2009 System Status Report


The 2009 System Status Report is the third in a series of systemwide reports that aim to provide a thorough accounting of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) Monitoring and Assessment Plan (MAP) program. The goal of the MAP program is to document status and trends of the essential and defining attributes of the South Florida ecosystem. A comprehensive understanding of the system enables the successful use of adaptive management principles to track and guide restoration activities. As CERP implementation has just begun, the information provided in the 2009 report assesses baseline information.

The assessments are conducted on a regional level. The four regions (see map below) are Lake Okeechobee, Northern Estuaries, Greater Everglades and Southern Coastal System.

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The System Status Report is a living document and represents RECOVER's conclusions about the status of the system at the point in time the assessment was conducted.


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