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Motherhood can be overwhelming, especially for new mothers. To add to that, if your baby doesn’t sleep well at night, then you, too, are sleep deprived. Mothers are continually finding solutions to their baby’s problems, especially when it comes to their sleep. Deciding on the right sleep patterns, time, duration, and more can become troublesome. You can try to research online, but the internet is filled with varied points of view.

Even pediatricians have different opinions. While some will suggest you use the Ferberizing, others might say co-sleeping is the best. However, certain researches show that these methods can cause problems such as anxiety in the later years of your child’s life. So, how can you find a solution to your baby’s sleeping issues? Baby Sleep Miracle provides you with an answer to this precise question. The book is designed, keeping in mind the various stages a baby goes through and how you can get your baby to sleep quickly.

Baby Sleep Miracle

About Baby Sleep Miracle

Ferberizing or self-soothing is a popular way among young parents to put their babies to sleep. However, excessive crying can prove harmful to your child’s brain. Co-sleeping or using baby swings are other ways of ensuring that your baby sleeps peacefully through the night. Such methods method again can make your child insecure or anxious in his/her later years. Baby wings may even cause brain damage and other injuries. Baby Sleep Miracle is an eBook written by Mary-Ann Schuler, to provide you with tips and tricks to get your baby to sleep.

The steps in the book ensure that your baby has a healthy sleep. It also helps every anxious mother understand what is necessary for the child at each stage in his/her life. The book includes scientifically proven methods by institutes such as Harvard Medical School and the Stanford Center For Sleep Science and Medicine. These methods make sure your baby is well-rested, and so are you. With Baby Sleep Miracle, you no longer require pacifiers or outdated methods of putting your baby to sleep.

About The Author

Mary-Ann Schuler is a clinical psychologist with over twenty years of experience in the field. She decided to write this book after having gone through a phase of sleepless nights with her own son Louis. She was on the verge of a breakdown, but instead, she decided to take matters in her own hand and started her research. Through books, medical research papers, and help from her fellow psychologists and doctors, Mary-Ann designed perfect ways to put your baby to sleep peacefully.

As an author, Mary-Ann has kept in mind the incompetence mothers feel when they are unable to handle their babies. She understands that problems differ from one baby to another. Hence, she addresses all the issues that a mother could face while putting her baby to sleep. Mary-Ann has thought her book through and written it in simple terms, which every mother can easily follow and implement. Currently, Baby Sleep Miracle has managed to help almost 17,643 parents to finally get their healthy sleep.

How Does The Book Work?

The book talks about watching out for signs to understand when your baby wants to sleep. The eBook has four main chapters and sixteen sub-chapters. It gives you a complete and thorough understanding of your baby’s sleep patterns, duration, and nap times. The book then goes on to list down methods that you can use to ensure your baby sleeps through the night.

These methods are all scientifically tested by various research institutes. The eBook also discusses how parents should behave while handling a crying baby. The author, also, has spoken about dealing with tantrums and separation anxiety as an add-on.

The tips and tricks mentioned in the book are simple. Some of you may even find it strange, but they work nonetheless. For example, one of the tips the author mentions is to make your baby laugh before their bedtime. This ensures that your baby has only positive thoughts and can sleep without any nightmares. The book is filled with simple yet effective tricks for restful sleep.

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What Is Included In The Book?

Baby Sleep Miracle is an eBook, and it contains information about a lot of topics. Below are some of the points that will be discussed in detail in the book.

  1. The book explains why you shouldn’t nurse or rock your baby to sleep. It will give you information on other methods that are safer.
  2. Baby Sleep Miracle will tell you the way in which you can make your child feel loved at all times. This will ensure he/she does not have a breakdown and remains a happy baby.
  3. The book has steps in which you can rid your child of anxiety within five minutes. So, now you can calm your baby down faster and change his/her mood as well.
  4. The eBook also discusses seven simple steps to get your baby to sleep. These instructions will help you, even if everything else fails and especially if your baby is clingy and cranky.
  5. Another secret that the book reveals is that from the California Institute of Technology. The institute has come up with a distinctive trick to boost your baby’s sleep hormones. This method is drug-free and safe to use and will make sure your baby sleeps for longer hours.

Is Baby Sleep Miracle Safe To Use?

The book is formulated after thorough research and data collected from various institutes, doctors, and psychologists. Moreover, the methods mentioned are scientifically tested and proven to work effectively. Therefore, the steps in the book are incredibly safe to follow. You can be assured that your baby will have a restful sleep without it harming him/her in the long run.

Baby Sleep Miracle review

Benefits of Baby Sleep Miracle

  • The most crucial advantage of Baby Sleep Miracle is that you will be able to put your baby to sleep without having to worry too much. Your baby will have a peaceful sleep, and for a longer duration, so you also can have your required rest. You no longer have to live through the anxiety of having to deal with a wailing baby who keeps waking up every few hours.
  • The book takes into consideration various stages of your baby’s growing years. So, it will not ask you to follow one-trick throughout the year. Instead, it will ensure that you can deal with as many as 9 stages of your child’s life and sleep patterns.
  • The book also gives you ways in which you can deal with your baby’s tantrums. You can teach your baby to be more peaceful rather than wailing and being fussy every time he/she wants something.
  • It also deals with your baby’s separation anxiety. The book discusses the possible factors that might be the reason why your child feels anxious when he/she is away from you.
  • Another essential aspect that Baby Sleep Miracle talks about is the behavior and attitude you should have as a parent. The book will tell you the importance of being calm and composed while dealing with a cranky baby. It will discuss ways in which you can remain quiet and not lose your patience quickly.
  • Following the steps mentioned in the book can also bring you closer to your baby. Your relation with your child is fundamental, and these simple and effective steps can help you drastically improve that.

Purchase And Price

You can purchase Baby Sleep Miracle from its official website. The book is priced at $37. You will get immediate access to the book once you have paid the purchase price. You will be able to download the book on your computer, tab, or mobile phone.

The author has also included three bonus features free of cost with the purchase of Baby Sleep Miracle. The bonuses include a book called Night Terror Stopper, which deals with nightmares, another eBook called Double-Trouble Sleeping Struggle, for twins and siblings, and an audio mp3 called Miracle Sounds, for sounds that help your baby sleep.

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Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Baby Sleep Miracle comes with a 2-month money-back guarantee from the date of purchase. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you have to send the makers an email, and they will refund you the money, no questions asked. They will not even expect you to return the product or stop you from using it in any way.


Does Baby Sleep Miracle really work?

Yes, the tricks in the book really do work. The program is well-researched and has proven methods of putting your baby to sleep. The steps provided in the book are straightforward and extremely effective. A lot of parents have reported that their babies slept peacefully through the night using the tips mentioned in Baby Sleep Miracle.

How soon can I see the program work?

The instructions given in the eBook may work differently on different babies. So, there is no fixed time in which you will be able to see the tips take effect. Some parents have seen changes within a day, while some other babies have taken a week to settle into the program. No matter at what stage of sleeping your baby is at, the book will train you to pick up from that place and move ahead.


  • Baby Sleep Miracle is easy to follow, and any parent can understand and use it to the benefit of their baby and themselves. You don’t have to be an expert to perform the steps.
  • The book is written in simple language, so you can complete reading the book in one sitting. You don’t have to spend days reading and understanding it. You can implement the tips immediately.
  • It comes in a digital format. So, you can carry the eBook on your phone, tab, or laptop, wherever you go.
  • It does not give you any unrealistic hopes of performing a one-day miracle. The book discusses in detail how there are different stages your baby will go through before he/she can sleep through the night.
  • The book is reasonably priced. You may have spent hundreds of dollars running to doctors and child psychologists to find solutions to your baby’s sleep. This book brings you all the answers for just $37.
  • The book comes with a 2-months money-back guarantee.


  • The book is only available online and in electronic format. There is no hardcopy of the book available.
  • Since Baby Sleep Miracle is a program, it should have ideally included a few videos of the instructions. 

Customer Testimonials

Putting my baby to sleep was always a task. I was sleep-deprived, couldn’t remember the last time I slept well. A friend of mine gifted this eBook to me after looking at my condition. The book saved my life.

I tried the tips mentioned in the book, and within a few days, my baby slept through the night for the first time in months. I was so scared that I kept checking on him even though it wasn’t required. Now, he sleeps peacefully without any issues. A must-read for all mommies.

– Patricia Armstrong, 29, Los Angeles

My daughter kept waking up every two hours each night. I was told it was normal, but I simply couldn’t handle the wailing anymore. This book was the best decision of my life. I immediately put it to use and saw a steady change in my daughter’s sleep pattern and duration. Now, I am a happy mother with a happy daughter.

– Maria Blair, 32, Philadelphia


You may have heard that the only way babies communicate is by crying. But if your baby is howling through the night, then there is a sleep problem that you need to find a solution for. With Baby Sleep Miracle, you have the answer at your fingertips.

Baby Sleep Miracle provides parents with simple tricks and tips to put their baby to sleep peacefully through the night. Instead of opting for dangerous and outdated techniques, you can now follow these easy steps and have a restful sleep.

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