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Erectile dysfunction (E.D.) is not an uncommon problem among men. Most of the men feel embarrassed to talk about E.D., and some of them also think that the treatment of E.D. is not possible. Such men won’t even consult their doctor due to shyness or ignorance. All the males must know once and for all that Erectile Dysfunction is treatable. If you’re facing problems in your sex-life due to E.D., it’s high time you visit a doctor to invoke your confidence again. You might be aware that E.D. isn’t a permanent issue if treated well. Still, you won’t consult a doctor as you get nervous or embarrassed while talking about it. In this case, you can go for Male Excel to consult a physician online and take suitable treatments for your E.D.

Male Excel is a telemedicine service that delivers your treatment plan for E.D. after you consult online with their physician. Telemedicine gets used for diagnosing, treating and administering medication over a phone call or video call. This practice has become immensely popular since the last decade. History says that telemedicine began in Pennsylvania in the 1950s when two health care centers got the ability to transmit images over the phone. Currently, telemedicine has become more accessible due to smartphones, high-quality videos and pictures as well as faster internet services.

Male Excel

What is Male Excel?

Being a telemedicine service, Male Excel will deliver you the required treatment plan for your E.D. sitting right at your home! There’s less chance of being embarrassed while seeking treatment for your E.D. with Male Excel as the physician would be asking the necessary information over a call. You must be completely honest about your sexual health and medical history. Male Excel’s physician will analyze your problem and prescribe a safe treatment plan for you. With Male Excel, you can comfortably consult a physician from your home and get the treatment medication delivered to you as well. Male Excel is one of the best telemedicine services for older adults and the ones who don’t have access to good doctors.

Male Excel will keep all your details confidential. The physicians of Male Excel administer Cialis and Viagra only after thoroughly examining your sexual problem along with your medical history. You can request a video call with the physician too if you are more comfortable with face-to-face interaction. Male Excel is indeed transparent for its customers. This telemedicine service can prove to be a better choice for your E.D. treatment. It will help you to avoid any stress associated with physician appointments. With Male Excel, you won’t feel shy or embarrassed to seek treatment for your E.D.

How does Male Excel Work?

Male Excel provides its services for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in 3 steps:

  1. Medical Survey

First of all, you need to fill in the confidential medical form available on the official website of Male Excel. In this way, you will be legally given the required medication as per your lifestyle and medical history. You will just need about 10 minutes to fill the entire form. This form will help the physician of Male Excel in determining if their medication will be effective and safe for you. The physician will suggest medicine which would provide you with excellent results. You should fill out the form with in-depth accuracy and must all disclose all the treatments you currently take. This will help the physician in determining the best treatment plan for you. At the end of the form, there is a section of ‘sexual survey’ that would help determine the severity and level of your erectile dysfunction. Such factors will help in prescribing the correct dosage. After filling up the form, you will need your I.D. and credit card to proceed further. Male Excel won’t charge your credit card until the physician reviews the form and issues the treatment.

  1. Review by Doctor

After you fill-up the medical form, it would be sent to a licensed doctor of your state. If you reside in a state which would require you to consult the doctor through video or voice call, you will get the notification for the same. We recommend you to schedule the consultation immediately so that you receive your treatment soon. The doctor will inquire if he has any questions regarding your problem. The notifications about your treatment will get sent to you through a phone call or SMS. Make sure you keep an eye on those notifications to ensure that your treatment reaches your address promptly. Before writing the prescription, the doctor also checks if there is any medical contraindication. After the doctor prescribes for you, it gets sent to the 3rd party pharmacy of Male Excel.

  1. Discreet Delivery

The treatment medications of Male Excel include Generic Cialis, Generic Viagra, and Generic Daily Cialis. The physicians of Male Excel prescribe any of these medications based on your sexual health and medical history. You can ask Male Excel to deliver your treatment medications at any address, be it your residential address or your office address. The package of the treatment is discreet. Many customers of Male Excel prefer auto-shipments, and so, the 3rd party pharmacies of Male Excel do the same. You can even cancel or pause auto-shipment at any time.

male excel review

Advantages of using Male Excel

The following are the advantages of using Male Excel:

  • If an individual lives in a rural region and doesn’t have enough time to go to the city for seeking treatment from a doctor for his E.D., he can use Male Excel. You won’t even have to spend time and money on traveling. For the ones living in cities, you will save on gasoline charges or Uber fare which would get otherwise paid for getting to a hospital.
  • A good number of people have Iatrophobia, i.e. fear of doctors. Facing the doctor at the office makes them anxious and stressed. This can be while setting an appointment or waiting for their meeting in the lobby. Male Excel helps such people to reduce the stress levels which they would face in a hospital. This service will help them in getting their medication from the comfort of their home.
  • If you visit a renowned hospital or a doctor, you will have to wait for a long time to get your appointment. If the hospital’s location is in a crowded area, you will also face difficulty in finding a parking spot for your vehicle. With Male Excel, you won’t have to wait for too long to get your appointment.

How much does the treatment plan of Male Excel cost?

Male Excel charges $10 for a 20 mg Generic Cialis dose, $10 for a 100mg Generic Viagra dose, and $3 for a 5mg Generic Daily Cialis dose. The 1st-month rates of six 20mg Generic Cialis, six 100mg Generic Viagra, and thirty 5mg Generic Daily Cialis are $35, $35, and $29 respectively.

male excel review

Does Male Excel offer any money-back guarantee?

Male Excel Medical offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on its treatment medications. If the treatment plan of Male Excel doesn’t work for you or if the results aren’t satisfactory, you can call their customer care number 18336253392 to get a refund.


Can a 17-year old use the services of Male Excel?

– No, only males above 18 years of age can use the services of Male Excel.

Is this telemedicine service active for erectile dysfunction?

– Yes, Male Excel will help you to effectively treat your erectile dysfunction with the help of their physicians and treatment plans.

Are the medications of Male Excel 100% safe?

– The physicians of Male Excel prescribe treatment plans only after analyzing the medical history and sexual problem of the customer. Therefore, be assured that you will only get the meditations that are 100% safe for your treatment.

Can I order the treatment plans of Male Excel without consulting your physician?

– No, you have to compulsorily fill-up the form on the official website of Male Excel. This will help the physicians of Male Excel to decide a suitable treatment plan for your problem. You can only order the treatment plans after the physician chooses which one would be ideal as per your sexual-health issue and medical history.

Customer reviews

By George J.

People in our times were helpful to each other, and they were very caring. I often blame technology for creating disharmony among people as we didn’t have advanced technology in our times. But Male Excel made me realize the right side of technology. This telemedicine service has been useful for me to get back my endurance in bed like I used to have it in my 20s and 30s. Male Excel made it easy for me to talk face-to-face with the doctor without actually meeting him in-person. The medication plan is cheaper than I thought it to be.

By Jim K.

Once you opt for the services of Male Excel, there is no requirement of any special efforts to treat your erectile dysfunction. To get the treatment plan of Male Excel for treating your E.D, you have to fill up their form, which has questions about your sexual health and medical history. You also have to submit your photo so that their team can verify your I.D. Their physicians confirm your form and prescribe the treatment for your E.D. problem. You can request the physician for a follow up via a video call or phone call. The process isn’t lengthy, and you won’t be wasting a lot of time to seek your treatment.

By Jeff T.

I was having a sick time while performing in bed for a few months. I knew that I was suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, and I wanted to seek the advice of a good doctor for treating it. But as I don’t have enough time to visit a doctor due to my busy schedule, I decided to try the services of Male Excel. I got an appointment with one of the physicians of Male Excel after I filled up their form. The physician was well-experienced with cases of sexual disorders. My treatment got delivered within three days. No unnecessary waste of time or worries about the procedure!

By Peter I.

The best thing about Male Excel is that you will save more time and money compared to the amount of both these factors you spend while consulting a doctor in a hospital. Whenever there’s a need to take care of my well-being, I become too lazy. But erectile dysfunction was one of the problems which made me worry a lot, and I wanted to get rid of it anyhow. I was shocked when I faced erectile dysfunction in my early 30s. I was feeling too embarrassed to visit a doctor for erectile dysfunction. I searched the internet for online sexual-health consultation sites. I landed on the site of Male Excel, and you can say that it was the moment from where the solution for my erectile dysfunction took off!

The final verdict

Male Excel is indeed a better telemedicine service for helping the males to treat their E.D. The procedure to get the treatment is simple and time-saving as well. The treatment plans of Male Excel aren’t expensive, and you will receive the medications after their physician prescribes a treatment plan for you. If you find iE.D embarrassing to speak about to a doctor while consulting him/her in person, you can use these services to get treatment for your problem sooner.

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