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It’s summer in most countries. A season where your air conditioning, ceiling fans, pedestal fans, and even battery-operated fans run at optimal capacity.

Add to that the COVID-19 pandemic. With ‘work from home’ now the temporary norm, more electric units are being consumed, leading to a rise in electricity bill amount.

Residential electricity rates are incrementally increased each year. The amount paid as per kilowatt-hour or ¢/kWh is increasing at more than 8% each year.

With the prices for natural gas also increasing year on year, residential electricity rates are also bound to rise.

This trend is unlikely to be disrupted in the future: natural gas prices are likely only to increase, and as they do, electricity rates will rise.

With the economy set to be hit badly due to the coronavirus pandemic, it will be harder to shell out these large sums of money each month. You cannot do away with electricity as it is an essential requirement. Your appliances, internet, comfort, and lifestyle all hinge on electricity.

Those power outlets cozily lurking in every corner of your house are outlets to this basic necessity called power. But what if there was a way for those same power outlets to help you save electricity?

The OkoWatt power-saving device makes that happen.

okowatt review

What is OkoWatt Energy Saver?

OkoWatt is a power-saving box. It is installed on the electric power socket in your home or office. It saves up to 50% of electricity consumed, thereby saving you lots of money on electricity bills.

The device is an energy-efficient power saver. It is safe, reliable, and easy to install.

OkoWatt energy saver box is being installed in homes, hotels, offices, restaurants, and warehouses. It adopts a heat-proof and shock-proof technology that saves power.

OkoWatt power-saving device can be purchased online, which lets you avail of the device for a discount.

The device comes with a bright green LED light. On being turned ON, the LED illuminates. When compared to other energy-saving devices, OkoWatt is simply the best.

This is because it is cost-effective, durable, and compact. It is also convenient to install.

You need the OkoWatt Energy Saver because the cases of power cuts are persistent everywhere. With more people now staying home in quarantine or working from home, more power is generated. Power cuts are an obvious option to ease on the power.

Large factories and industries need to continue running to supply the essentials that humans need. OkoWatt energy saver can prove beneficial here as well.

During these testing times, OkoWatt can ensure continued productivity and relaxation in your pocket.

How does ÖkoWatt Energy Saver Box work?

OkoWatt works as a huge power resistant device. It also acts as a heat-shock. It supplies your connected devices with energy at an optimum level. There is no harm or risk when your appliances are connected.

It is portable and reduces the intake of power of your device by 50%. This aspect of power reduction by half has been well appreciated by people. It is simply an updated version of a modern-day power box.

It reduces the intake of power consumed. This is extremely beneficial for people living in large homes. One unit of OkoWatt placed at a breaker box can save you additional units. Place another ÖkoWatt unit at equidistant locations.

One OkoWatt device must be placed at every 1000 sq. ft. After powering on, the LED light turns green, indicating the start of its operation. Once powered, ÖkoWatt gets to work.

It can abate overheating caused due to electrical overload. OkoWatt’s external shell is made up of advanced fire-proof material. It comes with internal leakage protection.

This makes it completely reliable and safe. The longer the power saver is used, the better it performs.

OkoWatt is suitable for houses, apartments, shops, offices, restaurants, small factories, and condominiums. OkoWatt can easily be adjusted. There are no doubts about its effectiveness. It can be set easily wherever you want it. 1000 sq. ft is the ideal distance to set up one energy saver box.

OkoWatt has been designed keeping in mind all electrical devices. This facilitates home appliances, apartments, and offices. It does not necessarily protect the user from electronic heaters, electric stoves, or microwave ovens.

okowatt benefits

What are the technical specifications of OkoWatt?

The following technical specifications are attributed to the OkoWatt energy saver box.

  • It comes with temperature control features (ideally set between 15-60 degrees centigrade)
  • The voltage supply needed for effective operation is 90-250 power supply volts
  • The frequency of ÖkoWatt lies between 50Hz and 60Hz
  • OkoWatt comes in a standard size of 70x100mm, which makes it lightweight
  • It comes with a bright green-colored LED light display
  • Plug-in and install directly into the electrical socket

What are the benefits of the OkoWatt energy saver box?

The following benefits of OkoWatt make it stand apart.

  • It helps reduce power consumption by 50%
  • OkoWatt identifies the units that waste power
  • It comes with a strong protective outer shell
  • The power saver box can withstand overheating and electric shocks
  • It can measure and analyze the quality of household power
  • OkoWatt comes with shockproof and heatproof technology
  • It is also ideal for medium to large appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, AC, TV, etc.
  • It can easily adjust to different electrical appliances and its varied models
  • Sensors fitted within OkoWatt can detect excess heat and electrical surges
  • It saves you money, which is a massive ask in today’s time

It is probably the best alternative to any other energy saver box in the market. This is because ÖkoWatt is an effective device that guarantees results. It saves you on unwanted expenses by slashing your electricity bill amount in half.

A good example of OkoWatt’s efficiency can be seen in air conditioners. The constant usage of air conditioners can see a surge in voltage, which makes the electric meter spin rapidly. Thanks to ÖkoWatt’s power saver device, the voltage gets stabilized.

Thus, the power consumption is reduced, safety maintained, and money saved.

OkoWatt’s energy-saver box is eco-friendly and is built to last for years.

How much does the OkoWatt Energy Saver Box cost?

The OkoWatt energy saver box comes with a lifetime warranty. This applies to any number of pieces ordered. The shipping is FREE within the United States.

Buy 1 OkoWatt Energy Saver box for $39.98

(This comes with a lifetime warranty + promise of guaranteed result)

Buy 2 OkoWatt Energy Saver boxes for $59.97

Buy 1 and get another one for 50% off

(This comes with a lifetime warranty + promise of guaranteed result)

Buy 3 OkoWatt Energy Saver boxes for $79.96

Buy 2 and get the 3rd for 50% off

(This comes with a lifetime warranty + promise of guaranteed result)

Buy 5 OkoWatt Energy Saver boxes for $149.93

Retail price = $199.90

25% savings guaranteed

(This comes with a lifetime warranty + promise of guaranteed result)

Buy 10 OkoWatt Energy Saver boxes for $279.86

Retail price = $399.80

30% savings guaranteed

(This comes with a lifetime warranty + promise of guaranteed result)

Buy 15 OkoWatt Energy Saver boxes for $389.81

Retail price = $599.70

35% savings guaranteed

(This comes with a lifetime warranty + promise of guaranteed result)

Buy 20 OkoWatt Energy Saver boxes for $479.76

Retail price = $799.60

40% savings guaranteed

(This comes with a lifetime warranty + promise of guaranteed result)

Where can you buy the OkoWatt Energy Saver box?

The simplest and cheapest way to purchase the OkoWatt Energy Saver box is by visiting its official website.

Hit the ‘Get OkoWatt Now’ or ‘Order Now’ buttons to opt for easy checkout.

Take advantage of the ‘FREE US Shipping’ policy. The product will be delivered to you within 2-3 days. You could get disappointed for not being able to buy in bulk because the devices get sold out pretty quickly.

If not satisfied, you can easily return the product. The order amount will be refunded.

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Q.1 How quickly can I expect results?

Answer -The changes in your electricity bill will decrease in about 30 days. Although, this depends on where you live.

Q.2 How does OkoWatt help?

Answer – It enhances your residential power system. It reduces wasted energy. Thus, your electricity bill is reduced each month.

Q.3 Is OkoWatt harmless?

Answer – Yes. The device is harmless. The outer shell is made up of fire-proof and explosion-proof material. This protection makes it reliable and safe towards internal leakage.

Q.4 How many devices must be set up to see a change in bill amount?

Answer – It is recommended to set up one OkoWatt device to one power outlet, every thousand square feet. The number of devices to be ordered is dependent on the area.

Q.5 Is OkoWatt different from other power saver devices?

Answer – OkoWatt power saver box enhances the power system by reducing wastage. It is also compact and cost-effective.

Q.6 Can I get free shipping for the order?

Answer – Yes. OkoWatt devices can be ordered with free shipping anywhere in the U.S. A small fee is charged for international shipping.

Q.7 What are the payment modes available?

Answer – The payment modes available on the ÖkoWatt website are Mastercard, Google Pay, Discover, and Visa Card.

Q.8 How quickly is the product shipped?

Answer – Your OkoWatt order is processed within 24 hours. These 24 hours include the time needed for dispatch. It will reach you within 2 to 4 days. International orders will be delivered within 30 days.

Customer Reviews

“I always thought that an energy-saving device took up some extra power. After checking out ÖkoWatt, I consulted their support team to get more information. After becoming convinced of its efficiency, I ordered a set of 12 for outlets in my house, garage, basement, and attic.” – Tessa G

“I am surprised and massively impressed by OkoWatt technology. I found a significant improvement in my electricity bill each month. It’s been 3 months since I added 6 devices within my home. Why didn’t I hear about this before?” – Greg E

“Our area experiences power cuts daily. We are frustrated about this and sought a solution with the electricity board. It seems the only way to manage the power surges was to add a limiter. But, having no experience in electrical parts, we were confused. After digging for information over the internet, we found ÖkoWatt. We decided to give it a try as it seemed the most robust and technologically sound of the devices available over the internet. The surges have disappeared and our bills have halved.” – Thomas J

“I am the only bread-earner in our house of 4. With numerous freelance jobs, I somehow manage to pay the bills at the end of each month. At times, though with a lack of clients, it gets difficult. The current pandemic has ruptured businesses everywhere. The electricity bill has steeply increased over the last few months. I wanted a device that could help me save on the unwanted expense of inflated electricity bills. I got ÖkoWatt and now my expenses don’t go over my income.” – Jude G

Final Verdict

The device does exactly what it claims. Your monthly electricity consumption will be reduced by 50%, saving your power and money.

It optimizes your power stream, capturing and straightening the energy that could have been lost.

It is an advanced form of energy saver. This is because of its price, durability, portability, and setup. There is no extra coating needed to protect your appliances. It can be connected to outlets that power your air conditioner, television, refrigerator, etc.

It is an efficient power device that cannot be compared to any other similar device in the market. It captures the energy that is received and also strengthens it. There is no risk involved.

The output achieved is strong and boosted.

Purchase the OkoWatt energy saver device without any worries. If you want to save on lost energy, improve appliance efficiency, avoid power surges, and save some hard-earned money, then get the OkoWatt power saver box.

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