COVID-19 in Third-trimester Pregnancy


In this pandemic, we found many women who had COVID-19 infection in their third-trimester pregnancy all over the world. Sometimes it’s been challenging to deliver the child during infection, but hospital staff takes care of it well. They study all the patients who have COVID-19 infection during their trimester pregnancy. They also study the symptoms which are significantly seen in the patients. All the nurses and the staff of the delivery wore full protection suite from coronavirus infection.

COVID-19 in Third-trimester pregnancy

When you identify the COVID-19 symptoms in the third-trimester pregnancy of the women, they must exhibit the utmost care for the baby and the mother.

The third trimester period means the 36 weeks to 38 weeks plus four days of the pregnancy. According to the study, all the women in this condition feel good before pregnancy. Sometimes premature labor can also take place.

The most common symptoms which are seen in the positively pregnant women are fever, cough, viral pneumonia, and lymphopenia. All the delivery of the infants is from the cesarean way. After the delivery from the survey, it is cleared that COVID-19 will not found in the amniotic fluid, cord blood, newborn throat, and in breast milk samples.

Following are some of the critical and significant steps to follow by the hospital and the patients:-

Diagnosis of COVID-19

Diagnosis is a significant step in all this process; when the patient feels the symptoms of the COVID-19 infection, then they have done the test in the hospital. For pregnant women, this is the necessary step, and after this, based on the results of the test, hospital staff will decide the further treatment, which is helpful for the pregnant women and her baby.

  • In this step, if the patient feels the symptoms of the infection, they have to contact the hospital facility for the check-up. They will come to you with the full personal protective equipment, which will distant them from any viral infection. They will check the patient and her family members for safety. The day after the test, they will provide you with temporary results. After the five days of the test, they will confirm the results and inform you to take care.
  • They will also check the baby inside the mother by investigational test. In some of the cases, the baby’s test found negative, and it is perfect for both mother and baby. In some cases, if the baby’s test is found positive, then you have to take more care during the delivery of the women because the third-trimester period of women’s pregnancy is already challenging compared to all periods in the pregnancy.
  • When the hospital staff informs you of the result, they will tell you precautions that you have to take during this time, and if any problems come then, you have to first calm to your doctor.

Preparation for delivery

The next step in this process is the preparation for the delivery. You have to prepare all the things that you will need at the time of delivery. Hospital staff has to prepare a clean room in which they can start the process of the delivery. They also have to be in full personal protection equipment at the time of delivery, which will protect them and the baby from the infection.

  • After the eight days to result, the staffs have to take the regular follow up of the patients and their families. They have to check up the patient in the no-pressure room. In some cases, the hospital staff will determine the cough in the patient. Except for the cough, the pregnant women will feel better.
  • When the check-up is done, they will inform all the policies of the hospital for the delivery. The hospital staff will tell that they have to call the hospital immediately when they feel the labor. When you inform the hospital, they will prepare all the things for the delivery, and they will meet the patient at the front gate of the hospital.
  • With all this process, they also take follow up of patients at every 48 hours to check the symptoms. In some cases, pregnant women will continuously feel the mild cough and nothing else prominently. Sometimes, she also feels the loss of breath, but it is sporadic. The hospital staffs have to take the second test of the women, but they can’t take before she delivers the baby.


Delivery is the most significant step in this process. Finally, in this step, the baby will come out safely. After 15 days from the result, the patient is in the 40 weeks five days gestation, and in some women, this the labor time.

  • For this step, the hospital staff will be covered with a PPE kit that protects them. They will have to ready for the patient to arrive at the entrance of the hospital. Ensure to avoid the face to face contact, the delivery or the check-up will be done by the video conference. For safety, the patient also has to wear the mask.
  • After the arrival of the patient at the hospital, they immediately shift to a negative pressure room. After 40 minutes, the baby will be born healthy. The baby will also transfer to the negative pressure room, and the baby also separates from their mother during admission. The infant feeding will take care of the soy formula.

There are many cases in which the delivery takes place with a cesarean method. The delivery method is painful in the future, but for the better health of the baby during this COVID-19 infection is excellent. In some cases, women also give birth to their babies by the vaginal method at this time.


All this information is essential for you to understand how to deal with the third-trimester pregnancy with the COVID-19 infection. You have to follow all these steps and trust in your hospital staff. Don’t stress out in any situation. Everything gets to set right the moment you hold the baby. You have to take more care during this infection.

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