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Everglades Eco TourThe Everglades Eco Tour is a collaboration between the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Everglades National Park. Student from Paxon Middle School in Jacksonville Florida took the eco tour field trip to the Everglades, supported in part by Everglades National Park. The students were so inspired by their visit they wrote and performed in a new music video about Everglades Restoration. You can view a slideshow from the April 2010 eco-tour, view the To the Everglades video (written and performed by the students!) and read the song lyrics below.

Everglades Eco Tour Slideshow


To the Everglades Eco Tour Music Video

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To the Everglades Song Lyrics

“To the Everglades”

I wanna go (to the Everglades)
I know you wanna go (to the Everglades)
So we finna go (to the Everglades)
Where we finna go? (to the Everglades)

Go go go go (to the Everglades)

I'm ready (we ready!)
I said I'm ready (we ready!)
I'm ready (we ready!)
I said I'm ready to go (Let's go!)

To the Everglades
(Ever-ever-glades, Ever-ever-ever-glades)

Verse 1
I’m bout to hit the Everglades, best believe it’s amazin’
Rollin on the river, give a lot of elevation
Based on concentration, need participation
It ain’t no time to stop the Everglades restoration
In the wildlife, I seen a whole lot of birds
Alligators help, don’t believe what you heard
In the Everglades, it can be a lot of fun
Don’t be afraid, it will make you number one!

Verse 2
I wanna to go, go, go to the Everglades
Chillin’ in the wildlife, me and my homeys
Learn something new, you know I stay educated
Boys can’t learn, it’s their brains can’t take it
Challenge big things, how you think Young Q made it?
Welcome to the Everglades, boy it’s amazing
Some people won’t go, they think the Everglades crazy
So they just run like they getting chased after Jason
Man the Everglades fun, and it’s exciting
I promise if you go, yes you will like it
Go to the Everglades, it’s the most beautiful thing ever made
Next thing you know, you goin’ be ready to go!


Verse 3
I’m ready, are you ready, if you ain’t, don’t worry
Everglades is filled wit a lot of different stories
Young black males, restoration we persuin’
Livin’ in the hood, now we ridin’ in canoes and
I’m ready just to bring my heart with joy
Get ready for the wildlife, it ain’t no toy
Comin’ to Everglades, never knew it was amazing
Get ready for Everglades, it’s good inspiration!

Verse 4
Everglades wildlife, alligators on site
Come day or night, witness sights that will light
Up your life.
Fish swimming, bird’s chirping
Big turtles, no murders
Canoe rides, you heard me?
Sun shining while the ranger’s guiding
You can have your children on the passenger side and
Why you learning ‘bout, the world’s creation
You can be an advocate for conservation! 

Verse 5
When you go to the everglades the animals splurge
You can catch a crocodile playing with a bird
You can see the alligators, you can see the mice
Catch my whole crew chillin’ with the wildlife
When you get there, tell me what we goin' do?
Ride around the river in a great big canoe
Fresh water, salt water, cool and blue
Let’s go to a place that's cool like you

When you get there, you'll receive information
Of what you need to do, to enhance conservation
Takes the whole community to cause a transformation
Save the Everglades for the next generation!




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