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As we all know that the prostate gland is one of the essential genital organs of the male reproductive system in men’s bodies. The major function of this prostate gland is the secretion of fluid for carrying sperms at ejaculation time. As age grows, this gland also increases in size. But when this gland enlarges in size, it blocks the urinary passage, this condition known as enlarged prostate. Prostate diseases are one of those severe diseases that are troubling a lot of men today. In this condition, the patient’s bladder is never emptied.

The pain will also be felt when passing urine. Enlarged prostate becomes very painful because it causes erectile dysfunction. Not only has this, but it also ruins a man’s sexual life.

According to Survey’s reports “72%of men are suffering from this problem that is above the age of 50”.

Prostate 911

About Prostate 911

People who suffer from an enlarged prostate and not finding any way to get rid of this problem, don’t worry. Prostate 911 is here that can solve your problem. It is a supplement that reduces the prostate naturally. Prostate 911 also contains Pure and most powerful natural elements. This supplement shrinks the enlarged prostate in an effective way and down to a healthy size. This is the reason why the world’s medical experts are calling this fantastic supplement as a prostate shrinker.

Ingredients used in prostate 911

This supplement works in a Natural way prostate 911 contains all-natural ingredients. Like

Prostate 911 Ingredients

  • Stinging Nettle or Urticadioica: This is a staple in herbal medicine since ancient times and found all around the world. Stinging nettle helps to reduce the size of an enlarged prostate. Not only this, but it also treats symptoms of an enlarged prostate gland in men with BPH. If anyone uses Stinging Nettle regularly, it reduces 93% symptoms of enlarged prostates.
  • Saw Palmetto: It is one of the popular products that are used as prostate reducing supplements. FRUIT’s extract of Saw palmetto is used for this treatment. It not only reduces the enlarged prostate but also improves the functioning of the urinary tract.
  • Zinc: It is one of the best ingredients that is used to control urinary symptoms which is a result of the enlarged prostate.
  • Pygeumafricanum Bark Powder: It is derived from the cherry tree bark of Africa. It is a herbal extract. Since long, Pygeum is used to cure prostate cancer. This ingredient is also useful for the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia.
  • Broccoli Leaf Extract: Broccoli leaf contains the phyto or sulforaphane, a chemical of the plant. Extract of Broccoli leaf is very useful to prevent BPH
  • Pumpkin Seeds: Seeds of Pumpkin Contains many beneficial elements, for example, Vitamins E and K and omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids. The German Government Health Commission has confirmed that These elements are useful to promote a healthy prostate size.
  • UvaUrsi: It is a useful ingredient that can reduce bacteria in the Urine. It is an anti-oxidant that assists to stop oxidative harm to the prostate cells.

How does this supplement Work?

  • This prostate gland which is present in men is a tube-like structure that is placed right below the bladder. This gland is a connecting link of the urethra & bladder. The prostate is a gland that helps the man to pee.
  • When a man becomes older, prostate glands enlarge in size. It is a natural procedure, but when this gland becomes extra-large, it begins to block the men’s urinary bladder.
  • Because of its extra enlarge in size, the bladder fails to push Urine out & it can never empty. Patients of enlarge prostate always feel to excrete the pee. The most critical element of prostate 911 is stinging nettle. This element is the most powerful ingredient in this product. A mixture of stinging nettle & saw palmetto’s natural fruit extract in the capsule makes your BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) situation good.
  • Zinc is also used for prostate deficiency as it is a powerful trace element. Many types of research show that prostate enlargement occurs when you have a low level of zinc in your body. Zinc is also useful for the relaxation of urethra tube muscles.
  • Broccoli leaf extracts are also present in the capsule that is used to destroy cancer cells while improving the integrity of prostate cells.
  • This product is made available, mainly capsule form. Prostate 911 contains clinically proven natural ingredients that help in the treatment of an enlarged prostate. After consuming these capsules, enlarge prostate turns into a much smaller & workable gland.
  • As we know the extract of The Saw Palmetto fruit is present in prostate 911, this element can decrease 53% of puffy prostrate warning signs. Saw palmetto is a useful element as it boosts sexual function in men by 40%.
  • Some Other ingredients of this capsule are also useful for killing the cancer cells in the prostate gland, for example, Africanum bark powder, Extract of broccoli leaves, pygeum, zinc, etc.

These elements of Prostate 911 assist in sinking the loose cells in the area of penile.

Prostate 911 Review

How to Use Prostate 911

In the market, you can get Prostate 911 in the form of pills. If you are suffering from prostate issues, take these pills as dietary supplements. For the best results, you should take 2 pills daily. One in the morning time and next dose at night before sleeping. You can simply take these pills with water. You can see the best results after 3 months.

How much are these pills safe?

As it is mentioned above that this pill is an excellent combination of natural elements & their extracts so you can you this pill without any if’s & but’s. Nothing tod to worry about the safety of these capsules. But remember that you should take these pills from the FDA. As the product goes through many tests and examinations before selling, you can trust these pills as a safe product.

The critical components of Prostate 911 are made using those items that are wanted from various fractions of the world to make sure that they are safe and the real deal. Different components are mixed in this pill high skilled doctors and researchers in a suitable ratio.

Benefits of Prostate 911 Pills

  • If you are taking its dosage in the right amounts, it will help to reduce your problems.
  • This pill is handy for decreasing the size of the prostate due to ageing.
  • The flow of Urine will occur naturally because of Prostate 911pills increase the urethral channel and urine flow in a natural way.
  • If you take this medicine regularly, the constant insist on to urinate will stop, and you can relax again.
  • If you are suffering from Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), can also be improved by this capsule.
  • These capsules give you protection from getting the dangerous level of prostate cancer as it reduces the size of the prostate.
  • If you want an amazing sexual life Prostate 911 is advisable for you. After using these capsules, you will be free from feeling low due to your inability to sexual desires.

Purchase & Price

  • Prostate 911 is available at a reasonable price on its official website.
  • You want to purchase only 1 Bottle you can buy at $69.95 only. You can use this bottle for 45 days. You can save over $60 Off the regular price.
  • If you take four bottles of Prostate 911 from PhytAge Lab’s Private Test Group, you can go through their VIP pricing package that is only $49.95 per bottle. It means you have to pay only $199.80 for four combo bottles.
  • You can save more than $70 per bottle.

Phytage Labs Prostate 911

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Phytage labs give money-back guarantee to their customers as this lab always stands behind the quality of every pill. It provides a 90-days guarantee to their customers. Buy the capsule and try, and in case if you are not satisfied, you can return them as per the instructions. The company will give you a 100% refund guarantee, or you can replace the product.

But you have to follow some reasonable guidelines. But first, you have to refer to the product description guideline details on the manufacturer’s website.


  • As these pills are a combination of natural ingredients, so it contains no side effects.
  • All-natural ingredients of these supplements are primarily powerful and purest form.
  • If you buy this product from manufacturer websites, you can get a 90-days moneyback guarantee.
  • Many offers of these pills are available in its authorized websites


You cannot buy Prostate 911 from local shops. If you want to avail of this supplement, you have to order online from the authorized website.

You should Use regular Prostate 911 capsules regularly for the best results.

The product is prepared by a team of experts and scientists at Phytage Labs. This product ensures100% highest quality and it is made with natural ingredients. This supplement is manufactured inside a lab which is GMP approved. This lab is checked by the FDA regularly for quality and potency. Hence, One needs not worry about safety and any side effects. To date, there have been no side effects reported by users.

Customer’s review


A great thank you to the manufacturers of Prostate 911 as this product has changed my life completely. Before 6 months, I have a sensation of twitchy, furious all the time. I couldn’t satisfy my wife, as well. I went to the doctor after checked up correctly; the doctor said that I was suffering from an enlarged prostate. He suggested a few medicines. Prostate 911 was also one of those medicines. Guys, you won’t believe that I got positive results only in 4 months. Now I am perfectly well and healthily living my life.


I could not convince my wife, but I was still attracted to her. I couldn’t do it if I couldn’t make love to her. I was suffering from some sexual problems, but I didn’t aware of it. I was facing much trouble at that time as I could not do pee properly. Every time I was not presentable in my office and could not convince my boss, how could I did that because I was troubling from the prostate problem. One of my friends suggests me Prostate 911. As it is a medicine of herbal elements, I started to use these pills. After one to two weeks, I felt changes in my body as I became energized and many sexual changes. Now my life is back in check.

Tom carter

After celebrating my 60th birthday, I found that the body is not functioning well. I couldn’t empty my bladder at one time and felt to urinate again and again. More than that, I also thought that I might be wetting myself even before reaching the washroom. I had become very frustrated with the things that were happening each & every day. After doing many types of research on the website, I got the option of Prostate 911. As it was a natural product, I tried it. Thank you very much, Prostate 911. After using this pill only for a few weeks, I was able to empty my bladder successfully.


Guys, Prostate 911 pills are the great product of the Phytage lab. These pills are proposed for people who are suffering from prostate-related problems. A range of unusual natural ingredients is present in this supplement that helps so much in prostate-related issues. This product has a lot of new substances that are shipped from around the world. Experts selected all ingredients very carefully. In the present time Prostate, 911 is one of the best supplements for prostate-related problems. It is very beneficial in all aspects you can buy this fantastic product at a discounted price. Not only this if you face any issue after using this you can return it merely under companies 90-days returning policy. So guys are you facing prostate enlarged or BPH problems, you should go for it. Don’t hesitate to start your medication today.

Phytage Labs Prostate 911

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