progress over a few months. In short, one can expect to gain 1 to 3 inches in length and around 1-2 inches in girth size in a period of 1 to 6 months.

The users that have tried Penomet Penis Pump have confirmed that their gains have stayed even after they stopped pumping for months. Not only will Penomet Penis Pump help in an increase in the size of the penis, but it would also help people with weak or erectile dysfunction to perform better on the bed. The quality of erection improves drastically as the increase in size add to the confidence as well as the regular pumping sessions provides users the ability to hold their erection for longer.

How Much Does It Cost? Does the Company Offer Money Back Guarantee?

Penomet is available on its official page. There are three different packages for you to choose from –

  Features Discount Price Original Price Warranty
Penomet Premium ·       5 gaiters with multiple degrees of suction

·       Shower strap

·       Digital exercise guidebook

·       4 attractive colors

$297 $457 3 years
Penomet Extra  

·       3 gaiters

·       Digital exercise guidebook

·       4 attractive colors


$197 $288 3 years
Penomet Standard  

·       70 force gaiter

·       Digital exercise guidebook

·       4 attractive colors


$127 $169 3 years

There is a nominal shipping charge on every billing. All packages are sent out in discreet boxes to ensure privacy.

The manufacturer offers a 60 days money-back guarantee on its product. You can also opt for a free replacement within 14 days of your purchase in case the product is found damaged. Accessories and other add-ons are not included in the money-back policy.

penomet review

Is It Safe to Use Penomet?

Penomet Penis Pump is completely safe to use, and the product comes with its tutorial as well that you can download from its official website. There are video tutorials and guides as well online that would help you get started with it in the right fashion.

The Penomet Penis Pumps are made of Silicone, which has been rigorously tested and is awarded the RoHS Class 1 product certification. It is necessary for the products that come in contact with the body to have RoHS certification.


  • Penomet Penis Pump is easy to wear and use, and there is no pain or irritation whatsoever in using it. Just make sure to use the correct Gaiter along with it that doesn’t apply more than optimal suction pressure.
  • Penomet Penis Pump is entirely safe to use even for a long period, especially since it is made of RoHS certified polycarbonate plastic. It is the certification needed for plastic that comes in contact with the body.
  • The design of the Penomet Penis Pump makes it sleek and easy-to-use. You don’t have to do any lengthy preparation to get started.
  • The results of using this device can be seen after using it just a few times. The Penis would not only look bigger, but the duration of the erection and its quality would improve drastically as well.
  • The use of Penomet Penis Pump would boost not only your erection quality and penis size but also your confidence, especially when you’re planning to engage in sexual intercourse. It is a great advantage when planning a romantic night.
  • When you’re disciplined with your pumping sessions, the size of the penis in terms of length and girth can increase by up to 1 to 3 inches. Men having a considerably softer penis even after erection would notice much harder erection. Such gains may take around 4 to 8 months to surface.
  • The results offered by Penomet Penis Pump are permanent, unlike other ED and penis enlargement devices out there, the results of which vanish as soon as you stop using them.
  • It is a complete solution in itself, and there is no lotion, lube, or additional devices or accessories you need to keep buying to use it.
  • Penomet Penis Pump can be used with water as well as without it. However, it is best that you use it in a bathtub or while taking a shower for better suction pressure.


  • Even though it’s not necessarily a con, let us put it in here anyway. It requires discipline and commitment to get results from using the Penomet Penis Pump. Even by using it for just 15 to 20 minutes every day for 3-4 months, you’ll notice a huge difference.
  • Penomet Penis Pump is used on a private part, so it is highly recommended that you keep it clean. The regular usage of the pump makes it prone to getting dirty. So, make sure to clean it once in a while to free it from any bacteria build-up.
  • The results cannot be seen overnight, and you’ll have to engage in regular pumping sessions to see the results. Penomet Penis Pump offers permanent results, and thus, the commitment for a few months shouldn’t be a problem. This device is not for men looking for overnight results.

Customer Testimonials

Penomet Results

“I have been really conscious about my Johnson’s size at 4”3, and while I never received any complaints from partners over the years, it did make me feel inferior inside. I have always known that my penis size isn’t something to be proud of and wanted to find a way that can help it make bigger and permanently so. I have spent thousands of dollars on different penis enlargement pills and devices over the years, and I can say without a doubt that those don’t work. Take my word for it. Penomet Penis Pump was my last attempt to getting positive results, and thankfully it delivered and how. I am so glad I found it, and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to increase the length and girth of their penis permanently.“ – Larry S., Ohio, US. 

“While going on a date or taking a girl out for dinner is something guys long, I’ve always repulsed it because of the partial erectile dysfunction issue I’ve been suffering for long. I’ve gone through the medical path with no positive results and even tried a few quick-fix methods, pills, and devices I came across online in vain. When my friend told me about Penomet Penis Pump, I was skeptical and even suggested him to stay away from these devices. However, when he told me the results he got, I bought it for myself as well, and the results were more than spectacular. I can’t thank the creators of this device enough, and can say without a doubt that it is the last penis pump you would need if you’re looking for substantial and permanent results.“ – Ian M., New Jersey, U.S.

Final Verdict – Should You Use Penomet Penis Pump?

In the final verdict, it can be said without a doubt that Penomet Penis Pump is helpful for men who are looking to increase the length and girth of their penis and are ready to put in the effort to make it a reality. Penomet Penis Pump does not claim to offer any miracle solutions overnight. The users have to follow a disciplined regime of engaging in pumping sessions to ensure they see visible results.

It is easy to use and does not have any side-effect when used following the simple instructions it comes with. Whether you are conscious about the size of your penis or suffering from erectile dysfunction or the duration of your erection, Penomet Penis Pump is comprehensively beneficial. It is a must-try, especially since it doesn’t cost a fortune and has been getting rave reviews from its users for many years.

penomet review

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