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C-111 Spreader Canal Fact Sheet
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Past dredging of the C-111 canal redirected water flows to the east, reducing flow through Taylor Slough into the northern Florida Bay, impacting fisheries and ecology. This project will be implemented via two Project Implementation Reports (Western PIR and Eastern PIR). Project objectives include:

  • Restore the quantity, timing and distribution of water delivered to Florida Bay via Taylor Slough to levels nearest as possible to the pre-drainage model runs.
  • Improve hydroperiods and hydropatterns in the Southern Glades and Model Lands. Hydroperiods will be improved to support historical vegetation patterns nearest as possible to the pre-drainage model runs; and hydropatterns will be restored to historical sloughs with associated tributaries.
  • Return coastal zone salinity levels in western Florida Bay to levels as close as possible to pre-drainage scenario model runs by restoring upstream water levels in eastern Everglades National Park.

The Western PIR recommended plan includes a 590-acre Frog Pond detention area and a 225 cfs pump station; creating a mound of groundwater to the south and west, by preventing groundwater seepage to the east and improving water deliveries (quantity, timing and distribution) to Eastern Florida Bay. It also includes a second 225 cfs pump station and modifications to increase the water level in the Aerojet Canal to further prevent groundwater seepage to the east.

The Eastern PIR project will replace existing portions of the lower C-111 canal with a spreader canal to enhance sheetflow to Florida Bay, and restoration efforts within the Southern Glades and Model Lands.

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Project Contacts:

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers:

Stephen Baisden, USACE


Matt Morrison, Project Manager

Project Details:

Project Sponsor: South Florida Water Management District
Project Schedule: For scheduling information regarding this project, please see the Master Implementation Sequencing Plan (MISP).
Project Phase: Pre-Construction, Engineering and Design
Design Agreement: 12 May 2000
CERP Component Designation: WW
Project Cooperation Agreement:  
Authorization: WRDA 2000 (Initially Authorized Project); pending PIR approval and submission to Congress



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