Visiting the Everglades

Take a stroll through the Everglades and experience its many wonders. Watch sawgrass swaying in the breeze as lazy crocodiles rest in the sun and turtles sunbathe on lillie pads. Look into the endless blue canopy above and watch as flocks of graceful birds fly towards the horizon. Listen as the sounds of the Everglades come alive to your ears. Hear the frogs sing and crickets chirp. Let your senses roam free, like the slow moving sheet of water that flows languidly over everything in its path. Be still as you take it all in, or you may miss its understated beauty.

Become acquainted with the “river of grass,” by visiting the Everglades. Whatever your tastes, there is something for everyone. Visit the following links to find out how you can plan a trip to see this national treasure.

  • National Park Service
    This site has great information on the park, including accessibility, activities, history & culture and planning your visit and much more!
  • Everglades Radio Network
    Learn about the history, heritage, natural beauty and environmental challenges facing the Everglades, and the creatures that live there. As you drive down Alligator Alley on I-75 from Naples, FL through the "River of Grass," The Florida Everglades, tune in to the Everglades Radio Network on 98.7 WFLP-LP and FM 107.9 WFLU-LP.
  • Everglades Trail
    At this website you can follow the Everglades Trail to explore the natural wonders of this international treasure.
  • Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge
    Located at the northernmost portion of the Everglades this is both a refuge for wildlife and a recreational area (it is a great place to canoe).
  • USGS Virtual Tour of South Florida
    South Florida Virtual Tour, provided by USGS. Grab your camera as we take a tour around beautiful south Florida. You'll head to places like Everglades National Park, Big Cypress National Park, and the Florida Keys. You'll also visit places you might have never heard of, like Corkscrew Swamp, Fern Forest, and "Alligator Alley" - just to name a few. You'll see mangroves, alligators, deer, birds of all kinds, and a few other surprises!"
  • Flash Video About Visiting the Everglades
    View a Flash* movie about visiting the Everglades.
    *To play you will need the Flash player on your computer. If you don't have it, you can download it here.


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