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Record of Decision Signed - Oct 2012

Oct 2012 | BCWPA ROD Signed

BCWPA Chief's Report - May 2012

May 2012 | BCWPAChief's Report sSigned

This project contains three (3) of the ten Initially Authorized Projects identified in the Water Resources Development Act (WRDA) of 2000. The impoundment areas will 1) aid in reducing seepage; 2) provide groundwater recharge; 3) provide water supply to urban areas; and 4) help prevent saltwater intrusion. The final size, depth and configuration of these facilities were determined through more detailed planning and design completed as a part of the Draft Water Preserve Areas Feasibility Study and as part of the final PIR where a stormwater treatment area (STA) component of the project was dropped. Detailed design of these features will address pollution load reduction targets necessary to protect receiving waters.

  • WCA 3A/3B Levee Seepage Management system will focus on seepage reduction by allowing higher water levels in the L-33 and L-37 borrows.
  • C-11 Impoundment will direct runoff from the western C-11 drainage basin into an impoundment in lieu of pumping untreated runoff via the S-9 pump station into the WCA 3A. The western C-11 Diversion Impoundment and Canal together with the Water Conservation Areas 3A and 3B Levee Seepage Management feature include 4,633 acres of natural area, canals, levees, water control structures, and an impoundment with a total storage capacity of 4,592 acre-feet located in western Broward County (assumes 1,068 acres and water levels fluctuating up to 4 feet above grade).
  • C-9 Impoundment will include canals, levees, water control structures and an impoundment with a total capacity of 7,056 acre-feet located in the western C-9 Basin in Broward County (assumes 1,641 acres and water level fluctuating up to 4.3 feet above grade) to pump in runoff from the western C-9 drainage basin and diverted water from the western C-11 basin and assist in reducing seepage.

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U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

Alan Bruns, Project Manager


Lisa Cannon, Project Manager

Project Details:

Project Sponsor: South Florida Water Management District
Project Schedule: For scheduling information regarding this project, please see the Master Implementation Sequencing Plan (MISP).
Project Phase: Pre-Construction, Engineering and Design
Design Agreement: 12 May 2000
CERP Component Designation: O, Q, R
Project Cooperation Agreement:  
Authorization: WRDA 2000 (Initially Authorized Project); pending PIR approval and submission to Congress


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