Project Documents:
Winsberg Farm Wetlands Restoration
Project Implementation Report (PIR)
Draft - February 2008

draft pir iconThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Jacksonville District, has made available the Winsberg Farm Wetlands Restoration Project Draft Project Implementation Report/Environmental Assessment (PIR/EA) for public review and comment. The 45-day comment period has ended.

The project is an ecosystem restoration project that is part of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP). It will provide aquatic wildlife habitat through the creation of 114 acres of wetlands using treated reclaimed municipal wastewater. The treated wastewater will be returned to the natural system rather than being lost to deep-well injection, improving aquifer recharge and increasing the spatial extent of wetlands in the area. The first part of the project (72 acres) has been constructed by Palm Beach County, the local sponsor, and has been named Green Cay Wetlands.

Download the PIR

    29 Feb 2008 - Winsberg Farm Wetlands Restoration Draft PIR

    Volume 1 - Main Report:

  • Main Document (2.1 mb, PDF)
  • Volume 2 Annexes & Appendices:

  • Combined Annexes and Appendices (14 mb*, PDF)
    *Please note the large files size - individual files are listed below.
  • Annexes A-F:

  • Annex A (3.3 mb, PDF)
    Fish & Wildlife Service Coordination Act and Endangered Species Act Compliance
  • Annex B (4.3 mb, PDF)
    NEPA Information
  • Annex C (245 kb, PDF)
    Analysis Required by Federal and State Law
  • Annex D (811 kb, PDF)
    Draft Project Operating Manual
  • Annex E (225 kb, PDF)
    Project Monitoring Plan
  • Annex F (128 kb, PDF)
    RECOVER Reports
  • Appendices A-H:

  • Appendix A (2.1 mb, PDF)
  • Appendix B (655 kb, PDF)
    Cost Estimates
  • Appendix C (1.3 mb, PDF)
    Environmental Information and Cultural Resources Information
  • Appendix D (1.6 mb, PDF)
    Real Estate
  • Appendix E (80 kb, PDF)
    Agency/Public Coordination
  • Appendix F (273 kb, PDF)
    Plan Formulation and Evaluation
  • Appendix G (1 mb, PDF)
    Economic & Social Considerations
  • Appendix H (203 kb, PDF)

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