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Have you kept your favorite eyeglasses aside due to its broken frame? Have you tried using the glue, but it is of no use to stick the frame back to the glass rigidly? Then, without a second thought, you must try the bondic product. However, before using the product, you must read on the review.

If you want to attach a broken eyeglass or fill the hole of the leaky pipe, you can use the glue in the damaged area. However, it won’t last for a long time. If you want to reuse your favorite eyeglass or any broken area, you can use the unique liquid formula known as bondic. After applying the liquid, you need to penetrate the UV light in this area for a few seconds to let it freeze. It is widely used by the licensed dentist that will retain as a liquid but turns out to be a hard and highly durable plastic when you put on any item that broke to fix it. It is quite easy to use by anyone on various surfaces and materials. The formula will turn hard in no time. You can use this as a bonding agent and as filler when you are using it on wood, metal, and other types of materials.


What is Bondic?

Many people have a fear of going to the dentist, not just kids, but also adults. There is a lot of hard work put by many dentists to make this product that not only works to fill the gaps in between the teeth but also to repair the damaged items. It is a kind of liquid plastic that is similar to the cement used by the dentist. Many dental offices are using the adhesive. You can get this in a small bottle filled with liquid plastic with a thin viscosity. When you start using this, it would appear to be better than the glues that you use regularly. It is the only glue that can keep the metal wires from braces to get attached to the teeth and bones for years together. It can be used with wood and metal items when you create a bond and use this adhesive liquid and redirect the UV light on the liquid to let it dry for some time. The UV light that passes through the liquid will make it dry quickly and let it become harder. You can sand the surface to remove unwanted traces of the liquid.

Many people would use this adhesive to remove the screws that are tight with ease. All you need to do is to apply this liquid around the screw, and within seconds, you can remove it. It is best to repair broken and damaged electronic items. Few of the places where you can use this unique liquid include:

  • Put less strain on the items
  • Replace the damaged plastic piece
  • bond a good connection with two different materials and objects
  • Create a secure attachment in the places where it is hard to use the conventional glue
  • Provide excellent insulation to wires
  • Repair leaks in the plumbing pipes

Besides these, you can also use it as a repair agent. If your child has broken his favorite toy, you can use this liquid plastic to repair the broken toy and make your kid happy. You can apply a small amount of adhesive and throw some UV light on the liquid to fix the toy in a few minutes. You can also use this liquid to repair the products that are broken and made of wood and metal. Apart from these, you can also use it to repair low voltage wires and plumbing pipes.

Working of Bondic

Here is how the bondic will work


Before you use the adhesive liquid, you must use the sandpaper to rub and remove the extras of the broken object or material. Once you complete sanding the surface, blow off the extras. If you just want to use bondic to create a temporary bonding, then you do not need to sand the object.

Use Adhesive

It comes in a small bottle with an outlet. You can easily apply the liquid to the objects. More importantly, you can use the right amount of adhesive to the item. Once you use the adhesive, you can pass the UV light to allow the liquid to turn harder. If you want to glue two objects, you must use the adhesive to only one product.

Apply light

You must hold the UV light in one hand and focus the UV beam to the area where you have applied the adhesive. You must keep the UV beam to the place where you have applied adhesive for four seconds. If you have applied a lot of adhesive, you must move the light around the objects.

Repeat the same process

If you want to strengthen the bond of the broken object, you must repeat the process multiple times so that the broken piece will stick to the object rigidly. You should apply a thin layer of liquid various times rather than applying a thick layer of the liquid at once. You should use the adhesive and leave it to dry for some time.

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What you get in a starter kit

There are different types of kits available in the market. You must buy the kit that has all the below items

Bondic bottle

It is the most critical item that you must have in the kit. The container will have a lot of adhesives that you can use to apply for various objects, multiple times.

Applicator tip

The kit comprises an applicator tip. The tip will be like the nib of the pen. Through this nib, you can apply on a thin layer of adhesive rather than pouring the liquid on the object. It avoids a lot of wastage.

UV light tool

You should not order the product until and unless you do not see the UV light tool in the product kit. The product won’t work without this tool. In some of the kits, you might need to buy the device separately.

Carrying case

The starter kit will have all the items put together in the metal case so that nothing is misplaced. You can see the metal case with a silver finish. The case is durable and large to hold the bondic supplies carefully. It has ample space to keep the UV tool. There is no chance of you losing the tool. You can store the bottle and UV light together.

Various benefits of using Bondic

The quantity of bondic you use differs from one object to another object. To fill the spaces, you would need to use a lot of bondic and to attach two parts; you may have to use little. If there is a piece missing in the broken object, you may have to create a cast using the bondic. For this, you would need a lot of material.

Few of the benefits that you can reap by using Bondic include:

Improve strength

Be it you are using bondic to repair an object or to do any kind of handiwork; this unique liquid seems to be a better adhesive. It holds the more robust properties that allow you to use and fix every object in a matter of a few seconds. It is the first stop solution to repair and fix objects.

Turn the liquid-solid quickly

The bonding properties of the liquid will solidify the agent in a few seconds when you pass the mixture through the UV light. You can control the whole process, i.e., from sticking to making it harder. You can add enough amount of bondic to the object you want to fix or repair and use UV light to solidify it. The cure of a product repair is totally under your control.

Fix all kinds of surfaces

The formula that is used to prepare this liquid will help you to fix all types of surfaces, be it the cover is made of wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, and so on. It helps you to fill the gaps, repair the surfaces, fix the leak, insulate the wires, improve the strain relief, and make plastic in a few seconds. Besides this, you can also use the adhesive to rebuild the broken material.

Stay in liquid form

Bondic can retain in the same form. The bondic will not turn to harden even if you are not using it for months together. The formula used in making this solution keeps it away from becoming harder.

Safe to use

The bondic formula is made using non-toxic materials. It will not release any kind of hazardous fumes. Even when you are using it, this won’t cause any kind of irritation to your eyes or skin.

Easy to use

It is the best and effective repair solution that can be used by anyone with ease.

Price and Purchase

You can buy the product from the official website to get a genuine product that reaps you with a better outcome. Though purchasing the product from other sites will help you get discounts and deals, but those are not reliable. The bondic is available in three different price ranges. You can choose the one that fits in your budget.

Single bondic kit: It is available at the cost of USD 19.99.

Two bondic kits: It is available at the cost of USD 39.98. You also get another kit free of charge.

Three bondic kits: It is available at the price of USD 59.99. Along with this kit, you get another two kits for free of cost.

Bondic review

Money-back guarantee and refund policy

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the output of the product, you can return it within 30 days from the date of purchase. If you want to return the product, you must get in touch with the customer support team, and the person will raise the return merchandise number. You can get the refund only if the packaging is proper and not tampered.



Bondic is the best adhesive I have found in the market. I have repaired all the broken items in my home using this product. The best thing I liked the most is that it does not form any kind of yellow stain once it dries up. The results are highly satisfactory. You no more have to worry if any item is broken accidentally in your home since bondic is there to fix it and bring it back to its original state. There are no toxic chemicals used and is highly safe to use. I bought the product long back, and the product is still in the liquid state.


I love crafts a lot and make a lot of craft material using reusable things. In this process, I cut things and join them together. Earlier, I used to face a lot of difficulty in joining the items. There are times when I redid the whole craft because the glue I used has failed to stick the objects in the right position. When I purchased bondic, I am super happy, and all my craft works done in a short period. Now, I am a creative person. Now, I am a creative person.

I am a bit skeptical about buying bondic to repair the eyeglasses, which were broken a few days ago. However, all my misconceptions about the product were gone. It can indeed repair all the items made of wood, metal, and ceramic. I used it to fix the holes in the pipes. It is not messy and is easy to clean.


Bondic is a liquid adhesive, which you can use to bond different types of materials. You can repair all the stuff made of plastic, ceramic, metal, and other materials. You can use the glue for a temporary fix and a permanent fix. It gives you the best assistance if you are working on any craft project. If any of your essential items are broken, then bondic is the one-stop solution to fix it back to its original state. It is easy to use to join the material.

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